Summary: All he had left was their wonderful history.

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Updated: 15 Sep 2013; Published: 04 May 2010

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Story Notes:
For McSheplets challenge #71: History over at LJ. Well it was but then I asked if I should add more and got postive feed back so it has gone for a short little story into something much bigger.

Rodney walked quickly back to their hut, the one the he and John were sharing. He didn't look at anyone; he didn't want anyone to see his tears. He was the smartest man in two galaxies and he had done some stupid things. He fell in love with his best friend and then he started a relationship with said friend. He knew John had never been a relationship with another man, he knew that their relationship had to be a secret; he knew that John still flirted with women. But he loves John and that doesn't matter because John is his best friend, lover, and boyfriend.

He got to their hut, small and crude, but quite nice for MX... whatever planet they were on he really didn't care at this point. Life was not fair, so fucking unfair. He and John just had so much history, such a wonderful history. They had become best friends, a soldier and a geek. He had fun with John, they had the same quirky sense of humor, and the whole balcony incident had proven that. They had gotten so close and John had be the greatest friend he ever had, sure there were rough times but John had been there for him and he had been there for John.

Then there was the wonderful history they had made over the last six months as lovers. Rodney believed there had always been a tension between them that normally wasn't between friends. It had been a bad week for John; he had lost a lot of soldiers to the Wraith. Rodney had gone to see him, to be there for his best friend. Rodney had found him on the South Pier late at night; when John saw him he grabbed Rodney and crashed his lips to his. His kiss was one like Rodney had never had before, it was a kissed filled with heat and passion and filled with so much want and love the Rodney nearly cried.

"You can never leave me, Rodney," John had demanded still breathless from their kiss. "You are not allowed to, you hear me Rodney?" Rodney's head was spinning and he took a few calming breaths, then wrapped John into a hug resting his own head on John's shoulder rubbing small circles into his back.

"No, John, I am not leaving you," Rodney whispered.

Their greatest history had been when they became a couple. Even though it was a secret, John always had a small smile for him or a quick gentle touch. There lovemaking was wonderful, because it was based on love and lust. Their lovemaking had always been face to face and Rodney felt complete when John was inside of him, making him feel like he had never felt before what he was afraid to feel before. They had such a wonderful history.

John had been flirting with the chieftain's daughter, she was beautiful little blond and Rodney had thought she was hot to. He was used to John's flirting; it was part of their cover. Something had told him to stay at the feast and not go looking for John, but he didn't listen to that little voice. He had found them on a couch in one of the rooms of the grand hall, where the feast had been taking place, and he was fucking her face to face. She froze and John turned around and just stared, eyes wide but not saying anything.

Now Rodney was alone over ten minutes had gone by and should have realized John wasn't coming,

'Or maybe he was,' voiced his sick sense of bitter humor. He should have realized it was just too good to last. He couldn't believe he was so stupid as to fall in love. He was not leaving John, but it seem like John had left him, John a straight man after all. Now all that was left was there wonderful and beautiful history.

Chapter End Notes:
End notes: Right now this is a one shot but I might have a sequel to this story. Let me know what you guys thought, you can be harsh if you need to I am trying to become a better writer and I can take it.