Submission Rules
In addition to these rules, you can find guidance on using the software under Help. Please read that before submitting a story for the first time. Thank you.

1. The archive is for stories about Stargate: Atlantis. We do not accept real person fiction or stories featuring underage relationships. While we welcome all sorts of submissions from members new and old, please don't flood the site with your entire back catalogue all at once. We think that no more than five stories submitted at the same time is a reasonable compromise.

2. Stories must be at least 100 words in length.

3. The archive has minimum quality standards in place. Stories not meeting these standards will be rejected. Please ensure that you have proofread and preferably beta read your stories.

4. Only stories in English will be archived. If English is not your native tongue, please consider using a native English speaking beta reader before you post to ensure that you meet our minimum quality standards.

5. All stories submitted to the archive must be your own work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you plagiarise, your account will be locked or deleted and you will be named and shamed on the front page.

6. Stories submitted to the site must not quote substantial parts of works by others and should contain significant original content. Any quoting of works by others must be appropriately cited. If you don't cite what you haven't written, you're at risk of committing plagiarism.

In practice this means that:

- the quoting of song lyrics, poetry etc. must be kept to a minimum. This means one or two lines, perhaps as much as a verse, but certainly not the whole song, poem etc. and you must state in your notes that you have used this material, giving the original source

- the vast majority of the story should be in your own words (this would include not submitting stories that consist largely or significantly of dialogue from the shows themselves rather than something you've written).

- if the story is based on an idea by someone else, for example a movie or novel homage, this fact must be acknowledged in the author's notes and, again, the story should be original, not the characters saying or paraphrasing the words written by someone else.

For more information, please read this news item.

7. No character bashing stories. Character bashing includes, but is not limited to, making characters look bad because you think that they are a threat to your OTP or your favourite character; making characters look bad because you think it makes your favourite character look good in comparison; characters acting severely out of character - plotting murder, committing rape, beating the hell out of people - for no good reason that is explained in the story when there is no indication in canon that they would behave in such a way. Please note that this does not mean that we don't accept dark stories, but if your canon character reads as though they are cackling wildly and swirling a black mustache, or weeps, wails and has a streak of yellow ten foot wide while someone else saves the day, you've probably crossed the line into character bashing

8. Please ensure that you have placed your stories in the correct category or categories. Categories are pairing based and you can now place your story in more than one category, for example McKay/Sheppard and Beckett/Zelenka. Please try not to place your stories in categories that are mutually exclusive, for example 'General' and then a pairing category. We're not going to make it a hard and fast rule, because there are always stories that fall on the line between, for example, general and a vague pre-slash, but please be sensible about it or we may have to make it a hard and fast rule.

- where relationships contain both heterosexual and same sex relationships, please attach the 'Bitextual' category as well as any pairing categories

- where relationships involve more than two characters in a relationship, please put it in the 'Threesomes and Moresomes' category, in either slash only (where it's male/male/male or female/female/female) or all varieties (male/male/female or female/female/male). Triangles - for example Sheppard/Weir and Sheppard/Teyla in the same story - that don't end in a threesome should be placed in the relevant ship or slash categories

- crossovers, including with other Stargate shows, should have the relevant 'Crossovers' category attached (i.e. one of the Crossovers sub-categories: General; Ship; Slash; and Threesomes, Moresomes or Bitextual) as well as any pairing categories.

If you have any questions about where to put your story, please contact one of the archivists.

9. Stories in a series should be linked using the 'series' option under your account. You can choose to make series closed - i.e. only you can post to them - or open - i.e. anyone can write in your Universe and post stories to it.

10. We accept works in progress (WIPs) providing that they meet the minimum quality standards of the archive. WIPs must also be updated regularly and stories that have not been updated for three months will be removed from the archive. You are, however, welcome to resubmit once the story is finished.

11. Warnings: the site uses very basic, high level warnings to make sure no one accidentally reads anything that they don't want to. Please use them. If you are an author who would prefer to give more specific warnings, please use your story notes.

12. Spoilers: please include any specific spoilers for episodes within your author's notes and attach the 'episode related' genre to your story. The more specific the warning (i.e. 'for this/these episodes' rather than 'for Season 3'), the better. We leave when to warn and when not to warn up to individual authors, but please be aware that seasons air at different times in different countries, so at a minimum you may wish to warn for the current season's episodes. In other words, courtesy to other fen is key.

13. Ratings should always be used, with anything containing explicit sexual details classed as NC-17. Where different parts of a story are rated differently, the first part should be rated at the highest rating, as it's the rating of the first part that shows up in menus and on your author's page. If there's going to be sex - in any part - then rate the whole thing as NC-17.

14. Authors' notes should not be posted as a separate chapter. There are fields on the submission form for author's notes for the whole story and for the individual chapter. If you don't want to have story notes, then leave these fields blanks. Please do not repeat the same story notes in each chapter.

15. Author's notes should not be used to thank people for leaving reviews, nor to request reviews. You can respond to reviews individually via your account (Reviews Received) and any requests for reviews will have to be removed before stories are added to the site. If you're not sure whether something is working, then please seek a beta prior to posting rather than requesting readers to comment.

16. The archive is set up to allow both anonymous and signed reviews. We encourage constructive criticism, but flaming other authors will not be tolerated and may result in you losing your account. 'I think that this could be done better...' is constructive criticism. 'You suck...' is a flame. 'I think your story sucks...' is not a flame, as it is talking about the story not the author, but it is still rude and not constructive, and we're no more fans of rudeness than we are of flaming. Be polite.

If you have any questions about any of these points, please do not hesitate to contact one of the archivists. Contact information for the archivists is given in the 'Welcome' section on the front page of the site. The final decision on whether a story is suitable for the archive will always be the archivists'.