Ship Pairings Ship Pairings [1436] Fanfiction containing relationships between characters of different genders (i.e. male/female).
General General [2164] Fanfiction that does not contain any relationships between the characters beyond that seen in canon. Usually stories related to missions or characters without any romantic subplot.
Slash Pairings Slash Pairings [5011] Fanfiction containing relationships between characters of the same gender (i.e. male/male or female/female).
Bitextual Bitextual [172] Stories that contain both same sex relationships and relationships between people of opposite genders. Includes triangles (e.g. Sheppard/McKay and Sheppard/Weir in the same story). Threesomes (e.g. Sheppard/McKay/Weir) are filed under Threesomes and Moresomes.
Threesomes and Moresomes Threesomes and Moresomes [265] Fanfiction containing relationships between three or more characters, either of different or the same gender (e.g. male/male/female or male/male/male).
Crossovers Crossovers [444] Fanfiction relating to both Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate SG-1, or in universes where the characters from Stargate: Atlantis interact with characters from other shows, movies, books etc.