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When a serial killer murders three marines on Atlantis, NCIS are called in to investigate. However, their arrival brings complications for everyone – revealing a lie, a prophecy, a secret and a nemesis.

Published: 28 Nov 2008 Updated: 09 Dec 2012
Story Notes:This story is set in my 'Coming Home' universe, and takes place a few months after the events depicted in 'General & Dr Sheppard'. You don't have to read them to make sense of this although some events from those fics are referenced in this one, particularly 'General & Dr Sheppard'. Some of the concepts of the universe are also referenced.

Canon and Timeline: The events in this AU loosely follow those in canon but there are some differences and some events happened differently, or in a different order.
NCIS – this story is set late in S3 of NCIS, but the events of "Twisted Sister" (S4) have happened. The events of "Hiatus" won't happen in this universe. Only Ducky knows the full details about Gibbs's first wife.
SGA – this story is set mid-S4 of SGA, only Woolsey replaced Elizabeth on Atlantis instead of Sam Carter, and Carson obviously didn't die.
For the most part, similar things have happened to the characters as happened on the show. It'll be clear as you read!

The BDSM Universe: The premise of this universe is that everyone is bisexual and BDSM relationships are the norm – there's a genetic hardwiring for both bisexuality and BDSM. Most people identify as either dominant or submissive and this is their choice and theirs alone. They usually discover their orientation at puberty and might experiment to be sure. There is no value judgement in being either one - dominants aren't superior to submissives. Switches exist but are much rarer. When couples get serious the dominant might ask if they can collar the submissive, and the couple might start eating from the same plate - a significant ritual in this universe called "sharing a plate". Some people don't identify as dominant or submissive at all, and some people aren't bisexual, either. This is mentioned but isn't integral to this story. People talk about sex much more easily in this universe than in our own, and have a different set of sexual standards.

Things to bear in mind about this universe:

It's a fantasy. I'm not making a case for such a universe being better than our own. I'm not even saying this is what a BDSM/bisexual universe would be like if such a thing existed *!*. This is just the way I wanted to write this universe. This story is primarily intended to be romantic and escapist. I can't repeat often enough that the entire universe is, and is intended to be, a fantasy, requiring, as so many fantasy universes do, a willing suspension of disbelief. The story totally has internal logic but the concept is clearly a bit mad.
In the interests of story flow and accessibility I don't concentrate a great deal on instruction into the finer points of lifestyle BDSM or differentiate between different styles of BDSM particularly. This is not a how-to guide. If you want to understand more about lifestyle BDSM, please go to
This story is clearly meant to be "big" in all senses of the word. This universe is all about the big emotions, the claiming, the collaring, and the possessive tops. I'll be the first to admit that some pretty bonkers things happen plot-wise but they are appropriate for this universe, which lends itself to the melodramatic!
The people in this universe have been shaped by a different kind of society, so while I keep them broadly in character, insofar as I see those characters, they are not the same as the characters we know from the shows. It is definitely an AU. I wouldn't write them this way in the show's canon universe, obviously. See point one about fantasy!
This fic and this universe aren't everyone's cup of tea – it seems absolutely fine to me that some people won't like it - they should therefore not read it. I'm really just having a lot of fun with this universe and hope people read it in that spirit.

Huge, heartfelt thanks to Bluespirit_star for being such an amazing and supportive friend and beta reader. Thank you so, so much for taking on this huge beastie of a fic and pointing out all those annoyingly unnecessary descriptors *g*. Massive thanks to Bluespirit also for the three fantastic title graphics and the icons that go with them!

Special thanks also to: singletailwhip for the American beta – much appreciated! And to nodaksgirl for the swift and helpful medical beta. Also to flyingnorth for the terrible puns and audiencing.

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