Summary: A series of first kisses for my favourite pairings. Weir/Beckett, McKay/Cadman, Sheppard/Heightmeyer, Dex/Kusanagi, Weir/Cadman

Updated: 10 Aug 2009; Published: 09 Aug 2009

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Nods to 'Michael' and to the conversation between Carson and Rodney in 'The Hive'.

Elizabeth thought her lungs were going to burst, or possibly her sides explode, she was laughing so hard. The story perhaps wasn't that funny, but the combination of the absurdity of the tale, and the delivery of her companion broke through any restraint she might have felt. Her companion, for his part, layback on the blanket, his own peels of laughter at his tale mixing with her embarrassing snorts as she tried to get some control back.

"I had no idea working in A+E could be so entertaining," she eventually managed.

"Oh, aye. The Pegasus galaxy has nothing on a casualty department in Glasgow," Carson replied, a big grin on his face.

Elizabeth smiled down at him, suddenly struck by a memory of his biography from that time. His entertaining tale from a Saturday night shift couldn't have been that much before the events that sent him off into research, when the pain of exhausted compassion had to be numbed by what he could find in the pharmacy. He never talked about how far it had gone, but it had obviously got to the stage when he had at least felt out of control. All he had said once was that he had felt he was a danger to his patients, and couldn't go on.

She felt a sharp rush of intense feeling for her friend next to her. To have found the courage to become a practising doctor again, in a place where the demands had the potential to be so much more draining on his emotional health than a safe research lab. She was so grateful. The thought of being in this city without him. It didn't bear thinking about.

She settled herself next to him on the blanket, their arms intertwining comfortably.

"Have they got any further in naming the constellations in this part of the universe?" Carson asked his gaze fixed on the night sky above them.

"The astronomy team and the historians are fighting it out," she replied. "And I think the astronomers are likely to win. Easier to allocate a code than to find the right myth and shape."

"Ack," Carson said. "No romance in their souls that lot." He was silent for a few moments. "Perhaps we can start our own stories. There definitely needs to be an Elizabeth Weir constellation."

Elizabeth chuckled. "Oh yes? And what about the rest of you? Don't you deserve one too?"

"Oh no. I think the tales of Queen Elizabeth would be far more entertaining. You are the leader, after all."

"Says the man who discovered the Ancient gene, and has saved lives over and over."

"Not all my research has been so useful," Carson said quietly.

Elizabeth mentally kicked herself. He still blamed himself for the fallout from the Michael experiment. She had given up trying to persuade him that she was responsible as the person who gave permission for it to go ahead. But she understood that this wasn't a reaction that could be dealt with by rational arguments. She only wish she could find a way to take the guilt away.

He turned to look at her, and she thought for a moment that he would talk more about the failings of bringing Michael into the world. Instead he gently fingered her hair, running them down the luscious length she had managed to coax out of it.

"I'm glad you've grown your hair. It's nice," he said softly, though this time it was clear that the gentleness in his voice came from other emotions. Elizabeth felt a rush of pleasure at the compliment, and the possible feelings that ran behind it.

"Thank you," she said simply, her eyes dropping away from the intensity of the moment, before lifting up to meet his gaze. They stayed like that for a moment before, with no thought to the consequences, Elizabeth lowered her lips to his. Their entwined arms broke apart, her hand moving to cradle his face, his arm to around her waist, their kiss deepening quickly in a way that Elizabeth wouldn't have predicted.

When they broke apart she considered finding words, the rational side of her demanding to discuss what had just happened. But she didn't. She was glad her emotions had for once got the better of her.

She hoped it would happen again.

Instead she settled back next to him, closer this time, her head on his shoulder. His arm wrapped comfortably around her, bringing the rest of her in even nearer. She thought for a moment that he would start the conversation that she had decided against.

"So, back to this Queen Elizabeth constellation idea..."

"You mean Queen Elizabeth and her courtly gentlemen and ladies," Elizabeth replied firmly.

"Even Rodney?"

Elizabeth chuckled against his shoulder. "Yes, even Rodney."

He was silent for a moment. "Do I get to be next to you though?"

Elizabeth smiled to herself at the hidden question.

"Always," she said gently.

He dropped a kiss on her head. "That's alright then."

The silence was comfortable, and Elizabeth closed her eyes, enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

"We'll need myths," Carson said after a while. "Expedition reports aren't necessarily inspiring."

"Oh yes," Elizabeth replied. "Who will I get to do that?"

"Oh I think it would be something I could do fairly easily," he stated before falling silent again. Elizabeth found herself drifting dreamily when Carson spoke up again.

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful queen called Elizabeth, who was intelligent and full of valour..."

Elizabeth smiled.