Dis-armed by grimmich [PG-13]
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Summary: This is a slightly different version of when Kolya captured John during 'Common Ground' episode 7 of season 3.

Categories: General
Characters: Acastus Kolya, Carson Beckett, Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan, Todd
Genres: Action/Adventure, Episode Related
Warnings: Adult themes, Character death
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
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Word count: 1938; Completed: Yes
Updated: 15 Sep 2013; Published: 13 Aug 2013

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Story Notes:
There is slight gore and a little cursing in this story.

"You know Kolya, I'm pretty sure that my dead grandmother would have been able to convince them to hand over your man by now ..." John smirked. "Guess they just realize that you are all talk and little game."

"They need better convincing do they...? Well. I guess I will just have to give it to them." Kolya said with dark promise in his voice. "In fact, I think this time I will take a trophy from you. Secure the Wraith to the wall." While that was happening he started to rifle through something in the corner then came back with a sharp machete. As soon as Sheppard saw it his adrenalin started to flow in over drive making his veins bulge from the sudden rise in his blood pressure as his heart started to beat faster. The bulging veins and his light sweating were the only signs that john was in anyway not as relaxed and smug as he appeared.

There was a gasp from the other side of the transmission when the people in Atlantis saw what Kolya had grabbed. John was stealing himself for whatever may happen next.

"I think instead of feeding the Wraith this time, I will take your arm. It will look wonderful mounted on my wall and will give me great Joy every time I look at it." Kolya smirked. He was sure that the Atlantis crew would do ANYTHING to stop him from going further after this, including giving him Ladon and whatever else he were to ask for now. "Un-shackle him and hold him still, on his knees." His soldiers quickly got it done.

John's face quickly turned steely as he stared right at Kolya, the noise on the other end of the transmission was a meshing of indistinguishable panicking voices. John kept his eyes on Kolya as he unsheathed the machete. "Your friends will give me what I want after this Sheppard, your order to the contrary or not." Kolya smirked as he pulled back his arm for a powerful swing with the extremely sharp blade. The Wraith was watching intently to see what would happen, the voice on the transmission got louder and more frantic, and the guards holding him still were looking away so they wouldn't get blood splattered on their faces.

John surprisingly smirked, his adrenalin was pumping, he had prepared himself for the loss of his arm during Kolya's dramatics and he had a plan. So he decided to have this last bit of fun, "Kiss my lily white Irish ASS KOLYA!" John finished in a yell as Kolya brought the machete down with such force it went through John's arm in one swing, it was a clean cut. There was a scream Atlantis's end, a sudden lax on his left side (the one the arm was cut off), the soldier who was unprepared stumbled to the side at the sudden lack of body attached to the arm he was pulling, blood spurted out making a mess quickly, and Kolya temporarily lost his balance (having put too much strength into the swing). John, having mentally prepared for this starting the moment that Kolya turned around with the machete in hand, used the moment for all it was worth.

All that adrenalin flowing through his was both a blessing and a curse. It made his blood pump faster so he was losing blood faster, which was the curse. The blessing was that with all the adrenalin, high

pain tolerance, and mental preparing allowed him to temporarily ignore the pain completely. This allowed him to get the most out of this moment.

John was up on his feet using the arm still being held as leverage to get up and with the same movement used said arm to jerk the soldier closer, then he bashed his forehead into the guy's nose, breaking it and knocking him out simultaneously. As that guard went down John kicked out as hard as he could to the other guard's head as he started towards John (dropping john's arm in the process) breaking the guards neck with the great force that it snapped around with. Then Kolya was coming at him suddenly not so darkly pleased with himself. John quickly dodged to the side then rammed into Kolya with all his strength knocking him (Kolya) straight into the camera cutting the feed and straight into the side of the Wraith who had managed to get the glove off his hand which he promptly used to grab Kolya's wrist as he fell, the Wraith started to feed and Kolya was in too much pain to fight back.

As Kolya screaming bloody murder in the background, John had grabbed the white cloth that was set on the desk, presumably set out to dress the wound, and wrapped it tight around his wound. His arm had been cut off 2 inches below his elbow. After getting the wound dressed John wrapped a strap from his tack vest around the stump then tucked it in between his vest and his jacket. After john's stump was secured he looked around, distantly noting the blood all over the floor, and found a plastic bag that was on the desk. John took it and put the rest of his arm in it he was sure that as long as he got to Atlantis soon, and the arm was cleaned, that Carson could re-attach the arm. He tucked the bag into his vest under his arm so it would more secure.

