And Over on Your Right...
I just wanted to remind everyone that, if you are interested in a single genre of SGA fanfiction only (such as General, for example), you just have to click on the word 'General' on the right-hand side of the screen, where it lists the number of stories in each category. This will bring you directly to a list of stories solely in that category.

Just a friendly FYI from the co-archivist, to help make your fic-searching lives easier. :-)

Posted by: Leah on 07 Jul 2005 1:27 am(23 Comments)
FYI: Clarification of Posting Rules
Alyse and I wanted to bring your attention to additional clarification that we have added to the rules today:

9. Authors' notes should not be posted as a separate chapter. Instead, they should be posted as notes to the first part of the story and should be as succinct as possible. There is no need to include any of the information already input on the story page - title, author, rating, genre, summary etc - as this information is automatically pulled and displayed on every story page, as is the standard disclaimer. You also do not need to repeat them in each individual chapter, unless your 'chapters' are actually separate stories with separate notes.

By the same token, authors notes should not be used to thank people for leaving reviews, or to beg for reviews. In the first instance, you can respond to your reviews individually by going to 'Your Account', choosing 'View Reviews'. You will then see that next to each review is an option that lets you respond. As far as requesting reviews in the notes, if people are moved to comment, they will do so and a link to do so is posted on every story page. If you're not sure whether something is working, then please seek a beta prior to posting rather than requesting readers to comment.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments about this rule, please feel free to contact myself or Alyse, your co-administrators and archivists, and we will be happy to help.

Posted by: Leah on 05 Jul 2005 6:08 am(22 Comments)
Password Problems
If you're having problems receiving your password once you've registered, please contact me at alyseci5 at Some ISPs have spam filters that unfortunately mistakenly identify the mails with your passwords as spam and eat them.

There is a work around, but it involves me changing the password on your account and mailing it to the address in your profile. You can then change the password once you've successfully logged in to something only you know.

Also, please be aware that user names and passwords are case sensitive, and you will need to have cookies enabled to use the site.
Posted by: Alyse on 11 Nov 2004 1:10 pm(20 Comments)
Site Launch
The site is now open and accepting submissions.
Posted by: Alyse on 10 Nov 2004 12:07 am(22 Comments)