Summary: The fall of Atlantis came and went with a bang...Now McKay finds himself back at the beginning again. But there is a problem or two.

Updated: 30 Jun 2013; Published: 05 Jun 2008

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Story Notes:
Okay, first time posting here. This story is unbetaed because I don't have a beta reader yet. If anyone would like the job, please let me know.

Author's Chapter Notes:
There's a lot of twists and turns in this story. One of then is Rodney gets turned into a girl. :sigh: I know, I know, don't yell at me! There is a reason for my madness, I promise.

They say that a story begins at the beginning...

Well, that mysterious 'They' would be wrong, wrong, wrong in my case. My story begins at the end. When Atlantis fell...Now, I know you're wondering how did such a wondrous city of legend fall...again. The whys and wherefores.

It was simple. The answer is politics.

Politics are complicated.

I only understood enough about politics to get what I wanted. Funding, lab equipment, but only on the small scale. It was the slow slide of indifference that caused Atlantis to fall. Politics changed with every new president. New wars broke out Earthside. There wasn't enough money...and it wasn't just Atlantis that suffered. It was all of StarGate Command that did. But most of the personnel on Atlantis remembered the First Year, but the newer ones that hadn't been there, didn't know what it had been like. Because of this they had come to relied on Earth, too heavily for food and medical, and troops and scientists. Slowly over time food and medical were denied. The new people they did send were so obviously those that had done something or said something, to those higher up the food chain, and had pissed someone off.

In short most were those who never should have been allowed through the Gate.

So when the end came, Atlantis fell like a house of cards.

I would like to say it was the Wraith, that did us in, but it wasn't.

No, Dr. Jennifer Keller had invented a virus based on Carson Beckett's work that had all but wiped them out. There were less than five hives left, and they were small ones at that. They were busy trying to wipe each other out, because they believed the virus had come from rival hives rather than humans. The Wraith weren't the threat they once were.

No, what destroyed Atlantis were the Travelers and their alliance with the Genii.

It was all Sheppard's fault, you see. No, really it was...He flirted with the wrong Space babe.

Yes, he really did! Why doesn't anyone ever believe me?

She thought it meant more than it did, and decided to go the woman-scorned route. Now this in itself might not have come to anything but when you add in the fact that said Space Babe's fiancée was the grandson of Koyla...

The Travelers up until this point had been an uneasy ally to Atlantis. The Genii broke ties with us after Layton's death. Which had not come as a surprise to anyone. The Genii, were the Genii and with them you expected betrayal.

We were undermanned and dispirited because of Earth's treatment. We, we of Atlantis, well, we were....


"...Done." Rodney McKay said as he looked at the computer screen.

Sheppard made a face, "Come on, McKay you have to give me something..."

Rodney spun in his chair and pointed at the screen, "Sheppard, there's nothing left to give. We have no power, the ZED-PM is all but depleted."

"All but depleted?" Sheppard said it wasn't really a question.

Rodney watched, as Sheppard looked around the control room, dead bodies littered the room. They were mostly Genii solders and Travelers, but there were a few of there own in the mix. The attack had come suddenly and they had used the Gate and had attack from above planet. The two-fold attack had done a lot of damage, killed a lot of people. Sheppard had been able to take back the Gate. But the battle was all but lost. And most of Atlantis had known it. Daniel Jackson had, after O'Neill had been killed, ordered everyone to return to earth. Only a hand full of people had stayed behind knowing that they could not let Atlantis fall into enemy hands.

Rodney turned back to stared at the computer screen that was monitoring the power levels of the ZED-PM.

"Yes, General, depleted, as in no more power. I've done all I can. The shields might and I stress 'might' hold for another three to five minutes if we are..."

There was a massive explosion then...and everything went dark.


And that was the end, or at least it should have been. In all my years in the Pegasus Galaxy I have learned it's never *that* easy...


"Dr.McKay?" Came the voice as a light was shinned into his eyes...

Rodney moaned. His entire body was one big ache.

"Leave me alone." He muttered tried to turn away from the light but the voice kept saying his name.

"Dr. McKay,"

Rodney opened his eyes and glared at, the small red-haired woman, it was, Dr. Janet Frasier. Rodney frowned, the last he knew of Dr.Frasier. She had died on an off world mission years ago. She began to ask the standard questions to see if you had any memory lost with a concussion.

"What's the date?"

"June 3, 20..." He trailed off and looked around, "Where am I?"

"The infirmary at SGC." Dr.Frasier told him. "There was an accident with one of the Ancient pieces of technology you and Daniel Jackson were working on."

"Oh," he said then frowned, he remembers that he had been asked once a long time ago before Siberia to work on some Ancient pieces of tech. But still reeling from Sam Carter's rejection and her dismissal of him had refused to work with other member of SG-1. He then noticed that his voice sounded off...He looked down at his chest and saw...

"Dr. Frasier, could you answer a question for me?"

Dr. Frasier nodded.

"Why do I have breasts? And what happen to my penis?"

Dr. Frasier opened her mouth then closed it, then said, "We think it was the Ancient device you were working on it exploded and did this to you and also..." She moved to the side, so Rodney could see the bed next to him. A young, pretty, sandy haired blonde woman lay in the bed, her eyes were closed.

"Daniel, had to be sedated, he wasn't as calm about this as you seem to be..."

Rodney nodded then had to ask, "The year is 2002, right?"

Dr. Frasier frowned but nodded.

Rodney sighed as he...err...she settled back into the bed and closed her eyes, "That's what I thought."


So there was the end of Atlantis.

Now I must start again. Back at the beginning it seems. Why this happened I don't know. Second chances are rare unless one is caught in a time loop. But I'm sure I can figure it out. Or, my name isn't Rodney McKay!