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Summary: Few new things in the Pegasus galaxy. One goes by the name of Nikki Teagan and she has a few surprises up her sleeve. Including some kick-ass moves that catch the attention of a certain fly-boy we all know and love. What's going to happen when she's introduced to the galaxy where anything and everything is possible?

Updated: 30 Nov 2013; Published: 13 Aug 2013

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"Weir to Sheppard, come in."

John put down his sandwich and hit his com. "Sheppard here."

Rodney looked up from his pad wondering if there was some kind of emergency. Again. He was mentally preparing himself to have to save the entire city singlehandedly.

"John, the new recruits from Earth just arrived on the Daedalus. I'd like you to meet them in the gate room and get everything settled." John sighed and stood up to leave. "On my way. Sheppard out."

He looked around the table at his teammates: Ronon, Teyla, and Rodney. "Well, I gotta go. The Daedalus just arrived and Elizabeth wants me to settle in our newcomers. Are we still on for sparring later, Teyla?"

She nodded, "Of course. You can use all the practice you can get." He made a face at her and said, "Oh ha ha, very funny. I'll see you then." Teyla smiled and they watched as he left the mess hall.

He walked down corridor after corridor until he reached the gate room. He reached up and hit his com. "Daedalus, this is Sheppard. We are ready to receive the recruits."

Lt. Stuart's voice came over the com, "This is the Daedalus. Beaming them down now, sir."

A bright light filled the gate room as the new recruits were beamed down to the city. Among the recruits were a variety of scientists, doctors, and military officers that were much needed since the last battle with the Wraith. Colonel Sheppard handpicked a few of them himself, as did the rest of the senior staff.

"Welcome to Atlantis. I'm Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Commanding Military Officer of Atlantis. Now, if the doctors would kindly step down to your right and wait there for Dr. Beckett and the scientists move down to your left and wait for Dr. McKay, it would make things go much faster."

He hit his com again, "Drs. Beckett and McKay, please report to the gate room to meet the new members of your team."

"Military! Follow me and I'll show you the ropes."

John gave the military the grand tour of the city, including where the weapons room, the mess hall, and their quarters were. "At 1600 hours, there will be a meeting for all new members of the expedition in the central tower conference room. I suggest you get acquainted with the city and settle into your rooms until then."

He smiled and made his way to the gym. He walked through the doors to find Teyla standing there with both their banto sticks. She tossed his set to him and he caught them.

"You're late." They started to circle each other slowly. "Yeah, sorry about that. The tour took longer than expected."

They sparred for about an hour and a half, which mostly involved John ending up on the floor and having to pick himself back up. Then Ronon walked in, causing John to get distracted and not see Teyla's banto stick coming straight for his head. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in the infirmary with Dr. Beckett standing over him.

"Doc...what happened?" Carson looked behind him. "He's awake."

Elizabeth, Teyla, and Ronon walked over the end of the bed John was laying on. Ronon had a smirk on his face as he said, "Teyla knocked you out. I carried you here."

He looked from Ronon to Teyla. "It is true. Ronon walked in and you got distracted. You did not see my strike coming. I thought you were going to dodge, but you did not. I am sorry, John."

"Don't worry about it. That's what I get for not paying attention. I didn't miss the meeting, did I?"

Elizabeth smiled, "No, actually we were just on our way up there." He looked over to Beckett. "Am I cleared to go?" Carson checked the bandage on the Colonel's temple and then checked his readings. "Aye, you're fine to go. Just take it easy and don't do anything overly strenuous for 24 hours otherwise you'll probably be back here complaining of a nasty headache. Off you go."

"Thanks, Carson." John slowly sat up and then got to his feet. He was a little slower than normal on his way to the conference room, but it wasn't too bad. They had to hold three separate meetings debriefing the new recruits since not everyone could fit in the conference room at once. The military newcomers were the first to be debriefed.

They were already in the conference room when Elizabeth, John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, and Carson entered the room. They all sat down in their respective chairs while most of the recruits stood along the doors. Most of them kept passing glances at the bandage on the Colonel's temple, but no one said anything.

The meetings went as planned: long and boring for the senior staff and overloading for the new recruits. Assigning everyone jobs was scheduled for the following morning.

Later on that evening, John joined his team in the mess hall for supper like usual. They had all finished their meal and were sitting there laughing at Rodney's expense when a fight broke out on the other side of the mess hall. A tall, lean man was getting into another man's face. The first guy seemed to be a scientist while the other was a marine.

John jumped up and ran over to the men fighting. "What seems to be the problem here?" They both stopped what they were doing and looked to see the Commanding Military Officer of Atlantis standing there with his hands on his hips.

The marine snapped to attention at the sight of his commanding officer. "At ease, Lt. Now, how about you tell me what the hell is going on."

The scientist turned to face Sheppard. "This guy was harassing my sister. I was simply standing up for her." John looked around, but didn't see a woman anywhere near where the fight had started. "And where is your sister?"

"She's not here, but he was telling me all the things that...well, that he could do to her, sir. He talked about locking her in a room, tying her up, her. I'd really rather not repeat what he said, if it's all the same to you, sir."

John nodded and slowly turned towards the Lt. Just looking at his face he could tell the man wasn't lying. "Lt., report to my office in one hour and we'll have a nice long discussion about this. Is that clear?"

The marine blushed. "Yes, sir."

"Good. You're dismissed."

He turned back to the scientist. "Okay, what's your name and who's your sister?"

"I'm Dr. Alex Teagan. And my sister is Dr. Nikki Teagan, sir."

John sighed. General O' Neill had warned him about these siblings. From what he heard, trouble seemed to follow the two around, but who didn't have trouble following them when they were in the Pegasus galaxy? "Okay, let me know if anything more is said. Have a good night."

