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"The Bar" AU. Rodney has little opinion one way or the other on Monday mornings. Naturally, the universe does its best to change that. But can any day that starts out waking up next to Radek be a bad one? When a restaurant puts orange in their water and you are deathly allergic to citrus, yes. Rated R because the boys like to curse.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Zelenka
Characters: Carson Beckett, John Sheppard, Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: AU - Alternate Universe, Established Relationship, Hurt Comfort
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: The Bar
Chapters: 1; Completed: Yes
Word count: 4597
Published: 17 Aug 2009 Updated: 21 Aug 2009

1. Can't Trust That Day by Audrey Lynne [ - ] (4597 words)

Published: 17 Aug 2009 Updated: 17 Aug 2009