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"I created that virus, Sheppard! Just like I reprogrammed the incubator! And both times I fucked up beyond all redemption and other people suffered for it! Are suffering for it! And I can't fix it. I don't know how. I can't."

Published: 14 Jul 2009 Updated: 14 Jul 2009
Story Notes:Just like the other four stories in this series, I owe thanks to Lavvyan for creating the AI John 'Verse in the first place, and for allowing me to grab the idea and take it in a very different direction.

I also must thank the wonderful (and courageous) AnnieB1955 for her swift and meticulous beta (I have no idea how she caught all those typos--or how I missed them). Considering her hands were aching with arthritis, she was also incredibly kind. Any mistakes are mine, not hers, though some of the grammatical errors might have been left in deliberately (it's my style! I swear!).

Last but never, ever least is my sister Squeaky, for whom this was written (it is now a rather belated birthday present), and who also served as alpha and beta for this, as well as giving me some of the best ideas in it, as usual. Thank you so much, Squeaks.

Finally, I'm sure I hardly need to include this by now, but the title comes from the song Sixteen Tons, of course.

1. One of One by Leah [ - ] (56672 words)

Published: 14 Jul 2009 Updated: 14 Jul 2009