"Yes, sir. And you too. Thank you." John nodded, turned and walked back to his teammates. Teyla looked up as he approached. "What was that all about, John?"

"Oh, you know. A marine had a few inappropriate words to say and her brother just happened to hear them. I'm going to find the sister now and then in an hour have a private conversation with the marine. I'll see you all tomorrow."

Ronon grunted, Rodney didn't even look up from his laptop, and Teyla waved good-bye. Once John was out of earshot, Ronon spoke up, "I wonder what he's gonna do to that Marine. We all know how Sheppard is when it comes to protecting women."

Teyla sighed and nodded. "Yes, but by the look on the brother's face and the look on John's, the man may deserve it."


John walked down the hallway towards the science labs. He found Zalenka working away at one of his numerous projects. Radek looked up as John walked into the room.

"Colonel Sheppard. What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was wondering if you could help me track down someone."

Radek picked up his data pad and swiveled in his chair to face the Colonel. "Of course. Who do you need to find?"

John walked towards the table Zalenka was working at. "Dr. Nikki Teagan. There was a fight just a few minutes ago involving her brother."

"Ah, that's not good. Give me just one second to adjust the cities internal sensors to track down specific people."

He tapped away at his pad for a couple of minutes before he looked up. "It looks like she's in the gym closest to the central tower with some marines." Sheppard nodded and headed towards the door. "Thanks, Doc!"

"No problem."

John made his way to the gym. He stopped just outside and watched as a woman with dark auburn hair fought off two men. He watched for a few minutes as the marines got their asses kicked and finally decided to intervene. "Dr. Teagan?"

She didn't pay any attention to him, but watched as the marines went from fighting stances to attention when they realized who had entered the gym. She finally turned to see who had interrupted their sparring. "At ease, marines. How about you get yourselves washed up and get some supper." They nodded, picked up their bags and left the gym.

"Can I help you with something?" John smirked at her attitude. She definitely wasn't like most of the other scientists who were intimidated by him. "Actually, you can. Have you ever talked to a Lt. Gordan?"

She walked over to her bag and picked up her water bottle. "Nope. Is the name supposed to sound familiar?"

"Actually, yes. You see, there was just a fight in the mess hall between the Lt. and your brother regarding you. Happen to know what that was all about?"

She was lifting her bottle to her mouth, but froze at his words. "Fight? Is my brother okay? What happened?" John put his hands in the air and stepped closer. "He's fine. I broke it up before any punches could be thrown. I guess the marine decided he wanted to...get quite a workout, if you know what I mean, and your brother happened to be sitting close by. Now, you've never met the guy before?"

She stopped to think. "Well, I just got here today. He could be one of the ones I was sparring with earlier. I don't know any of the names of the guys I was sparring with. Some big guy with dreadlocks kept sending them in here to get their asses kicked."

He smirked. Of course. Ronon loved to watch the marines get their asses kicked. Especially by women. He tapped his com. "Ronon, this is Sheppard. Come in." There was a pause then Ronon's voice came over the com. "Yeah, Shep?" He almost smiled at the little nickname Ronon had gotten into the hang of using.

"That marine that was in the fight. Was he one of the ones you sent in to fight during a sparring match earlier today against Dr. Nikki Teagan?" There was silence for a few seconds. "Yeah. Is that who it was about?"

"Sure was, buddy. Thanks, Sheppard out."

He turned to look at Nikki. "Well, looks like he was one of the ones you were sparring with. From now on, you may want to get the names of the men you're sparring with and kick their asses enough they won't want to lock you in a room and pin you to the bed."

He turned to leave, but Nikki called out for him. "Wait. Aren't you the CMO here?"

He turned back towards her and nodded. "Good to know." She smiled, picked up her bag, and walked right by him and out of the gym, leaving him there more confused than when he walked in.


An hour and a half later, a very embarrassed and pissed off marine exited Colonel Sheppard's office, passing Major Lorne on his way out. Lorne stuck his head in his office. "Is this a bad time, sir?"

Sheppard looked up from where he was sitting at his desk running a hand roughly through his hair. "No, come on in, Major."

Lorne walked in and sat down in a chair in front of the desk. "If you don't mind me asking, sir, what was that about?"

John closed his eyes for a moment and reopened them, focusing them on his second in command. "It seems the Lt. decided to tell his friends all about what he wanted to do to a certain 'hot as sin' doctor on his first day here only to make the mistake of saying it within earshot of her brother. The guy's lucky I was at the other end of the mess hall when it all went down, otherwise he'd probably be in the infirmary right about now."

Lorne nodded his head, "I see. On his first day here?" John nodded and sighed. The things he had to deal with being in command of the military on an Ancient base in a whole other galaxy from Earth. "Let's just say, he won't be going off world for a while, flying the jumpers, or pretty much anything else. He's grounded for a couple weeks to learn some manners."

Evan chuckled at his commander's words. Everyone knew the Colonel's low tolerance for sexual harassment and any harassment of any kind. Well, everyone except the newcomers that is.

"Well, that ought to teach him a lesson." John nodded and then remembered he had asked the Major to come here. "Major, have you ever heard of Nikki Teagan?"

There was a glint in Evan's eyes when Sheppard said her name. "Yes, sir. She's the one who's been kicking everyone's ass sparring. Even kicked mine earlier today. She's good. What is she? A Lt.?" John chuckled. "Actually, she's the female McKay with some kick ass moves and a background in medical science."

Lorne's eyes bugged out. "So, she's a triple threat." He nodded. "Yep. Let's just hope she's not as arrogant as Rodney. Otherwise we'll all be in trouble."