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It is a known fact that we need more Todd fics on this glorious website. I'm issuing this challenge in order to remedy that. See what you can come up with. Todd certainly deserves it.
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The Team decides to go back to the World that they found Teyla and the Athosians on, to explore the Ancient ruins that they were never able to. Inside they find a Device; that accidentally activates, causes Sheppard to disappear. It has sent John back in time, McKay is able to bring him back, but not at the same moment that he arrived. He was sent Thousands of Years into the Past, and had nowhere to go, he couldn't reverse the process, the Athosians wouldn't even arrive in his Lifetime, and the Ancients had already left Pegasus. John has been alone for a long time, and has actually gone a bit mad. His Hair has grown out, and he's acting like he's Drunk. The Team take John back to Atlantis, but nothing is working to snap John out of his state of mind, maybe nothing can. Rodney tries to get through to his Friend, but John has changed, in more ways than one.

I'm tired of skipping over stories because of John/Rodney slash. Let's have some interaction between the two as JUST FRIENDS. They are held captive off-world by an mad scientist who infects John with a retrovirus that turns him into something not human (other than Wraith or iratus). Rodney has to defeat the mad scientist, find the data needed to turn John back into a human, keep John from going crazy and killing him, and get them both back to Atlantis.
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The Wraith Mind Altering Device made Sheppard remember something else from his time in Afghanistan, that when it had looked hopeless, he and another Officer had had Sex. It's something that John has never admitted to, just chalking it down to circumstance, only Sheppard had tried to re-enact this with McKay while under the Device's influence, and are both feeling very uncomfortable with each afterwards.
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An accident creates two identical John Sheppard's, with no way of distinguishing which is the original. With no way of reversing the process, it's not a bad thing, two John Sheppard's are better than one, and Atlantis benefits. The only problem is that John Sheppard had been in a relationship with Rodney McKay, and both want to continue it, but no one is willing to share, and with no way of distinguishing the original, and both of them the same, Rodney can't choose between them, and they both set about trying to win his affections over the other.

Slash or Gen. John/Rodney or John&Rodney friendship.

Prompt: After an accident, John (or Rodney) was turn into some kind of creature that only feed on Wraiths. (Not like how the Wraith feed on human, no.) Moreover, every time a Wraith comes within 10 feet of John (or Rodney), it either wants to fight/flight or, in most case, paralyzed with terror. Everyone should be pleased with this change, but Rodney (or John) doesn't.

Sheppard somehow turns into a Vampire (don't mind how, I like suprises) but it turns out there's only one person whos blood he's addicted too: Major Lornes. Can the citizens of Atlantis save the Major? Or will he sacrifice himself to keep the Colonel alive until they can cure him?

Sheppard is giving Radek swimming lessons... Might be pre-slash, but humor, fluffy, friendship would be prefered; just a short funny story about two men on the lantean shore. Please include: At least 2 czech curses, jelly fish, bruises and towels.
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It wasn't Rod that travelled from another Reality; it was John Sheppard's own counterpart. He's a pissy little bitch, Rodney McKay without the charm, and is somehow antisocial and lecherous at the same time. Not being in the Military, he's quite unrestrainedly Gay, coming onto every guy that he meets, and doing it in a clumsy; and offensive way. John can't stand him, and is both embarrassed, and angry at everyone seeing this version of him. He has a superiority complex; the man hates women, and even looks down on the men that he comes onto, seeing everyone as being below him intellectually. One person however catches Dr. Sheppard's attention, and he makes a play for Rodney McKay. Rodney wants to try and get to know this version of his Friend, but the play, and Rodney not immediately shooting Dr. Sheppard down, incenses John for reasons that he's not quite able to admit to.

