Summary: While Sora tries to integrate into the Atlantis community problems arise between her and her new team leader, and she has to survive the oncoming Wraith onslaught.

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Characters: Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Original Character, Other, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Series
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Chapters: 7 [Table of Contents]
Series: What happened to Sora

Word count: 9933; Completed: No
Updated: 06 Jun 2010; Published: 11 Feb 2010

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Story Notes:
This is the beginning of my "Sora" storyline, somewhere around the end of season one, when the main wraith assaults began.

Author's Chapter Notes:
The beginning as Sora begins the transition from guarded prisoner to trusted teammate

Lieutenant Patrick O'Riely and his recently suspended team stood at attention as Major John Sheppard and Dr. Weir approached the holding cell they were assigned to guard.

"At ease," ordered Major Sheppard, mostly succeeding in hiding his apparent distrust of the Lieutenant.

"Sora, I'm afraid we come bearing bad news," started Dr. Weir, trying to break the news to her gently.

"I need no formal announcement, Dr. Weir, I knew as soon as I went after teyla that I would never again return to the Genii. We are not a trusting people, and they will expect me to be dead or a traitor by now. Their distrust is not unwarranted, I did betray them for you. They will believe that your attempts to return me are a trap for more of our people. You have given them good reason in the past," she finished, as she realized she had said "them" instead of "us".

"What, do you not wish to return home to your people?" asked Dr. Weir, clearly concerned for her prisoner's well being.She had not failed to notice Sora's use of grammer, and the implications behind it.

"Why do you care? And what people? My father is dead, my mother died a long time ago, and the Genii are not much for making friends. We gave up much to fight the Wraith, while you grew your civilization in comfort."

"Our civilization has had just as much suffering as yours, but we haven't let that change who we are. We learned a long time ago that when you "give up" things like compassion and mercy to fight an enemy, one day you'll become that enemy." Major Sheppard replied in an icy calm tone. He had taken her words as an insult to the memory of every soldier who died defending Earth from other countries and from the Goa'uld.

"Relax, Major, we're not here to fight," Dr. Weir said in an attempt to calm her friend down before the conversation took a turn she didn't want it to."If you knew you could never go home why did you stay?" She asked in the manner of someone who thinks they know the answer.

"I stayed to avenge my father, a feud I expected to die in, which I have now given up. The Genii believe me too emotional anyway, so I don't really have anything else to live for. I just don't care any more," she said sounding defeated, and fully content to live in her small cell for the rest of her life.

"So what do you expect us to do with you?" asked Lieutenant O'Riely, betraying concern for the young woman he had slowly begun getting to know, even though the look he received from Major Sheppard informed him he was not supposed to be a part of this conversation. "Do you want to just stay locked up here for the rest of your life?"

"I don't care any more; do what you will with me. Why should I care anyway? The only people I felt any allegiance to abandoned me and never cared about me before i betrayed them. My family is dead and even if you release me the Genii will find me, interrogate me for information about you and then probably kill me," she said matter-of-factly,her voice only betraying the slightest hint of her despair in the description of her fate.

"You don't even want revenge any more? You see no reason at all to go on?" asked Major Sheppard, as he could understand her despair better than Dr. Weir.

"Revenge for what? I read your mission reports, in your place I may have stopped to help that man myself. Cowen refused to give me any details at all. I don't hate Teyla any more, had he been anyone but my father I would have made the same decisions as her in the same situation." she admitted, clearly haven given up her anger and hatred. "I have no home to go back to. What am I supposed to do, become one of your people? Go on missions with you to explore and fight the Wraith like Teyla does?"

"In time that could be a good idea, if you're willing to prove yourself trustworthy," remarked Major Sheppard. When everyone stared at him with a confused expression he replied "What, I've seen her in action and she almost beat Teyla in hand to hand combat. I've never come close beaten Teyla in hand to hand combat. She saved Dr. Beckett and like she said has no home to go to. If you can prove to me you're trustworthy I'd support you becoming one of us," he finished to a shocked Sora.

"You would do this for me? After all I have done to your people? After all the Genii have done? Even though I don't deserve any mercy?" she said, so shocked at the idea she didn't even consider if she should accept it.

