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The Ancients defeated the Replicators, and remained in control of Atlantis. Sheppard is still commanding an SG Team, and with some effort, has managed to get McKay assigned to his Team.

A View of married life on atlantis John is married to Teyla and Rodney is married to Laura Cadman. John has been married to Teyla for a few months and Rodney has been married for a year. Could show the dymanics of each other of relationships from either the point of first date to eventually marrying their respective partners. Set sometime in the future.

Come on, you know he would make a super awesome mad scientist. I was shocked to see that in the *thousands* of McShep fics out there not one of them had this concept. Mckay = Mad scientist AU & Radek could be his minion or something. You know you want to.
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I'm posting this challenge because I can't write to save my life and I had an idea for a story. Due to a solar flare, the McKay of present day Atlantis ends up at the SGC within a few days of the events of "48 Hours". If you have a better idea it doesn't have to be a solar flare. I'd also like to know about any stories that may have already been written.
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Since "The Road Not Taken", I've been dying for some good Sam/Rodney banter/romance. It'd be great to read some ideas for how McKay and Carter met in the AU and how their relationship was.
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John Sheppard was born into a rich, Texan, Oil Family, he’s the youngest Son, and after a trip to Canada, comes back married to another man, Rodney McKay, who just happens to be the Son of John’s Father’s most bitter enemy. Almost the entire Family is against the Marriage, and despite how much John Loves Rodney, they’re determined to do whatever it takes to break them up. (An Au version of the series "Dallas".)

Henry Mitchell (Charmed) is one of Cameron Mitchell's many relatives. Cam and Sheppard has had a vaguely defined "thing" for a long time whenever they're at the same place at the same time, but Cam has now decided it's about time that John meets more of his extended family. Enter Henry, his wife Paige, their children, and his sister-in-laws and their families. Poor John. (If at all possible don't reveal magic to the Stargate people, and don't reveal the Stargate Project to any of the Halliwell's.)

Basically, I would LOVE to read either a Work In Progress or full-length fic featuring an Atlantis AU where Meredith is female. (Preferably the story of events from canon-save Meredith being female. Of course, the author is completely free to change some events, alternate the timeline, etc. Have FUN.) And while she is still loud, obnoxious and full of herself, underneath it all she has heart of gold and emotional walls that are near impenetrable. Of course, for all her rude and obnoxious fronts (in order to keep people at a distance and not get too close to her because of a difficult past that is up to the author's discretion), one Major Sheppard is determined to get past her defenses. I would love to see a slow development between Meredith and John, in which they start out as tentative acquaintances, slow friends, and then something more. I would also love the author forever if s/he also put the entire story in Meredith's perspective, and had McKay be almost completely oblivious to Sheppard's growing attraction to her as they get to know each other better over time...

Write a story in which Michael encounters Teyla in her Wraith queen guise. I would like it to have elements of a Michael/Teyla pairing, but I would also like for Teyla to find out a few things about Michael that gives her a little more understanding and sympathy for what he has done and gone through. Extra points for including Todd!
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McKay Ascended fully, and has now been gone for nearly a month, no one is speculating as to why he hasn't retaken human form, whether or not it's a process that takes time, whether he can even retake Human form, or if he even wants to. Sheppard is miserable, he's not only lost a member of his team, but his best friend, and is only now beginning to realise exactly how much time they spent together. John's in a funk, Teyla and Ronon try to lift his spirits, but he's just not himself, Elizabeth suggests that he take some time for himself, and even offers him some time on Earth. He doesn't accept that, but does take a few days just for himself, and having taken a Jumper out, doesn't quite believe it's real when Rodney appears in the seat next to him.

