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Summary: Rachel has always been gifted. The other Glee kids didn't know just how special she really was. Even Rachel didn't know how special she was. Glee/SGA crossover

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Updated: 24 Jun 2010; Published: 07 Jun 2010

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Story Notes:
This is a Glee/Stargate: atlantis crossover. I have been dying to see some one right one forever and well I got tired of waiting. couples are being decided as I go along


Rachel Barbra Berry was born from love. That was what her daddies always told her. They chose a surrogate, took a turkey baster and made a baby. The woman that was Rachel's surrogate was all of the things that they wanted their baby to be beautiful, intellectual, talented and charming. What they did not tell Rachel was that they both fell deeply in love with in a brotherly fashion.

Barbra loved them wanted to bring them happiness in their lives because it was a right thing to do. She also said that when the baby was born she would depart from their lives. She did not want to make a chance of becoming too attached.

A year and a half later Rachel was born and their friend was gone. However, not the way they predicted. The birth was hard and she died on the birthing table. So, they named her after their friend.

Rachel was showing signs of talent being able to sing and dance at ten months of age. She was also showing sign of counting her numbers and learning languages they felt was going to be a cinch.

At three years of age, the unexpected started happening. Things started being pulled a part at night. The television was pulled apart one night. Several nights later, it was the toaster. After that, it was the bathroom sink. They would get a technician in and they would repair the item. They soon got to know the technicians that worked on their house. The plumber's name was Jackie and she just recently got married to the family's main electrician, Greg.

It was not until three years later that they found out what was happening. It was their ninth Anniversary. They went out and celebrated their anniversary at Casa Lu Al. It was a nice Italian restaurant. The baby sitter called them freaking out. She wanted them home quick. Their daughter was pulling apart the microwave and she needed their help fast. She also was not responsive and every time she tried pulling her away. She would scream in some weird language at her.

They raced home and found that she was able to.

They tried to make her stop but she would scream in her different language. They soon got used to their daughter doing this. After awhile she soon started upgrading the things in the house and items would be going missing. An alarm clock would go missing but the microwave would now be able to be voice activated. The toaster went missing but now the fridge did not just hold food it cooked.

It was not until she was nine years old that this stopped. But, by then they could not use any of the items in their own house. Rachel was the one who had to cook. It was not until one morning that they found the drawings. The drawings of space ships, star systems and many things that was very alien. They started hiding those. They kept them hidden.

Than it stopped altogether, she stopped drawing at night. She went to bed and stayed in bed. They waited for months for something else to happen; nothing. It was over they assumed. It stopped just around the time that she started singing in glee club. So, they sent the glee coach with the delicious curls flowers as a thank you.

It was not until one day Rachel came home as high as a kite with the town man-whore in tow they realized they might not be alone after all. Oh, they were worried because they knew this teenager's reputation. He was the type that the other men in town not only had to lock away their daughter but their wives as well. Her dad followed him around like mall security waiting for him to do something. The teen rolled his eyes and said he would make some soup for Berry and be out of their hair if that was not bad.

Therefore, they got out a can of soup and let him toil away at it. Her Dads watched as the boy used their stove easily. The stove they couldn't use because of it becoming so complex that the brain surgeon and rocket scientist could not use it.

When Rachel's Dad asked how the boy used it, he turned around and scoffed, "it wasn't rocket science."

Rachel was jumping up and down in the background rambling how the other girls and herself kicked the boys' butts at a sing off. What the two men did not notice was that Rachel heard and came in and giggled at what he said. She thought it was funny that the boy said this to her Dad, the rocket scientist.

They let the boy over again any time he wanted. The look on the boys face when then they told them was enjoyable. Luckily, for them he only came over a handful of times afterwards.

Then the glee club won Sectionals they decided that the best way to give a gift to the Glee kids was by giving the group a weekend away to a spa resort. It cost a good penny but for Glee making their Rachel normal again it was worth it.