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Summary: Ronon and the doc spend some time at the balcony.
Ronon/Keller /Fluff /
Spoilers for "The Seed"

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Characters: Jennifer Keller, Ronon Dex
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Updated: 25 Apr 2010; Published: 13 Apr 2010

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Summary: Ronon and the doc spend some time at the balcony.
Spoilers: "The Seed"

I'm no native speaker so please be gentle with me.


It was far after midnight, when Ronon walked out on one of the balconies. He came here to think, relax and spend some time on his own. Even after four years he had his troubles with so many people in one place and sometimes, he doubted he could ever get used to it again.

The door slid soundless to the side and he hesitated a moment before he stepped outside. Even at this time of the night it wasn't as dark as he would have preferred it. Beside the lights of the city an uncovered full moon submerged the balcony in a warm light this night.

A movement to his right side caught his attention and he remained motionless but could feel a light wave of anger rising in him. This balcony was rarely used, even during the day and it was one of the reasons he came here. Ronon wasn't looking for company and he was about to turn around and leave when he heard a soft sigh.

The little sound was enough for him to sense who the other presence was and it forced a little smile on his lips.

Slowly he walked towards the unmistakable form of doctor Jennifer Keller and found her sitting comfortable cross-legged at one of the banks. She had gripped one of her wrists and was starring intensely at her palm.

Frowning Ronon stepped closer till he was nearly behind her. She hadn't sensed him yet and he shook his head lightly. He had never before met a person, who could be so focused on something that she forgot everything else around.

"You okay, doc?" Even after five days his voice was still barely more than a hoarse whisper but it didn't failed its effect.

Shrieking she jumped and nearly fell off the bank, but he had already expected something like that. He reached out to stabilize her and push her carefully back in her sitting position.

"Ronon!" Jennifer sighed breathlessly and surprised him afterwards with a warm chuckle. "One of this days I will put a bell around your neck!"

Surprised but happy about her uncommon comment he grinned at her.

"How is your throat?"

He shrugged his shoulders in his usual way, to show her that he was okay. As always she seemed to be okay with his short-spoken manner and graced him with another slight smile.

Their eyes locked for a moment and suddenly Ronon felt quiet happy with the fact that there was enough light to see her blushing lightly. He had to admit that he liked having this effect on her.

She looked quickly away so she wasn't able to see the smile on his face though he guessed the blush would only deepen if she did.

"I –I still haven't thanked you yet!" She mumbled and stroked a strain of her brown hair nervously behind her ear.

"For what?" He growled really surprised.

Her eyes rose up to his again. "For trying to rescue me!" She answered and looked at him as if she couldn't belief that he had to ask.

"You're welcome!"

Again she let her eyes drop and for a moment nobody said anything. But before the silence could get uncomfortable Ronons eyes noticed something on the ground in front of her.
It was a book and must have hit the floor as she had jumped.

"What's that?" He asked and leant down to pick it up. The book was thin, violet and showed the palm of a woman with coloured lines on it.

Again she blushed but this time she didn't look away. "It's nothing, really!"

Ronon raised a brow and finally she sighed. "It's a book for palm reading!"

His brow rose even higher and she seemed to realise that he had no idea what she was talking about. But it took him unexpected as she suddenly gripped his hand and turned it around so that she could look at his palm.

"You see these lines?" She asked and slowly stroked over one of them with her right index finger. The feeling of her light touch send a warm shiver down his spine and he suddenly had to suppress the urge to close his hand around her smaller one.

He sensed her eyes on him again and he forced himself to loosen his eyes from her finger. Apparently she was expecting an answer from him, so he nodded.

A moment later he regretted that he had answered her as she let go of his hand.

"On earth some people believe, that the lines in your palm tell you something about your life and your destiny." Jennifer explained softly.

"You believe in that?" He asked while he laid the book on the bank.

"Me? Oh no, no!" She waved her hands. "After all I'm a doctor! I believe in facts. That's –that's more for fun. You can't take it seriously." This time her cheeks showed a deep red colour and Ronon asked himself what could be so embarrassing about that.

"Do you know how?" He asked even though he could feel the light burning in his throat again.

"What?" Jennifer gasped.

"Can you read them?" He asked curious and looked at his palm.

"Well...yes! I mean..." She stuttered and sighed in the end. "Yes!"

Without saying anything, Ronon settled himself beside her but hesitated a second before he offered her his hand. He didn't even notice that he had held his breath till she took his hand in her own. With an eased sigh he breathed out but Jennifer didn't even seem to notice. Like all the other times before, he thought and wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

She used both hands to examine his palm. Stroking with her thumbs over the calloused parts and retraced the deep lines with the tip of her index finger. Again he felt a shiver washing over his spine and Ronon was sure, that she had no idea which effect she had on him.

Even after their time in the infirmary, during the quarantine, she didn't seem to realise how she affected him. His eyes roamed slowly over her slender form and he noticed that she wasn't dressed in her uniform. Instead she wore jeans and a thin green shirt and he had to admit that he liked her causal dress, but most of all he liked that she wore her hair open.

Ronon remembered that it smelled like flowers and something spicy he couldn't assign but every time it hit his nose he had to fight the urge to lean forward and burrow his face in the silk like strains.

"Do you see this line?" Her voice ripped him out of his thoughts and forced him to look down at his hand to eye the line she showed him.

