Outbreak by subrosa [PG-13]
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Summary: Carson and Rodney are locked up together during a massive outbreak on Atlantis

Categories: Slash Pairings > Beckett/McKay
Characters: Carson Beckett, Rodney McKay
Genres: Humour, Pre-relationship, Romance
Warnings: None
Chapters: 3 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 3556; Completed: Yes
Updated: 04 Jun 2008; Published: 31 May 2008

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Story Notes:
This story contains Carson Beckett and Rodney McKay slash, however minor it may be, if you are against male/male love, you are probably best off not reading this story...

Author's Chapter Notes:
The first Stargate Atlantis fanfic I ever wrote, I hope you enjoy :)

"I'm telling you, I am feeling really light headed all of the time, there's got to be something wrong with me." Rodney keeps ranting on about some minor feelings he has been experiencing in the last couple of hours.

"Rodney, first it was a headache, then ye said ye felt tired, now ye'r light headed, and every single time I do tests on ye, they come back negative, I'm telling ye, ye'r completely healthy." Carson looks at his friend, smiling a little, Rodney always diagnoses himself with diseases he doesn't have, but somehow it annoys him a little some times, even though he knows that people like him exist. "If there's anything at all wrong with ye, it's that ye don't know when to take a break."

Rodney looks somewhat insulted, of course, when someone comes running in here as many times as he does, it is quite obvious that he won't always be taken seriously, but he thought that Carson, as his friend, would at least take the time to run some tests on him.

Carson sighs and looks around the infirmary, Dr Cole is there, sitting on her chair, waiting for patients to arrive, but it's a very quiet day, not much is happening. He walks over to her, telling her he'll be out for a little while, Dr. Cole nods and resumes her work behind the computer.

Carson walks back to Rodney again. "Come on, I'm bringing ye to yer room, so ye can get some proper rest." he murmurs, grabbing Rodney's shoulder and pulling him out of the infirmary. If Rodney's asleep, he probably won't have to deal with him every five minutes or so.

As soon as they enter Rodney's room, an alarm sounds, Carson wants to turn around to run back to the infirmary, but the doors close right in front of him, no way to open them. "Oh crap." he says, turning around again to look at Rodney. "Ye see what ye've done? Because of all ye'r thought of symptoms I am not in the infirmary while I'm needed there!" he snaps, he didn't mean to snap, but somehow, this man drives him completely insane.

"Me? Now it's my fault? Maybe if you had listened to me some more, had tested me more, this would never have happened! I did show symptoms you know?" Rodney is fairly insulted this time, angered that his best friend would acuse him of disturbing his work.

Carson sags against the door. "I know, I'm sorry, it's just that ye enter the infirmary so often... it's hard to see when something is real and when something is... well... just yer imagination." he murmurs, placing his head in his hands.

Rodney turns around, folding his arms, figuring that he won't be talking to the man again, not until he properly apologises at least.

"Shouldn't ye be working on a way out of here instead of sulking in a corner?" Carson's voice rings up to him.

Rodney nods, he should probably be doing just that, yes. He walks over to his laptop, flipping it open and starts to tap the buttons of his keyboard at an amazingly rapid pace.

Carson looks at the door, wondering what's happening on the other side. The people of Atlantis are probably as trapped as they are, scared, maybe even ill already. He should be in the infirmary, to be ready when the doors are opened so that he can treat his patients.

"Well, there's an outbreak already, level four lock down of the entire tower... This might take a while." Rodney says, in spite of his earlier assumption that he would no longer speak to the Scot.

Carson nods and sighs. "Well, I'm sure ye'll figure something out. Please keep me informed on how ye feel." he decides to say. The irony, he thinks, he came here to get rid of Rodney and his little pains and aches, and now he's here, trapped with him, litterally asking him to keep him informed on his situation.

He chuckles a little, yes, irony indeed.

Rodney looks up at the man, wondering if he has lost his mind, but then he continues his work, a frown of concentration on his face.

How strange this is, he spents so much time with the Scottish doctor, but at this time, while being locked up together, he can't help but thinking of the whole Cadman experience again, and more specifically, the moment right before they were seperated again, that kiss...

It feels awkward to be locked up with the man he kissed against his will, together, in his bedroom, with no possible way out.

"Wha'?" Carson suddenly asks and Rodney finally realises he's been staring at the doctor's lips for quite some time already. He shakes his head. "Nothing, just... thinking a little." Rodney quickly says, returning to his laptop.

Carson shrug's his shoulders, whatever, if something was wrong, he should be able to trust on Rodney to be the first to say it.

Rodney sighs trying to concentrate on his job, but somehow his mind gets clouded with flashes of the most traumatizing episode with the man, the dinner with Katie Brown, the kiss, how awkward things were after Cadman and he were seperated again... and suddenly quite unexpected, red letters appear on his screen.


He frowns some more, his head back to the here and now. "What the...?" he whispers, catching Carson's attention. Suddenly his laptop blacks out, completely shutting down. "Oh no no no no no..." Rodney says, sounding stressed, flipping the switch numerous times.

"Wha'? What's happening?" Carson asks, walking up to him and staring at the black screen.

Rodney looks up at the man. "The Ancient Database thought that my attempt to open the doors was a breach of security... It shut down my laptop and most probably, every other computer in Atlantis." Rodney explains in his normal, doom way of talking.

Carson takes a deep breath. "So ye'r saying that there is no way out now?" he asks, his voice clearly expresses the fear inside him.

Rodney doesn't answer, which is a good enough confirmation to Carson, he walks over to the door, trying to pull it open manually, without any luck.

"Carson, you can stop trying, there's no way we can open that door manually..." Rodney says in a monotone voice.

Carson turns around, having a somewhat mad gleam in his eyes. "So then wha'? Should we just sit here and do nothing at all? There are patients out there! People who need me help dammit! I can't just sit here, pretending like nothing's going on!" he shouts, kicking the door and shouting in pain as his foot twists in a way it shouldn't.

Rodney looks at the normally very composed doctor in a startled way, he feels a bit frightened at this sudden outburst of anger and knows that he needs to find a way out, and fast.

~to be continued.

Chapter End Notes:
What happens next? Be sure to read the next chapter of 'Outbreak'!