When the Ancients returned to Earth, and evacuated the Pegasus Galaxy, they didn't abandon Atlantis, and were able to slip past the Wraith, and fly the City back to Earth. Once they had either Ascended, or Died, Atlantis was left abandoned, and the Second Generation of Humans on Earth, evolved with the City present in their History. Over time, Atlantis was entered, those that didn't possess the Gene could do nothing, but those that did, would use the Atlantis' weapons and defences for their own purposes. It was a point of contention, and cause of many Wars between peoples. Sat smack in the middle of the Atlantic, it has been in dispute for Years, with no one Country allowing another to occupy the City, but it is now under the control of an International Committee, lead by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Carson Beckett is trying to find people with the Gene, and unexpectedly finds it in a Pilot flying personnel in from the Mainland, Major John Sheppard. Rodney McKay, who has been studying Ancient Technology all of his life, has been brought in from Area 51, and working with Sheppard, is be able to get access to Atlantis' systems. John and Rodney become quite the pair, exploring Atlantis, activating systems, and sometimes spending days entirely alone in the City.

The Ancients didn't lose the war and so, never went back to earth. The Goa'uld still have a strong foothold in the galaxy but the humans are putting up a pretty good fight. Now the stargate activates and someone(s) from Atlantis steps through into the SGC gate room. What happens next? Will the Ancients be good or evil? Will there be war?
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I watched a beautiful fanVid, and i thought a fic would accompany it nicely.

Sheppard and McKay are dead, but they lived long enough to get married, not to each other, and to have a son each, they were the Best of Friends, and even named each other's son's after the other, Rodney Sheppard, and John McKay. Each son is the image of their father and with their mothers also gone they are now orphans, but are also now in their 20's. Although having been to Earth, they were born on Atlantis, have grown up here, and never joined the military, instead being absorbed into the civilian operation of the city. The difference between these boys and their fathers is that Rodney Sheppard has an aptitude for mathematics and science, John McKay fighting, and flying, and whether or not this is different they don't know, but they are attracted to each other.

John Sheppard and Rodney McKay are in Love, but they've never actually been able to be together, either one, or both of them has been with other people, or it just hasn't been right, but through everything, they've been Best Friends. For the first time, it looks like they might actually make it, but someone else wants to be with Rodney, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get him, even if it means hurting John. Rodney will do whatever it takes to keep John safe, even if it means sacrificing himself. "If anything happens to him, you won't see me for dust". "You get me for his Lifetime, not a moment longer". "If you die, and don't worry, I may want to, but I'm not going to kill you, and if he'll still have me, I want you to know that we'll be together". "What are you going to tell him?" "Whatever I have to, to keep him safe". Despite what Rodney says to John, John isn't willing to give up on Rodney, but the Mysterious Mr. X, is also not willing to make things easy, even if he does die.

Woolsey suspects that the good people on Atlantis are hiding something from him. He's right. John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronan and everyone else in the city are hiding John and Rodney's relationship from their new leader using lies, misdirection, acting, and a created crisis. Whacky fun ensues. In the end Woolsey does discover the secret (how is your call). Must include Woolsey remarking calmly at some point, "Colonel, you're out of uniform." to a naked Sheppard in the gate room.
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The Goa'uld conquered Earth years before, and John Sheppard, and Rodney McKay; were taken as hosts. The Goa'uld were searching for Atlantis, and they found it, with John and Rodney being part of the group that travels there. Like any Goa'uld, they want power, and they want Atlantis for themselves, but they know that they need each other, John with the Ancient Gene, and Rodney with an inherent knowledge of Ancient Technology, they decide to work together to keep Atlantis for themselves.

I would like to see a Daniel/Rodney/John. They are linked together by an Ancient device designed to mimic the wraith hive mind. Would really like to see the device give each of the guys one ability of the ancients. Maybe John has healing,Daniel has telekinesis, and Rodney has the ability to manipulate energy.Would really like it if you could include the following:Jack died so a grieving Daniel went on the Atlantis expedition,the Ori know about the Milky Way before they knew about it in Canon,they find Atlantis early than they did in Canon and the Ancients triggered the mind link device so the guys could protect the Pegasus galaxy from the Ori. Include as many characters as you want.

John/Nancy. Rewrite any episode to include a John Sheppard who is still happily married to Nancy, and she went with him to Atlantis.
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Write a story about Aidan Ford--get inside of his head with all his crazy thoughts and show the reader how messed up he's become since he took the drug. Hopefully there'll be a few chaps where he's normal/in withdrawl.
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Transported into the Past, John and Rodney become Knights of the Round Table.