"That's the lifeline." She informed him and raised his palm nearer to her eyes probably to get a better look. Something she saw there brought a slight smile on her face.

"It's clear, deep and long without any disruption." She glanced up for a second and smiled. "That's good. That means that you have a long life." Again she stroked over the line and he sensed the frown on her forehead. "But these small branches –you see?" He nodded even it wasn't true. "They are positioned downwards. That means you have to bear many losses in your life." The sadness in her voice showed real concern and it brought a smile to his face.

"Look!" She suddenly called out and sighed with relief. "There are also some branches which were positioned upwards. That means that there will be some very happy events, too." Again Jennifer looked up and her eyes were sparkling with delight and he noticed that she was really eased, that there should be some happy moments in his life.

"This," her hands traced another line. "Is your line of destiny! Wow!" Her breath hitched. "You see the second line beside it?" This time he actually made an effort to identify it and nodded truthfully.

"That's special. Only a few people have it. "

"What does it stand for?" He asked hoarsely.

"You will like it. It says that you have a sixth sense. Something that makes you more sensitive for danger! I would say that suits you perfectly!" Jennifer told him without hesitation and he could feel a satisfied growl building in his chest. Pleased that she had no doubts about his skills.

She blushed wildly and instantly dropped her eyes back to his palm.

"T -The wavy form of your destiny line tells me, that there are many changes in your life and the form on its beginning shows me that you never had an easy life and that it will not be very different in your future." Again she sounded sad, but than she started chuckling.

"But this line" She showed him a third one "tells me that you are a rational person. And this" Her finger followed the line and now she was laughing lightly "the ending of this line says you are a great talker!"

Amused he chuckled and ignored the burning in his sore throat.

"As I said that's more for fun nothing seriously, its-"

He didn't let her finish and pointed his finger to another line which crossed the last two lines.

"What's this?"

"This-" A deep sigh escaped her throat as she stroked lightly over it. It felt good enough to close his eyes but he didn't, instead he watched her carefully. And he didn't miss the dark red blush that covered her face, making him wonder just how far down it went.

"That's the heartline!" She explained and raised his interest instantly.

She didn't say anything while her finger never stopped. She stroked gently up and down the line, again and again till he started to get a little uncomfortable. It wasn't that he didn't like her doing it, it was more the opposite.

"So?" He choked out to ease the situation a little bit.

"You have a nice heartline!" The doctor mumbled. "It's very long which means, that you are ruled by feelings and it's very clear which shows that you are very honest when it's about feelings. Regardless of their nature." She grinned lightly and he was sure she was thinking about his addiction to loosing control now and then.

"The light is not good enough to see the colour but it's deep, which means that you are a passionate person but the thin line which crosses the line in the beginning also shows me that your heart has been hurt!"

He hadn't noticed that he had closed his hand around hers until she called out his name.

"Ronon? Is everything okay? I-I didn't...I-I mean...this is nothing you should take too seriously. I'm really sorry if said something wrong. I didn't mean to!" She stuttered.

The icy grip which had claimed him for a moment vanished at her words and he smiled.

"I know!" He growled and was eased as she returned his smile. Hesitantly and faint but it was a smile and she didn't try to move her hand out of his. Not even as his thumb started to form little circles on her skin, which pleased him more than he even realised himself.

She even closed her eyes and the sight of her trustful gesture made his heart beat a little faster.

"What did your lines tell you?" Ronon asked her and cursed himself, that he ruined the situation as her eyes flew open instantly. At least she didn't pull away from him, which he took as a good sign.

"It tells me that I will have a long life with some accidents now and then and..."

He couldn't keep himself from grinning wildly and Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can take that as a fact. It also tells me that I'm brutal and egoistic!" His eye-brow rose up in the air and she grinned shrugging her shoulders.

"Also, I'm very sensible, honest and very talented in science. It showed me that I'm strong willed, will have a lot of trouble in my life and even more pleasant events." With a half sigh half laugh she added: "And it told me that even I'm a romantic person there will never be romantic in my life!"

Even though she tried to cover it with humour Ronon could hear that she was hurt.

Before he knew what he was really doing he had lifted her chin up and stroked about her cheek with his thumb.

"As you said, you shouldn't take it too serious!" He mumbled and before his courage could leave him, or somebody could interrupt them, like the last time, he bent down and kissed her.

At first it was barely more than a light touch of lips but as she didn't pull away he took that as a good sign. Slowly he moved his lips over hers and nearly sighed with relief as he felt her responding to his wordless demand. A light sigh escaped her and he answered it with a low, deep growl and from one moment to the other Ronon found himself in a deep passionate kiss.

Jennifer had put her hands around his shoulders while his own were burrowed where they had wanted to be all night long. Deep in her soft long hair, which also allowed him to bring her closer to him.

In the end the lack of oxygen forced them both to separate. Breathing heavily they leant their foreheads against each other, while he tried to get his emotion back under control. It had been a long time since he had felt anything like that, but it was definitely worth the wait.

"Wow! Apparently I was right!" Jennifer mumbled softly and he chuckled lightly in agreement.

"Yeah!" He grinned. "Feels like one of those very happy moments you found out about." He purred back and this time she was the one who started chuckling."Maybe we should check if there are more."

"Good idea!"

"Seriously?" Ronon asked half teasing half desperate to know that it wasn't only him who wished for more.

"Seriously!" Jennifer nodded and it was all the assurance he needed before he kissed her again.

- FIN -