Col. Sheppard is on Earth and his Iratus DNA has been reactivated/has returned. He could have had a relapse, had an accident or been experimented on. He comes into contact with characters from the Buffy universe and is mistaken as a demon.
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Rodney McKay's Wife isn't everything that she seems, and is only with him for the money, the notoriety, and the prestige that comes with being Married to him. Her Husband is a Nobel Prize Winner, and with Rodney busy in the Lab, she gets to go to every Social Event by herself, and sleep with whoever she wants, but Rodney doesn't know any of this. John Sheppard is in Love with Rodney, he's his Best Friend, and he's always hated Rodney's Wife, so when he finds out the truth about her, he doesn't hesitate in telling Rodney, and although he does feel guilty for being the one to tell him, has a moment of weakness, and being deeply manipulative, convinces Rodney to move in with him. Rodney's vulnerable, he's falling apart, and John takes advantage of that, admitting his feelings, and making a pass at Rodney, who is no position to rebuff it, but what could have been a natural coming together has been forced, Rodney turns away from him, and John knows what a terrible mistake he's made.

John Sheppard is a rich, old man's, trophy boyfriend, and his Life consists of being paraded around social events, being the only boyfriend, in a room filled with wives and girlfriends, the only people that he has to talk to, but that won't actually talk to him. John can't exactly complain, he has everything that he could want, more planes than he knows what to do with, and the finest clothes to wear, and it's not that he doesn't care about the old man; he does, although he could do without the old man sex, it's just that this Life feels so hollow. What he wasn't expecting was for the old man to die, and even more so, for him to have left all of his money to John; he's now become one of the richest men in the world, but still feels just as hollow. It's now John that attends these social events as a guest, not just the plus one, and is person that everyone wants to talk to, even the wives and girlfriends. It's now the people that don't want to talk to John that interest him, and at one of these social events, there's such a person, Rodney McKay. Not only does Rodney not know who John is, something that is now a rarity, but he's not interested in fawning all over him after he finds out, John likes him, Rodney makes him feel, something that he done in a long time.

McKay as Beatrice, Beckett as Hero, Sheppard as Benedick and whoever you'd like as Claudio....
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This challenge is to explain what I am looking for in the stories that I hope will be coming in for my series. Eventually it will hold two different timelines one that is in cannon through the very beginning of 'The Return' and the other will be in cannon up through 'Brain Storm', though I am looking for stories from Atlantis' POV during the episodes for both these timelines. I would also like it if it didn't outright contridict anything that has already been published as part of the series. Thirdly this sereis will end up being McShep though other pairings for both obviously have to be used. Also if you hav an idea for a story but don't want to write it send it along, I'll make sure you get the credit for the idea.

Rodney McKay loves his Job, he's an Astrophysicist, respected in his field, and working at Area 51. After a night with Friends, and while heading home, Rodney's mugged, or at least someone tries to mug him, a man comes to his rescue, fighting off the Muggers, and that man is John Sheppard. Shaken but okay, Rodney goes Home, but can't get John out of his head. He sets about finding more, or anything about him, learning that he's an Ex Air Force Major, and then sets about tracking him down.

Thought of this while listening Evanescence's My Immortal so that's a good point of reference for emotional motivation etc. John and Rodney have been in a very passionate, secret relationship for years and no one suspects them. They’ve had ups and downs but together they are stronger. Rodney is the only one who knows the true John Sheppard and how deeply things do actually affect him. They’ve been each other’s coping mechanism through all the horrors that Pegasus has dealt them. When a mission goes horrifically wrong John is left in a comatose like state in the Atlantis infirmary (much like John Crichton at the end of Farscape) and left to deal with his grief alone while trying to still protect the true nature of their relationship. Rodney struggles with this to the point of breakdown. Carson is the one who discovers their relationship and desperately tries to keep their secret but the genetic evidence provided by the birth of Rodney and John’s child make it impossible. John is dishonorably discharged from American military. Must show depth of John and Rodney’s relationship before accident. Must show accident, immediate aftermath and how Rodney copes/doesn’t cope Must be NC-17 Must be LONG Fic! 20,000 + at least. MPreg/ John- with Rodney not wanting to have anything to do with the kid to begin with. The whole gang can be in it but not bothered if Keller gets left out.
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