Signing up for an account.
Submitting a story.
Definition of what constitutes an underage relationship.
Marking a story as complete.
Editing your personal information, and changing the look of the site.
Renaming or deleting your account.
Adding new characters and new pairing categories to the archive.
Other questions.

Signing up for an account

You can sign up for an account by clicking on the link that says Register, which is underneath the log in box.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an e-mail with a randomly assigned password. If you do not receive an e-mail, please check your spam filter and then contact one of the archivists via their profiles and they will arrange to generate another password, and send this on to you manually.

Once you have received a password, you can change it to something easier to remember via the 'account info' option, and then going to 'Edit Bio'.

If you're having problems, please feel free to send an e-mail to to one of the archivists with a text file of the story attached and they'll be more than happy to create an author account for you and manage it on your behalf. You can contact the archivists by using the 'contact' option in their profile.

Submitting a Story

Once you've created an account, you can upload stories by doing the following:

1. Log in.

2. Go to account info.

3. Click on Add new story.

4. Follow the instructions, ensuring that you complete all boxes.

Before submitting anything to the site, ensure that you have read the submission rules. When submitting a story you need to remember the following:

1. Ensure that you've selected the correct category(ies) for the story to be posted in.

2. Stories may be uploaded as either plain text or html, although some html tags are not permitted by the software. See the information next to the submission box on the submission page for details.

Where stories are uploaded as text files, they should be uploaded as text files without line breaks. If text files contain line breaks, then this screws up the formatting of your story, making it look odd at different screen resolutions.

3. Stories should be formatted to have a double space between paragraphs, for ease of reading. If you are uploading a text file, the software automatically inputs a break [br] tag wherever you have used a carriage return. Therefore, in order to ensure that you have a double space between paragraphs, you should use two hard returns (hitting the enter key twice) rather than using all of the fancy formatting options in Word or similar, and then save your document as a plain text file without line breaks. If you are using html, remember that if you leave returns in your document, the site will also add [br] at the end of each line, which means you may end up with more blank lines than you were anticipating if you aren't careful. 'Preview' is your friend.

4. Please put any notes, such as those thanking your beta, in the relevant story or chapter notes box.

5. Please do not put hypertext links, italics or bold tags in the summary. This screws up the formatting on the front page. If you wish to link to your own homepage, you can do this through your user profile rather than on individual stories. If you wish to link to, say, the off-site challenge that inspired this story, please include the links in the notes, as mentioned in point number 4. Links to on-site challenges can be done after the submission process by going to the challenge in question and clicking on the link that says 'respond'.

6. All stories need the chapter number completing, even if it is only one part. In that case, put something like Part 1 of 1 in this box, so that people will know the story is complete.

7. Where the story is a WIP, post additional parts as additional chapters not as new stories. Again, this can be done through Your Account and selecting Add New Chapter rather than Add New Story from the list of options.

8. Where the story is part of a series, you can select the series during the submission process.

9. Where the story is a WIP, and the story changes over time so that it no longer fits very well into the first category you put it into, you can transfer it between categories by going to your account, selecting the story to edit and then selecting the correct category from the dropdown list.

10. Long stories may also be posted in 'chapters'. There may well be an upper limit to the size of each part (we haven't found it yet, but we're using 75k per part as a guideline), so check before you add stories that all of the story is showing in the preview, and it hasn't been cut off. Also, the longer the story part, the more difficult it is for those on dial up to download the entire page.

11. The archive is set up so that all new submissions need to be validated by the archivist before they show up on the site. It shouldn't take long so please be patient. If you have submitted an e-mail address with your author profile, you should receive notification once the story has been approved. If you have any concerns about delays, please feel free to contact one of the archivists after a reasonable period of time, which you can do through the contact button on their profiles.

Definition of what constitutes an underage relationship

We've had some questions recently on what constitutes underage in relation to relationships depicted in stories archived on the site.

The lower age of consent for both heterosexual and homosexual sex in many states of the US (those states where it's legal), Canada, the UK and much of Europe is 16, and that is the age of consent we've used as a guideline for stories archived here. However, the US and to a lesser extent the UK and many other countries also have legislation covering sexual relationships between minors (those over the age of consent but who have not reached the age of majority) and adults (those over the age of majority), particularly where the adult is in a position of authority over the minor. In the US, breach of these laws is commonly referred to as 'statutory rape'.

