Affinity by ga unicorn [PG-13]
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LJ Atlantis Back to Basics Challenge #2. X-over with SG1. At loose ends while the rest of his team attends to other things while visiting Atlantis, Cameron Mitchell joins Sheppard and a squad of Marines on a simple diplomatic mission.

Categories: General
Characters: Cameron Mitchell, John Sheppard
Genres: Challenge, Character Study, Drama
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1; Completed: Yes
Word count: 5451
Published: 25 Aug 2007 Updated: 25 Aug 2007
Story Notes:This was written for the Atlantis Back to Basics Challenge #2 at LiveJournal, from prompts submitted by bluflamingo. My prompts for this challenge were: a) John centered, SG-1 visit Atlantis again, any rating; b) Lorne and Sheppard doing military leader things, any rating, gen or pairing; c) Teyla, Ronon, things they don't get about Earth, and vice versa, gen, pairing, not bothered. My muse immediately latched onto both A and C. C might eventually make an appearance also; it stalled out after a couple thousand words and is just waiting for some more inspiration.

1. Chapter 1 by ga unicorn [ - ] (5451 words)

Published: 25 Aug 2007 Updated: 28 Aug 2007