Summary: Ronon and Teyla go on reconnaissance to the main land. When they return Ronon is less than happy about the new Wraith presence in Atlantis.

Categories: Ship Pairings > Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan
Characters: John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
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Word count: 871; Completed: No
Updated: 23 Feb 2013; Published: 05 Jan 2013

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Story Notes:
Spoilers for series 2 episode 18, Michael.

Author's Chapter Notes:
When bears come out to play, well...let's see.

'You know this was meant to be a reconnaissance mission?' Teyla said from her perch on the rocks, beside the Atlantean ocean. Not that she minded Ronon's relaxed temperament as he swam about. Her people were further inland and, they were enjoying respite despite the basis of the mission.

'Well from what I have gathered the water is warm and deep,' Ronon offered catching her eye as she sketched, dipping under the water again. He was not unlike a bear fishing. Teyla rolled her eyes and laid her gun down so she could draw more easily. They were on their own territory, she need not be armed. Why they had even brought weapons was beyond her, though Ronon would always conceal knives upon his person whether it were needed or not.

Pulling her boots off she dappled her feet in the water below laying her pencil down. It looked shallow, only a few inches deep. 'Indeed, it is warm,' she said to the sunny air around her, as Ronon was still submerged out of sight. He had been good humoured today. Teyla knew he hungered for the open air as she did.

Ronon held his laugh in as he pushed through the water, not wanting to let bubbles reveal his location. Seeing her half unconvered legs above him he swam straight up. A small yank and she was plunged down into the water and into his arms. She was small and he knew this, but having her struggling within his grasp heightened that sense. Her eyes were angry daring him to try anything else.

Before he could respond to release her, she kicked out of his grasp and headed for the surface. He followed behind pleased to have pulled off his stunt. Mildly thinking of her reaction he resurfaced.

Ronon came above the water to find her laughing. 'You challenge me Ronon,' she said between coughing and laughter. 'No one else would try such a thing.'

He smirked in his own way, thinking he should of known she would not be angry. In their whole acquaintance she had never unwarrantedly been angry. The time he had used her to kill a man had been incredibly wrong of him, but her anger had been entirely sincere.

'So you want to spar?' she said smiling back.

'That's not precisely what I want to do,' he said floating towards her. Still taller than her, even when floating in the water. It was just a moment, a breath of a change. And yet Teyla felt it in her hearts doubled beats and Ronon sensed the connection, knew she had experienced it too. His hand brushed her face and his eyes traced the water between them. He was shy before her, but he had known this would come about for them.

'Sheppard to Teyla, come in,' the radio sat beside Teylas boots. Effectively breaking the moment in two. Ronon swam to the shore and grabbed the radio. 'Sheppard, it's Ronon,' he said reluctantly, his voice a tinge gruff. There had been times like this again and again since he had come to live in Atlantis. John became a repetitive barrier between him and Teyla. Not of his own volition or of choice Ronon thought, he just naturally got in the way.

John stared at his own radio. Typical Ronon, no further explanation. 'I don't suppose Teylas with you?' John asked derisively.

'She is, we're on the main land,' Ronon said looking back over to the Athosian woman unmoved from their position a moment a go. Making it all the more difficult not to go back to her.

Teyla gathered her senses and swam back to the shore. Only making matters worse in her awareness of now floating so close to Ronon she felt his legs brushing against hers. Pushing him away with her palm on his chest she pulled herself out of the water. Breathing deeply to snap out of it, she grabbed her boots and started to walk back to the jumper.

Ronon laughed quietly, wading out of the water on the beach.

'I need you guys back here, pronto,' John said cutting the transmission.

Teyla knew Ronon would never hurt her, or push anything. But the intimidation of him sensing her feelings, had her briskly walking for separation. She would have left him here but, he had her radio. Discarding her boots because her feet were still wet, infact all of her was wet she went outside to dry before powering up the systems.

Ronon came back and found her drying her feet in the sun. Seeing him approach she jumped up to go. 'Teyla, wait,' Ronon took hold of her wrist, his touch gentle. 'I am sorry if I scared you.'
Teyla felt the firm humanness of his grip. There was uncertainty in his voice, he did not sound as he usually did.

'You do not scare me, Ronon. Think nothing of what happened and neither shall I,' she said avoiding his penetrating gaze.

'I do not want to forget it,' he said, though not for her hearing. Her hand slipped from his and she went back to the jumper. Sighing he thought of it as yet another day John had stopped something.