Summary: A little bit of Culinary Genius and a whole lotta love... just a bit of Valentines fun.

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Characters: Original Character, Rodney McKay, Samantha Carter
Genres: First Time, Pre-relationship
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Series: Valentines Fun

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Updated: 14 Feb 2008; Published: 14 Feb 2008

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Well it's a 4-letter word beginning with L and is sometimes mistaken for love... first time writing a ship fic, so bear with me.

Freya Artron was secretly a bit of a troublemaker. She was also a culinary genius, which made her transfer to the Atlantis base an obvious choice.

She could cook with absolutely anything, and was fast to learn new techniques and create ways to prepare the new foods she found in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Everyone in the city was thankful that she could make even the most disgusting MREs taste like expensive restraunt-grade dishes with just the right preparation and the addition of a couple of secret spices.

She was also secretly interested in chemistry, which occasionally made her dishes all the more special...


Dr Rodney McKay swung the doors to the kitchens open with force. It was funny how even the ancients like the whole 'swinging doors' thing that was so popular in commercial kitchens on earth.

He stood next to the young woman placing pastries on the large baking tray with his arms folded.

"Where are the chocolates?" he demanded.

"I am to be assuming you are not attending the party?" Freya didn't even look up.

"No time, work to do. Where are the chocolates?" he repeated.

Freya smiled sweetly and looked up at him. "Col. Carter organised the Valentines Day party for everyone. And anyway, you shouldn't have work to do; everyone got the day off today."

"Well I'm sorry," McKay threw his hands up and entered his 'ranting lecture' mode, "But not all of us have the luxury of having a 'day off.' I mean, what if the Wraith were to attack, huh? Someone has to watch this city. And there are so many projects that are on the go right now that can not just be dropped for-" he stopped as he felt an icy hand on his arm.

"I get it. You feel like nobody loves you, so you boycott the whole 'Valentines Day' thing." Freya nodded sympathetically.

"That's not true," McKay sniffed defensively, "I just think there are more important things than having parties and giving cards and... that's what Christmas is for." He narrowed his eyes at the cook. "Wait, how come you're working then?"

"I don't like Valentines Day either," she shrugged. "Relationships end on Valentines Day, hearts get broken and people have to deal with consequences like unwanted pregnancies and... diseases. Valentines Day is a farce. It only brings happiness to companies that sell flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and... whatnot."

"Wait, I thought I was meant to be the cynical one here," he recrossed his arms and gave a lopsided smile.

"I think the only good thing about Valentines Day is the sweet treats that come out. That's my speciality," she held up one of the love-heart shaped strawberry danishes.

"Which brings me back to my first point- where are the chocolates?"

Freya looked around, although the kitchen was empty. "Look, I'll make a deal with you. You'll be in one of the labs during the party, right?"

"Yes," Rodney said slowly, a little suspicious of Freya's secretive tone.

"Well, give me about half an hour after it starts- that will give me time to collect some chocolates, a piece of cake and whatever and I'll bring you a tray with a little bit of everything on it, okay?"

"There's cake?" Rodney brightened.

Freya siged, "Yes."

"Chocolate cake?"


Rodney grinned, "Can I have some now?"

"No," Freya rubbed her eyes, "I said give me 15 minutes after the party starts because I'm decorating the party room and presenting everything on the tables. If you take some now, especially the cake, it won't look as good. First they'll unveil the cake- when everyone goes 'ooh, what a pretty cake' and start to cut it THEN I can go around and make a collection. I want everything to be 'just so' for the beginning of the party. It'll get messy anyway, so once it starts, I'll be free to start pilfering stuff for you."

"But you'll make sure I'll definitely get some of everything?"

"Yes darling, Mummy will make sure of it. Now are you done bugging me?" she snapped.

Rodney just stared, his mouth flapping.

Freya grinned mischievously. "Sorry, that was so worth the reaction," she went back to traying up the danishes, "I guess I could spare one cupcake. They're in the fridge."

McKay snapped out of it and scurried to the large door behind him. He waved his hand over the crystals to open the door and stepped in. He didn't bother with the cold as his eyes rested on the biggest, chocolatiest cake he had ever seen.

It was shaped like a giant love-heart with three different shades of chocolate decorating it. White chocolate... milk chocolate... dark chocolate... his mouth watered. There were even a bunch of chocolate roses woven into the mud icing design.

"Is this the cake?" he called back over his shoulder.

"Yes," he turned to see Freya standing at the door holding a huge chef's knife. He panicked a little, realising he was trapped in a refrigerator with a madwoman holding a knife blocking his only exit. "And if I find even one fingermark in that icing, not even forensics will find your body. I can tell you I've watched enough crime shows on Discovery Channel to know how to cover my tracks."

She gave a strange, manic grin and pointed to a tray of cupcakes to her right. "The cupcakes are there," she went back to her work.

Rodney shivered, but definitely not from the cold and grabbed a cupcake before finding a slight amount of safety in the open space in the kitchen. At least there were a few doors there...

"I really need a guinea pig- I mean second opinion anyway. I mean, I've tried them myself, but-" she stopped as she heard Rodney's moans of pleasure. "Judging by those suspicious noises, I'd say they're good."

"This is the most delicious cupcake I've ever had," he said through a mouthful of sticky chocolate mud.

"You just haven't had real chocolate in a while..."

"No, I remember chocolate cupcakes and, mm, nothing's ever been as good as this. What brand of chocolate did you use?"

