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Summary: Rodney is more than he seems as he remembers all of his past lives and is the son of an Ancient.He flees from his past by going to Atlantis.

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Characters: Rodney McKay
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Updated: 13 Nov 2010; Published: 10 Nov 2010

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sadly I don't own SGA, Merlin or SPN but I love all the shows dearly. Hope you all like my first story

There are some people that are so bound together that no matter what comes between them, they come back together again. Over and over again they are reborn and are drawn to each other no matter how much separates them. As love knows no bounds, no timelines,no space, no anything. Love cannot die as it is immortal, only humans kind die. Love cannot even be forgotten by certain types as the love shared between them is to strong to ever be forgotten. No matter what came to be, or what caused them to be parted
or how long ago they lost each other. Love is eternal and shall never be forgotten,no matter what happens. only in certain instances can loves path be diverted and the main one is if one of those in love choices to divert it. Turns his or her back on that love. Few do it though as it is literally turning your back on the other half or halves of yourself an not many want to do that.

In one instant in time though one did, he turned his back on all that he once was to focus on the future, so he could live for himself instead of what could have been. To live a life solely on what he wanted instead of what his loves wanted for once in his long lives. Even if it was his last life, especially if its his last life. The last time he could ever be just for himself. He loved them all so much that he normally didn't mind devoting his entire being to them, which ever of them he was with in any given lifetime. They were his all, all he ever lived for, all he ever wanted, all he would ever truly desire through out the ages.

Sometimes though, more often of late, he was simply tired of not having a life for himself, of not being able to live one single life devoted to himself. He was tired of being them endless throughout time, never being able to simple BE. And so when the opportunity presented itself, he took it. No more ruling, no more tragedy, no more destiny. Simply him living his life. Bliss. Perfection.

So he began his life and with the help of his mother, he excelled at everything. His genius was recognized when he was two and he tested higher than anyone ever had before. He was a child prodigy on a level never before seen. Science, music, art, everything he touched, he was beyond brilliant at. He was flying threw school at a rate that amazed everyone. At seven, he built a functioning atomic bomb and gained the attention of the CIA. They offered to pay his way through school in exchange for working for them.

He agreed. As along as he would be able to do his music as well, since he had begun to play for audiences. Everything seemed bright and great for his future until at fourteen, his parents got into a car accident and died, his mom leaving to return to her home.

Leaving him in charge of his little sister, the CIA pulled some strings and got him moved to the US where he was declared an emancipated minor. Free to take care of himself and his sister with monetary help from them as he was designing weapons and 'other' things for the government. Two years later he met John Winchester and he felt everything change, the love felt between them was
instant and beyond anything he had ever had any experience with. Science didn't have all the answers despite how much he may wish it did. John made him happy for months despite John leaving to do his 'jobs' and be with his sons then things changed once again. For he remembered who he was and who John truly was and so he turned and back on John and disappeared into MIT.

Merlin. Alexander. Henry. Mark Anthony. Francis. Buckingham. And many more names, he had been and loved them. John, Uther, was one of his soulmates that he had spent many lifetimes with alongside Arthur, Morgana, Lancelot, Gwen, Nimuah and Mordred. All of them were a apart of him and he loved and cherished them all but this life would be for him and not his past. He may have
to remember his past now, as when any of them were together long they remembered all that had been between them before. It didn't mean he had to change his life again. No. This lifetime was for him, he had no doubt that whatever his mom was, she had known what was happening and had helped him.

So he would keep with the plan and thus he left John-Uther behind and left the name Meredith behind as well and became Rodney McKay.