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All he had left was their wonderful history.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
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Genres: Angst, Established Relationship, First Time
Warnings: Adult themes
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Chapters: 6; Completed: Yes
Word count: 7050
Published: 04 May 2010 Updated: 15 Sep 2013
Story Notes:For McSheplets challenge #71: History over at LJ. Well it was but then I asked if I should add more and got postive feed back so it has gone for a short little story into something much bigger.

1. Chapter 1 by FallenAngel1322 [ - ] (670 words)

Published: 04 May 2010 Updated: 11 May 2010

2. Chapter 2 by FallenAngel1322 [ - ] (707 words)
I own nothing and I am making no money off this. All mistakes are mine. I am happy people like this and wanted more I really thought it was going to be a one shot. I forgot to say the reason why it is so short is McSheplets Challenge #71 over at LJ. I am sorry if John seems like a bad guy but I am making it like he never was in a relationship with other guy and he is feeling strange about his feelings and of course the whole awful mess that is DADT. Just to let everyone know it might be awhile between update because my Spring semester is coming to an end 2 weeks of regular classes then finals week, I will try and update at least once before finals week. This story is not going to be too long. Enough of that on with the story.
Published: 12 May 2010 Updated: 12 May 2010

3. Chapter 3 by FallenAngel1322 [ - ] (1061 words)
Okay still no beta so all mistakes are mine. I know that it may seem like the story is not following a logical line but I promise it will make since in the end. At least I hope it will.
Published: 13 Jun 2010 Updated: 17 Jun 2010

4. Chapter 4 by FallenAngel1322 [ - ] (1439 words)
Ok, I still have no beta so all mistakes are mine. This chapter was going to be the whole six months that they were dating but I realized it was going to be super long so I am breaking it up into two chapters. I am not sure when the next chapter will be done, school is killing me. Okay enough of that enjoy.
Published: 20 Jul 2010 Updated: 20 Jul 2010

5. Chapter 5 by FallenAngel1322 [ - ] (2714 words)
There is a sex scene in his chapter
Published: 31 Aug 2013 Updated: 31 Aug 2013

6. Chapter 6 by FallenAngel1322 [ - ] (459 words)
This is the end, it is short and bittersweet just like how this whole thing started.
Published: 31 Aug 2013 Updated: 31 Aug 2013