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In an warped reality where Kolya got what he wanted in "Common Ground", Atlantis now faces a new danger. With their millitary commander left fragile from his recent near death experience, it's up to the woman who holds his heart to give him the strength to protect the city he loves. (Predominatly Sparky but will feature minor mentions of other couples).

Published: 20 Feb 2011 Updated: 05 Mar 2011
Story Notes:This is basically an AU of one of my other stories in which the events of "Common Ground" tore John and Elizabeth apart and it affected John greatly. The idea litterally ripped me to shreads, so I decided to make myself feel better by writing a what if exploring the idea that if a twist in the path led to a different outcome.....a happier outcome for John/Elizabeth.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in the story though the timeline is part of my imagination. Any original character is a product of my imagination.

1. Prologue: Run Through The Jungle by Lady More [ - ] (1404 words)
Before I begin let me mention the few things that are going to be AU to prevent confusion.

1) John will only suffer one wraith feeding.
2) Ladon Radim will decided to turn himself over to Kolya to end Sheppard's suffering.
3) Sheppard will still make daring escape but without Todd (though he will appear later)
Published: 20 Feb 2011 Updated: 20 Feb 2011

2. C'est La Vie? by Lady More [ - ] (3082 words)

Published: 05 Mar 2011 Updated: 05 Mar 2011