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"He's been with the Wraith for twenty-six months, John. He's compromised."

Published: 18 Feb 2008 Updated: 19 Feb 2008

1. The New Evolution by kyrdwyn [ - ] (12360 words)
Word Count: ~12,390
Sequel to: Human Condition and Hybrid
Spoilers: "Michael", "Allies", "No Man's Land", "Misbegotten", "The Hive"
Originally posted during the sga_flashfic Challenge: Villains
Warnings: D/s themes, Death Fic
Author's Notes: (1) This fic directly builds on the events of Hybrid. I would really recommend you read both it and Human Condition (the first story in this series) before reading this fic. (2) I had not seen the second half of season 3 as of the writing of this fic. Therefore, it's entirely possible character names and/or events in this story were affected by those episodes, and thus I declare this to be an AU. I was trying to stay unspoiled for season 3.
Published: 18 Feb 2008 Updated: 18 Feb 2008