Summary: Sometimes you just need to relax

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Updated: 24 Apr 2009; Published: 23 Apr 2009

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Story Notes:
Originally written as part of a longer group of short fics about physical comfort and affection.

They don't party often in Atlantis. Mostly because they never really stop being in crisis. As soon as one party-worthy thing happens, something horrible inevitably follows. Atlantis tends to be a drink-alone-while-frantically-working, kind of place, especially since "officially" no one even drinks there.

It's not an earth-shattering (no pun intended until Sheppard heard it) discovery; it won't save all their lives, or rid Pegasus of the Wraith. It won't power the shields, or help them figure out why all the women in the Pegasus Galaxy where such tight clothes. It will however, make transporting hot water throughout Atlantis, twice as fast and about three times as affiant.

Rodney and Radek decide they deserve a party. The party consists of locking themselves into the science lab at what passes for one in the morning on Atlantis, with all of the rest of the microwave popcorn and all of the moonshine they can find. They work through about six bags of popcorn congratulating each other and bickering over whose idea it had really been to modify the source-intake point to begin with.

Rodney is vaguely aware of the fact that he's probably had more then enough to drink by the time he's lying flat on his back on the floor in the middle of the lab. Radek is sitting beside him ranting about something, gesturing with the bottle of moonshine for emphasis and looking even more disheveled then usual. Rodney thinks, he's being unbelievable cute, but only smiles up at Radek. He's feeling what's probably called, mellow, for the first time in about twenty years, and he's not going to let anything bother him for about the next minute or so. Radek finally sighs, puts down the bottle and moves so he's also laying on the floor his head resting on Rodney's chest.

"You were not listening to a word I said were you?"

Radek really doesn't sound all that put out though. Really just amused and resigned so, Rodney doesn't answer, just closes his eyes, and allows himself his very own thirty secants of zen.