Summary: AU as on Season One. The Atlantis team agreed not to contact Earth until the Wraith were defeated. Now that time is finally here but the expidition team find themselves risking their new lives and new home just by contacting Earth.

Updated: 11 Feb 2010; Published: 30 Dec 2009

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Story Notes:
Connected to "First Kiss" (Find on my user-account).

"Ready?" Dr Elizabeth Weir asked as she stood next to the comm. link in her office that would enable her to talk to every Atlantis resident simultaneously. Outwardly she appeared calm and in control but inside worry and fear was gnawing at her. Yes, they had always knew it could very well be a one way trip; after all there had been no guarantee that Atlantis would have enough power to dial up Earth just as they knew Earth wouldn't be able to re-dial Atlantis without a lot of extra power. But knowing it going in and facing the opportunity to go home or at the very least have contact with home was all together something completely different.

McKay – visibly nervous and jumpy, one hand holding an energy bar and the other tapping his PDA absently – nodded, clearly eager to get this over with. John, stood next to Rodney, was still but she could clearly read the trepidation in his eyes as clearly as if she had known him their whole lives.

"Lets do this then," she agreed and pressed the switch to initiate city-wide comm. systems. "Atlantis, this is Dr Weir talking. I know that some of you have hear a rumour that we have a method to communicate with – or maybe even take us back to Earth. This is true to a certain extent. Dr McKay has devised a way to establish contact with Earth. However our military leader believes this may be dangerous. As we have already experienced, the Wraith are a formidable enemy and the fact they feed off of humans means that Earth would be an ideal feeding ground for them. I believe that this decision is not mine alone but that all Atlantis personnel should get a vote. We all knew this could be a one way trip but now I am telling you there is a chance to go home – see your loved ones and walk on the Earth again. It is up to all of us to chose to go or stay. If the majority vote is to stay then we will focus all our attention to defeating the Wraith so that one day we may be able to safely dial home again. This vote will be taking place in one weeks time. Thanks you." Elizabeth switched off the system and sunk into her chair. Rodney shared a worried glance at John. "God, I hope we are doing the right thing." Elizabeth muttered.

(One week and one day later)

"Is it done?" Elizabeth asked. The vote had been cast and every Atlantean resident had come forth to vote yes or no on the 'do we or do we not dial home' question. Teyla, John, Rodney, and a few trusted others had been rounded up to count the votes and report back to Elizabeth so she could judge it and inform the base about the results. Truthfully they all looked terrible, Rodney was so stressed about this whole thing he was barely even eating, Teyla was dealing with the worries of her own people who had taken refuge on the mainland, and Elizabeth hadn't been able to sleep all week.

John nodded. "Every vote accounted for. Triple checked." He confirmed with a nod.

"And?" Elizabeth asked, her voice sharp with tension.

"Your people have voted to stay in the Pegasus galaxy until the Wraith are no longer a threat to Earth, or the peoples of this galaxy." Teyla revealed smoothly, her voice radiating calm and peace as Elizabeth absorbed the news.

"What were the percentages?" She needed to know how many people she was denying in order to deal with the fall out. Rodney, Teyla, and John once again exchanged meaningful looks.

"Well... I... there.... It's a hundred percent. Everyone wants to stay." Rodney finally spat out.

"My god. I never expected..." Elizabeth was speechless.

"The level of self-sacrifice your people have shown is a testament to how much you all wish to protect your loves ones. You are a very brave people, Dr Weir. Welcome to the Pegasus galaxy." Teyla said formerly.

"Home sweet home," Elizabeth whispered, staring at the photograph of her and her mother on the desk. She would probably never see her mom again, but at least she knew that her mom would be safe from the Wraith. They were doing an honourable thing. And Elizabeth hoped that was enough to help them all sleep at night.

That night Elizabeth dialled Earth for the first and possibly lat time. They had recorded a one way message for Earth, most of them had left small personal messages but Elizabeth had added a message for Stargate command. It went like this;

This is Dr Elizabeth Weir of the Atlantis base of command in the Pegasus galaxy. It is important that you know we arrived safely at our destination and everyday this city is teaching us new things to aid us. But we have encountered an enemy possibly even worse than the Goa'uld or the Replicators. They are called Wraith and they feed on humans. It is the vote of this base that we do not contact Earth again until the Wraith are defeated. This may not be a goal we can achieve in my lifetime but it is something we will work towards until the day we can return home. Do not attempt to reconnect with us or send any messages from Earth. We can't risk them discovering you. Goodbye."