Summary: Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer; You just can't keep a good Champion down...

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Genres: AU - Alternate Universe, Pre-relationship, Pre-slash
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Updated: 04 Mar 2010; Published: 04 Mar 2010

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Author: Jaded
Story: Second Verse, Same As The First
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, SyFy owns Stargate. No suing please!
Summary: When one life ends, another begins...
Warnings: Contains slash and het.
A/N 1: This is mental speech.

It is happening, a man in white robes that swirled around his body announced grimly.

Are you truly surprised? one of the women, the one in faint pink gown, asked. A second man, dressed head to toe in black, shook his head ruefully.

It would have happened eventually, he agreed.

The Powers watched their greatest champions sadly. They were young but had far exceeded what they'd expected, thus earning a grudging respect from them all. The Powers known on Earth as Artemis and Hecate, in fact, had never been prouder; the Slayer and the Witch were theirs.

So this is how it ends, a woman murmured, dressed in armor as Artemis was, she had grey eyes in contrast to her sister's silver. It is truly the end.

For you, perhaps, another figure appeared, a young boy, short with dark locks of brown. The Powers looked at him in surprise. He had a solemn look on his face as he glanced at the vision of the armies fighting. Your champions could live on.

How? the first man, Zeus, leader of the Powers, asked, staring. Who are you?

In my dimension I am known by different names, the boy smiled as another man appeared. You may call me Shifu. This is my uncle, Skaara.

Why have you crossed the dimensional boundaries? the second man, Ares, asked suspiciously. You are not one of us yet you are the same.

And how can you help our champion? a matronly woman, Hera, added with a look at her companions that said they really should be thinking of the bigger picture.

Champions, Skaara stressed. This offer is not just for Slayer, but for all of the Champions.

How could you protect them? Posiedon asked, the air shimmering around him as though looking through water.

Allow us to take them away, Shifu suggested quietly. This dimension is falling, you know it is. But this is not to be the end of mine. Champions of their caliber would greatly benefit the war my people, my father, is fighting.

You would take them to fight your battles? Athena demanded.

I hardly see that as a gift to them, Demeter said. There was agreed murmuring from the others, thus cementing how fond they'd all grown of the small group of heroes who often didn't know their own potential. It didn't matter that the Champions viewed them as interfering manipulators; the Powers loved them as if they were their own.

They'll never know peace here, if you fall, will they? Skaara said calmly. Their souls will be destroyed. They'll never achieve true enlightment.

Their words have merit, Hades spoke quietly. I've seen too many of them in my lands—even those at rest do not know true peace. They worry constantly over those still living.

Grant us a boon, Apollo, standing at his twin sister's side, said suddenly. He stared at Shifu who stared back calmly, seemingly not surprised by this request. Promise them peace and all those that what we could never grant them.

Done, they said immediately. Shifu nodded at the golden Power. They will be given the chance to truly live and those they will be given to will know honor, grace, and intelligence. Their gifts will be celebrated and treasured and they will be loved. You have our word.

Hades waved a hand and suddenly, many orbs were sparkling in the room. Take them as well, he ordered. Give them this peace you speak of.

I shall, the young boy agreed, accepting the orbs in a bag that appeared in his arms. He knew who they were. His gaze flicked to the glass basin where the last fight of Earth could be seen. I will take those still on Earth once their lives here have ended.

Thank you, Artemis murmured as they watched the first to fall. Her gaze never left the tiny blonde and the lithe brunette, despite the many other Slayers in the cavern. Of all my Daughters, they are truly the best and worst of me. They deserve this chance.

I agree, Skaara said, calmly collecting orbs as each of the chosen warriors fell. His eyes flickered to the balls of light slowly appearing around Hades and his wife Persophone. If I could take them as well, I would. The others too.

We know, Artemis said sadly. Hades smiled bitterly at the visitor.

They will know only peace until the end, he told them, making it a promise.

Which should be soon, Zeus spoke quietly. They watched as the slayers were over run—first the brunette fell, then the tiny redhead, and finally, after all others, even the redeemed vampires, the blonde looked her death in the eye for the last time in this incarnation.

Shifu cradled the bag, now filled with all those lost, and stepped back. Artemis and Apollo clung to each other, as did the wedded couples and the other siblings. Even Ares and Athena stood side by side, for once at peace. The two ascended Abydonians disappeared as the floor of heaven began breaking apart around the Powers that had fought to protect their dimension for so long.

Blessed be, our champions. Blessed be.