Hunted by Leah [R]
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Crossover with Hawaii 5-0

"You know what? Yesterday--if it was just yesterday, and not, say, six months ago--I was watching my partner kick yet another door in and I was thinking that the only things I had to worry about were Steve getting us killed, Grace's eventual dating, and if I was ever going to find an apartment that wasn't infested with cockroaches, black mold or ghosts of old ladies in funny hats. And now, suddenly, I find out that the entire fucking universe is a giant terrarium project populated with aliens that want to kill us. And you two, apparently, live in another galaxy and don't seem to think there's anything weird about that. Does that sum up the situation here? Or did I miss something?"

Published: 19 Jan 2012 Updated: 19 Jan 2012
Story Notes:Written for Raphe1, who had the winning bid for a fanfic story from me in the 2011 Help_Japan charity auction.

Raphe1's enthusiasm for my stories is humbling, and I hope I've given her something worthy of her generosity.

This is part of the Gifts series that I share with Springwoof and Squeaky. There is a Hawaii 5-0-only prequel to this at Archive of our Own.

(Please assume there are spoilers in this for all five seasons of Stargate: Atlantis and for season one and what's been broadcast in the US so far of Hawaii 5-0.)

1. One of One by Leah [ - ] (57899 words)

Published: 19 Jan 2012 Updated: 20 Jan 2012