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In the beginning of their fourth year on Atlantis, the Expedition has survived the attack by the Asurans' wormhole-powered satellite, and successfully flown Atlantis to a new planet with little damage and no casualties. But the city has barely landed when Rodney McKay receives a devastating message, and that's just the beginning of a new and terrible threat.

Now, with all the Gifted on Atlantis in danger and Rodney facing imminent death, Rodney, Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard are in a race against time to save the most powerful and vulnerable members of the Expedition. For John, that means confronting his deepest fears about his Gift—and even that might not be enough to save Rodney's life.

Published: 01 Apr 2010 Updated: 01 Apr 2010
Story Notes:This story is part of the Gifts AU, where ten percent of the Earth's population have 'Gifts'—special abilities.

Stricken takes place after Aegis and Enthrall, which were both also written for the SGA Big Bang. We highly recommend that you read both these stories first to be able to understand this one.

There are also three other stories set in the Gifts universe, which may be found here. They all take place between Aegis and Enthrall, but don't need to be read in order to understand Stricken, though we hope you'll want to read them, anyway. :)

We've used dialogue from "38 Minutes" in Season One, and "The Daedalus Variations" in Season Five.

We would very much like to thank our wonderful, wonderful betas: spes_abrin and dossier, who each read through this sucker twice and yet remained gentle, kind and eagle-eyed. You were both extremely helpful, and hugely appreciated.

We would also like to thank nacbrie for her thorough BritPicking.

We would also like to give a special mention of gratitude to springwoof, for her encouragement about my sister squeakyoflight and me (Leah or taste_is_sweet) writing this story together.

1. One of One by Leah [ - ] (88589 words)

Published: 01 Apr 2010 Updated: 01 Apr 2010