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Doctor Jean McKay-Carter-Mitchell (or just McKay) was stepping through the Stargate for the one hundred and twelfth time – she'd learned the good form to count every journey from her step-father, much to her mother's dismay – and yet, her body was wracked with nerves. Her hands shook slightly as she clung to her P-90 and her heart was beating faster than it's normally controlled pace.

Jean is on her way to the Pegasus Galaxy, to the City of the Ancients, where the expedition has been cut off for the last two decades. Not a single outsider has set foot inside her walls in a lifetime, and though Jean's been told time and time again by her father, Doctor Rodney McKay, that it is the most spectacular place that you will ever visit, she is having trouble believing it.

Once Jean arrives, she finds a new friendship with Cilia Sheppard, daughter of an esteemed General, and a new love interest in a one Valour Dex, son of the Satedan warrior Ronon. But all is not well and good for the members of the Atlantis expedition; there is a lack of military presence that is both dangerous and a waste of the precious gifts that the City could bestow upon them, and the military commander that Jean knows to be fit for the job refuses to come back because he has left dark demons behind.

These are but the first hurdles that the expedition will face, and what is in store will change the lives of both the original expedition members and their families.

Published: 12 Jun 2012 Updated: 12 Jul 2012
Story Notes:I know, I know. OC's and less slash than usual - but still slash. Just read on and see if you like it before you judge based purely on that. ;)

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