"I thought Teyla would have taught you this by now, we're willing to show you mercy, which you do deserve. If you can drop your hatred so can we, besides your father was killed and you had every right to be angry. We need all the help we can get in the fight against the Wraith and we need Intel on the Genii. If you can prove you're trustworthy," offered the Major, himself slightly amazed he was offering her something like this.

"Well, if you would agree to help us and the Major is okay with it I have no objection, however I am a little unsure of your loyalty, and the Genii have claimed to be our friends before," Doctor Weir said, making her apparent suspicion clear.

"Well, I will have to think your offer over, Doctor Weir. After that if I decide to join you I'll just have to find some way to make you trust me," Sora replied, plainly unsure about what to do.

With that major Sheppard and Dr. Weir walked away, returning to their duties. On the way back to the control tower Dr. Weir asked "Why did you cast me as the bad cop back there?"

Without slowing down Sheppard replied, "Because if she does join us and I have a feeling she will, I want her to respond to a military chain of command, which means me. If we end up in a firefight I want her trust to lie with the military, and she'll still follow your orders because she follows my orders."

"I see," she answered still confused, "so why did you offer her that anyway? I considered it but didn't say anything because I expected you to object."

Just as they reached a transporter he stopped and said, "I offered her that because I think she's scared, depressed and been abandoned by the only people she ever knew, and she needs a home. And we need more people like her and Teyla, who can introduce us to the natives and provide us with Intel we sorely lack at the moment." He added the last part hastily to cover up his understandable concern for her situation, very similar to the one they found themselves in now.

"Aha," Weir replied, finally understanding his motives as he hit the transporter button for the central tower.

Back at the holding cell the guard team settled in to watch the prisoner for hours as she sat behind the impenetrable force fields.

As soon as they were thoroughly bored, Sora asked, "Lieutenant, you knew Major Sheppard was going to offer me a place here didn't you?"

"Yes," he replied, "I figured it out during the conversation, I also guessed you'd accept since you have nowhere else to go."

"Huh," she replied, sounding unconvinced. "What was the look about?" she asked

"What look?" he asked in return trying and failing to sound innocent

"The look Major Sheppard gave you when you spoke up" she said clearly knowing he didn't want to talk about it.

"It was ... I... screwed up." he said plainly full of regrets as he sat on the floor and relived his mistake.

"What happ...

At that moment the alarms began ringing all over the city as well as an announcement: "Unscheduled off world activation! Shield has malfunctioned! There are Wraith in the City! I say again Wraith in the Cit AAGH!!"

The loudspeaker switched to the voice of Major Sheppard, shouting over the sound of P-90 fire and Wraith stunners "All military personnel to the control tower, seal off the exits! Seal off the tower now!Get that goddamn shield working!"

"Sir, what do we do about her?" Corporal Sanders asked hurriedly as the team was about to leave.

After a moment of consideration on the Lieutenant's part Sora shouted, "Take me with you! You said I need to prove my loyalty well I can do that now if you let me out! You need all the help you can get!"

After another moment of thinking the Lieutenant approached the holding cell and began entering the door code. As he started Corporal Sanders shouted, "Sir, this is a mistake! We can't trust her! She's the enemy!"

"Shut up, Sanders, that's a direct order!" yelled Sergeant Johnson as he clipped the Marine on the back of the head. The career marine gave his lieutenant a confirming nod of support along with Airman First Class Robert Williams, the fourth member of their team.

At that point the door opened and Sora stepped out, the Lieutenant handed her his sidearm and asked, "You know how to use this?"

As an answer she loaded a round into the chamber, and took off the safety.She clearly had experience with weapons, and apparently Genii weapons weren't very different than Earth-made ones.

"I need to know you'll follow orders," he stated flatly holding her arm before he fully let her out.She allowed him the illusion that it would hold her, mostly because she wanted him to trust her, but also partly because his team would shoot her if she made a move.

"This would be the perfect opportunity to escape. I have no intention of doing that. You offered me something more, a home, something even more than the Genii ever offered me. I intend to defend it just as you do. I'll follow your orders to the letter," she said in a manner that clearly closed the topic.

Together the team moved into the halls in a diamond formation headed for the control tower to join up with the rest of the Atlantis defenders.

Chapter End Notes:
And so it begins> Du Du DU. I've always wanted to do that.