"Artron's Natural Chocolate," she shrugged, "Or what do you think I should call my own brand?" she pondered for a moment.

"You made the chocolate yourself?"

"Yes, I got them to send the ingredients on the Daedalus... and used a few native ingredients," she looked at the wall in front of her, grinning knowingly to herself.

"It's amazing," he licked the last of the icing from his fingers "Can I have another?"

"Later," Freya half turned to him, "I already told you." She noticed the look on his face and turned completely. "Don't look at me as though I've kicked a kitten across the yard, you will still get the chocolate. Just go!" she picked up the knife and pointed it at him.

Rodney yelped and scampered from the kitchen. Freya smiled to herself. Everything was falling into place nicely.


Dr McKay felt slightly uncomfortable as he tried to concentrate. It was hard. And something else was starting to get that way.

He gulped down another mug of hot coffee. Something was definitely wrong.

"You sure you're not coming?" he heard a voice from the door. He turned to see Radek standing at the door of the lab.

He cleared his throat. "No, I'm fine, you go."

Radek shrugged and left for the party as Rodney wiped some sweat from his forehead. 'Just exactly what 'local ingredients' were in that chocolate?' he wondered.


The party started with a cheer as Sam Carter announced it. Music began playing over the citywide PA system and the cake was unveiled. Freya stood back and watched as everyone started to dig in.

After a few minutes, when everyone started to mingle, Freya grabbed a few things here and there and took them back to the kitchen to put them on a tray.

"Is that for McKay?" Sam Carter's voice made her turn around.

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, he's the only one I can see who isn't here and... like he's going to miss out on the chocolate cake."

"You know him too well, Colonel," Freya laughed. "Actually he asked me to bring him some stuff, but-"

"And you were going to?"

"Well, I didn't want anyone to miss out on my special chocolate. I made it especially for tonight you know? The problem is, I'm busy keeping glasses filled and platters full. Um, you wouldn't be able to..."

"He'll be in the lab, right?"

"That's what he said. Hey, maybe you can talk him into coming after all."

"Ha, I doubt it," Carter picked up the tray.

"You might want to take that," Freya shrugged pointing to a trolley with huge pot of coffee, a few tiny bottles and another tray on it.


"I give up!" McKay pushed the open laptop away from him. Not only was the heat creeping through his body from whatever voodoo drugs that crazy cook woman had put in the cake, the romantic music was driving him bonkers!

"Give up on what?" Sam looked over his shoulder at the screen.

Rodney gasped and nearly jumped through the ceiling. "Sam, what are you doing here?"

"Well, since you wouldn't come to the party..."

"That crazy bitch in the kitchen sent you, didn't she?"

"Well... yeah," Sam bit into one of the peppermint cream chocolates. "You know these are really good?"

"Uh..." McKay's eyes went wide, "I think she may have... um... I think she may have drugged those," he grimaced.

"How do you think?" she picked up another heart-shaped treat.

"I...uh... never mind," he didn't want to say anything. What if he was wrong? He didn't want to admit that... well... "This music's annoying isn't it?" he poured himself a cuppa.

"No, I think it's sweet," Sam looked over the assortment on the trolley. "Have you tried any of these?" she picked up a tiny bottle of fruity wine. "One of the teams picked them up on their last mission. Good timing, too."

She opened it and drank the whole thing.

McKay raised his eyebrows, "Sam?"

"Is it hot in here?" she took her jacket off and pulled the zip on her shirt down to a dangerously low point above her cleavage.

"Uh..." Rodney couldn't help but stare. What else could he do?

"So what are you working on?" she leaned over the desk, her hip brushing against his arm.

"Uh..." he tried to get his mind back on what he was working on. He forced his eyes away from Sam's now prominent breasts and looked at the computer screen. "I was working on the..." shit, what was he working on? He couldn't even begin to remember.

He closed his eyes, trying to clear his head, but the first image that came to mind was Sam lowering that zip. There was definitely something in that chocolate.

Suddenly he felt something warm on his cheek; hot breath. He opened his eyes.

"I think you're right, Rodney. Those chocolates were drugged." He gulped as Sam brushed her lips against his cheek with every word.

"You don't have to..." his breathing quickened.

"Who said I don't want to?" she pressed her lips so hard against his that it hurt. He opened his mouth to gasp I pain, but she muffled the sound by plunging in with her tongue.

The kiss was hot and wet, and just like he imagined. This was so much better than hallucination! He responded with fervour, knowing he might never get this chance again. He had to thank that Freya chick; even if she was a psychopath.

"Maybe we should go back to my room," Rodney breathed when they broke the kiss.

"No, take too long," Sam took his shirt off. He was much more built than she thought. She ran his hands over his muscles and smiled as he shivered. She took her own shirt off and let him kiss her neck.

"Best Valentines Day ever," Rodney murmured.


Freya sat on the bench in the kitchens. There was hardly anybody left at the party now, most had retreated, in pairs or more, to private quarters.

The music still played and she sang along with a smug, self-satisfaction and licked at an aphrodisiac-free chocolate she had made for herself.

She had pulled tricks like this before, but never on the population of an entire city. She wondered briefly if she'd get in trouble for this. Most likely sent back to earth... but she could read people enough to know that even the CO was getting exactly what she wanted.

This was the Best Valentines Day ever.

Chapter End Notes:
I found the definition of First Time in fanfiction glossary: A story that chronicles a couple's first romantic and/or sexual encounter. Often tooth-rottingly sweet. excuse me while I PUN!