In light of these laws, and given the multinational nature of the Atlantis expedition, the guidelines that apply to the site are:

- we will not archive stories about relationships where participants are under 16 years of age

- if one participant is between 16 and 18, the age of the other should ideally be between 16 and 18 as well, or very close to it. Stories with large age gaps between the parties in a relationship (a 38 year old Sheppard and a 16 year old, for example) will not be archived. It does not matter whether the 16 year old in question is male or female.

We do take a common sense approach to things as we know that real life is seldom as neat and tidy as legislation would have us believe, and a number of people do lose their virginity before they reach the age of consent. In addition, the ages of consent for some countries, such as Czech Republic, are lower. So, for example, a story that includes a brief reference to John losing his virginity at say 15 would be acceptable. A story about a 15-year-old John losing his virginity, particularly one featuring explicit content, is not.

If you have any further questions on the matter, or would like clarification on whether your story would be acceptable, please feel free to contact one of the archivists.

Marking a story as complete

Once you have posted all parts of a story, you will also need to change the story completion status from 'no' (the default) to 'yes'. If you forget to do this during the submission process (where there's a box you can select to mark it as complete), you can do this at any time through Manage Stories:

- go to the story in the list. Next to the name of each story is 'yes' or 'no'. This shows whether the story is complete

- click on 'no' and it will change to 'yes'.


You may leave a review for any story either anonymously or by name if you log into your account. You can manage your reviews by logging into your account and selecting Reviews You Have Received from the list of options under account info. This will show you how many reviews you have for each story, and how many you haven't replied to. You can also see any reviews you have left for other authors under Reviews You Have Left.

Editing Personal Information and Changing the Look of the Site

There are a number of things you can do by editing your personal information, including changing your bio, setting it up so that you receive e-mail notifications of reviews you receive, carrying information across between chapters so that you don't have to input it again and changing the look of the site. To access these options, Log in and then, under account info, choose the option that says Edit Bio.

You can change the look of the site when you are logged in by changing the 'skin', either through your account or in the drop down box on each page.

Renaming or deleting your account.

If you wish to rename your account, please contact us; there is no need to create a new account and move your stories across. Account renames or deletions can only be done by site admins.

If you would like to rename or delete your account, please contact one of the admins with your request, providing details of your current username and userid (the number that appears in url of your profile page). Please make sure that you contact us from the e-mail address that you used when signing up to the site, so that we can confirm that the request is legitimate. If you've changed e-mail addresses since you signed up, please make sure that you've updated the contact details on your account before contacting us.

If you are seeking a rename, please ensure first that no one else is using the name you would like to change to, and then contact us with the above information together with your choice of a new name.

Adding new characters and pairing categories to the archive.

New pairing categories are added if there are a certain number of stories in the archive containing that pairing - at the moment, it's around 10 but changes depending on how big the archive gets. In addition, pairing categories are only added if one (in the case of Character/other) or both (Character A/Character B) characters are included in the list of characters on the site.

A new character is added to the list if they meet the following criteria:

--The character is in several episodes (as in, at least five) of Stargate: Atlantis, where they make some kind of significant contribution, rather than just being the same face in the background or with the occasional line.

--The character must have both a first and last name in canon. (An exception was made in the case of Major Lorne, because he has been in several episodes of Stargate: SG1 as well as SGA, and has made significant contributions, despite never being given a first name in canon. Yet. We're waiting ::g::)

--The character must have had a number of stories submitted to the archive that feature him or her in a significant role. Again, at the moment, this is around ten or so, but may change if the archive increases substantially in size.

If you think that one of your favourite characters or pairings meets these criteria but has been overlooked, please contact the archivists giving the relevant details, including links to stories where possible so that they can both support your case and reclassified to a new category if necessary.

Other Questions

If you have any questions about any of these points, please do not hesitate to contact one of the archivists. You can do so via the 'contact' option on their individual profiles, which are linked from the front page of the site.