Change Documentation/Known Issues

Advanced Search - we've changed the default search page back to the simple search following feedback, but you can still access the advanced search functions by following the links.

Anti-spam measures - eFiction 3 incorporates anti-spam measures such as anon reviewers and new account sign ups having to prove that they are human by inputting codes from a randomly generated picture (Captcha). This has already had a noticeable effect on spam reviews, with none (touch wood) being added to any stories since the upgrade.

Bitextual - this was previously called 'Cross Genre' because I had no idea what to call stories that featured slash and het other than 'those weird little fics that I like to read and write'. I've been meaning to change the name to something more meaningful for a while, and this was an opportunity

Browse - this is a new page, and allows you to browse by category, genre, character, look at featured stories etc.

Categories - you can add more than one to your story, so whereas in the past you had to try and come up with a best fit, where your story didn't fit neatly into one category, now you can put it in several, e.g. Sheppard/McKay and Beckett/Zelenka, rather than in Multiple Relationships. Please be sensible about it, and try to avoid putting stories in categories that are generally considered mutually exclusive, for example both general and McKay/Sheppard. We're not going to make a hard and fast rule about it - because we know that there are stories that can be read as either general or as vague pre-slash, depending on how the author or readers want to view it - but please don't abuse this functionality. If there's any overt mention of romantic feelings, or they end up kissing, cuddling, pining from afar or having hot and sweaty monkey sex, we wouldn't expect to see it in 'general'.

Also, the header categories - Ship, Slash, Crossovers etc. - are still only used to house the sub-categories, as reflected in the rules. In other words, this bit hasn't changed, so please do not place your story in these categories. If the search function is used to search these categories, it searches all of the subcategories anyway and this just keeps things neater.

By the same token, stories that feature both het and slash relationships may be placed in the relevant pairing categories but must also be placed in Bitextual.

Characters - under the previous version of eFiction, characters had to be created in individual categories, which is why there were huge lists of the same character when you tried to browse them just after the upgrade. Now we can create characters site wide and we've replaced individual category characters with the sitewide version, making it possible to find stories with your favourite character regardless of which category they are in.

Edit Preferences - some of the information that was in 'edit personal information' is now in this new part of your account info, such as 'contact for reviews'. However, there are a few new, nifty tools, for example setting it so that you confirm there that you are over 18, meaning that you don't get pop-ups when you're logged in, and setting it so that you get notifications when your favourite authors and stories have updated, and whether or not table of contents always display for stories, etc. There are quite a few new things, so have a poke around.

Featured Stories - in the old version of eFiction, stories were either featured or not, meaning that there was no historical record of what had been previously featured. In the new version, we can 'retire' featured stories. Current featured stories are marked with a blue SG:A chevron, whereas retired featured stories are marked with a red SG-1 chevron.

Series - one of the biggest changes is the new 'series' function. I know that people were irritated about the fact that under the previous version of eFiction, the only way to keep stories together was to add them as additional chapters. Now you can create a 'series' under your account, and you can make it either closed (only you can post it) or open (anyone can post to it). Once you've created a 'series', you can edit a story to place it in that series. You can therefore put your previous 'series as a story' stories into a 'series as a series' slot. What you cannot do, however, is split up current 'stories' into more than one story without deleting those chapters and reposting them, but even series of only one story will show up in the series searches and lists. And going forward, you can add new stories in a series as stories in their own right.

Statistics - some of the way you view stats has changed, but you can still see how many people have read your stories and how many reviews you have under 'account info' then 'manage stories'. You can also keep track of the reviews you have left and the reviews you have received, and it's under the latter that you would now respond to reviews.

Known Issues

We're working on the following:

Advanced Search:

- there are some issues around using the rating or story length to search, which results in an 'array' error message being returned, and all stories on the site showing up in the results

- some people have been having problems with pages expiring when they click on the first story, read it and try to go back. We can't replicate this error, so if you are having problems first check to make sure that cookies are enabled (not sure if this is an issue, but if it's working for some people but not others, it's often a cookies or browser issue), and then, if you're still having problems, please give as much information as possible - the browser and skin you're using, what error messages you get, the search terms you were using, etc. Unless we can replicate the problem, we're unlikely to be able to identify it and fix it

- we're working on a way to either incorporate the simple search and advanced search into the same page, or provide a linkback to the simple search from the advanced search page.

Authors unable to edit stories - some authors are unable to edit their stories to add chapters or add them to series, instead getting a "You are not authorized to access that function. message. We've determined that this affects authors regardless of whether or not they're on automatic validatin and now we're trying to figure out what's causing it.

Captcha - we're using captcha measures to prevent spam, and some users have reported that the font size used in the automatically generated pictures is too small for them to read. We're working on increasing the font size.

Characters, genres and warnings disappearing - we've discovered a bug in the eFiction upgrade script that removed everything but the first character, genre and warning attached to a story. We've managed to recover most of this information from a backup of the old site, but unfortunately we couldn't recover the data for any stories added between 23 March and 28 April 2007. Consequently, if you added a story between these dates and selected more than one character, genre or warning, I'm afraid you'll have to edit your story to put this information back in again.

Editing submissions - if admins edit stories in the submission queue through the validation page rather than going directly to the story, it causes them to disappear from the queue. Again, this is a known eFiction bug and has been reported by others.

Replies to reviews - while we've fixed the replies to reviews function, some authors are reporting that when they hit a hard return in their reply to a review, it puts 'rn' into the box instead of a line break.

Review notifications - it's now been confirmed that members are not receiving notifications of reviews. This is a known eFiction bug in 3.2.1 and has been reported, and we're waiting for a fix.

[New] Search engine - it's become clear that although the original search returns more than one page, clicking on other pages returns a 'no results found' message.

Series - some users are reporting difficulties in adding stories to a series before the story is validated. We're waiting to confirm whether or not there are problems with adding stories to a series after it has been validated. We're also trying to determine whether the fact that sub-series don't show up in the main, parent series listing is a 'feature' of eFiction or a bug, and what we do to fix it.

Stories appearing to be added to a series the author hasn't chosen - we've had reports of authors previewing stories and on the preview page, the story appears to have been added to the Bridges Series. However, when stories are added to the site, they aren't actually added to that series. We suspect that it's showing the first available open series to which you can add stories, but isn't actually adding them.

Resolved Issues

- we've replaced all of the individual characters in categories with the site wide version of the character.

- we've identified and marked all previous featured stories, so that they now show up under 'featured stories' as retired.

- we've fixed the bug that wouldn't let authors respond to reviews.

- we've resurrected much of the data on characters, genres and warnings lost during the upgrade process.

- we've made some cosmetic changes to skins and to the way in which stories and series display, to fix some of the anomalies like // appearing before quotation marks.

- we've fixed some issues with the series page.

- we've fixed the issue with smart quotes showing up as symbols in titles and summaries, but you will need to edit any existing stories that have this problem

- we've determined that even though we've selected the option within the admin panel that lets you complete an age statement and which then is supposed to stop pop up warnings for NC-17 stories, it only stops it for one session. Which means that members who have completed these statements are still getting pop ups once per session. We'll raise this with the eFiction developers to understand what the point of this is and whether they're going to change this in future.


If you're having problems that aren't listed in the 'Known Issues' section, please feel free to contact Alyse, who is co-ordinating issues and feeding them back. Please provide as much information as possible to enable us to replicate the error and hopefully determine why it's happening.