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Sequel to 'Best Laid Plans.'

With Atlantis under repair and stranded just off the coast of San Francisco, Todd, John, and the rest of the Atlantis Expedition are forced to adjust to life on Earth. While the wraith learns to hide in plain sight, and Colonel Sheppard faces reassignments, grueling schedules, and a change in command as the SGC moves in, unseen forces align that seem bent on tearing their fragile relationship apart. But as John begins peeling back layers of betrayal that lead him closer to those he trusts the most, and Todd uncovers secrets from Sheppard's past, they discover that sometimes love – like war – is a battle that cannot be won without collateral damage.

Updated: 06 Jan 2018; Published: 30 Aug 2014
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Summary: Atlantis has saved Earth from Wraith invasion, but now sits in San Francisco Bay, cloaked and damaged. With no immediate plans to return to the Pegasus Galaxy, what is going to happen to Todd? And how far is John Sheppard willing to go to protect him?

Updated: 26 May 2014; Published: 16 Jun 2013