The screams had stopped while he was securing his stump and the Wraith had been studying him curiously since then. John turned and stared at him. "If I let you go, you can eat the people in this room, but you have to help me get to the Stargate." John bargained.

"Ah, but I cannot feed on dead people."The Wraith countered.

"That guy is only unconscious, and that guy is going to be paralyzed for the rest of his life, which wouldn't be very long if he doesn't get medical attention soon, but he isn't dead yet. Now you can take my offer or I will kill you right now and figure out how to get out on my own." John said firmly. He didn't like the fact he was planning on feeding these people to a Wraith, but in this case he kind of felt like they had it coming.

The Wraith considered for a moment before nodding in acquiesce. John walked over and un-shackled him. While John was unprepared the Wraith quickly jabbed his hand at John's still visible chest. The Wraith then proceeded to push the life he had taken from John during the time he had fed on him, plus a few years extra, back into him making him shout at the added pain which wasn't as bad as usual due to the high amounts of adrenalin. When he let go he started walking over to the man with the broken neck, as he was saying, "You looked too weak to make it to the gate, you will make it now. Consider this my payment for you letting me go."

As the Wraith was feeding John was gaining his strength, finding a pistol for them both, a radio with the volume turned down, and hoping the adrenalin rush would last long enough, as it was already starting to fade slightly. The Wraith made quick work of his "meal", and they were off.

Seeing as Kolya didn't have time to alert the rest of his soldiers to what was going on, they were lax with their security so John and the Wraith were able to make it passed them without too much difficulty what with the radio and all. They stopped at the edge of the cover of the trees. There were three guards. The Wraith shot the one closest to them, who had been making rounds of the tree line, and while John took aim and shot the other two in quick succession. They quickly moved towards the dialing device as someone was sure to have heard the shots fired and come to investigate. Just as they got to the device the gate started dialing, someone was coming in and they had no time to get back to the tree line before they came through, so John aimed and the Wraith got ready to feed or shoot which ever was more convenient at the time.

What came through was a jumper which shot through (the gate closed), cloaked, and got as far as the tree line before they realized that it was John and a Wraith that they saw at the gate when they came through. They landed quickly and piled out aiming for the Wraith as soon as they touched boot to grass/dirt. John quickly moved slightly in front of him.

"What are you doing Sheppard?" Ronon growled in frustration.

"Me and him have a deal. He helps me get out I help him. We go our separate ways. I don't go back on my word." He explained. The marines lowered their guns slightly, still at the ready but not pointed directly at the Wraith. John turned and dialed a known unpopulated and barren address then motioned for the Wraith to go. "It is an unpopulated planet, go and next time, all bets are off."John reaffirmed. The Wraith looked suspiciously at the gate but went anyways. After the wormhole disengaged John immediately dialed Atlantis while the marines got back in the puddle jumper and lifted off waiting. Rodney, Ronon, and Tayla made their way over to John who was really starting to feel the pain now. They had a slight reunion but it was slightly frantic at the moment as the event horizon smoothed out.

"That was fast, what happened?" Weir asked urgently.

"John was already at the gate when we arrived." Tayla replied.

"The come home." Weir said. The jumper went through first then, the four on foot. Carson was waiting with a gurney next to the gate knowing that John would need his arm fixed.

"Oh good, you brought your arm, let's see if we can't reattach it." Carson said as he ushered John towards the gurney. He took the arm from John's vest and handed it to a nurse, "Go get that cleaned and prepped to be put back on, quick." The nurse took off running as Carson got John settled on the gurney then took off at a fast clip to the infirmary pushing John along. The adrenalin finally wore off as they were en route and John passed out from all the pain his body had been in and the blood lose, his dressing soaked through with blood.

The surgery only took 12 hours with a lot of help from Ancient's machines, all of the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves had been reattached, his bone had also been mostly healed. There was now only a fracture in his bone to heal, and his skin then he would be perfectly fine. All in all John would be back on duty within four months fully healed, and it was all due to the wonderful machine the ancients left and the skillful work of Dr. Carson Beckett. If not for them then he may not have even fully recovered-ever- but as it is, he would only have a perfect line all the way around his arm where it happened.

And that is a happy END.

Chapter End Notes:

I know this isn't supper realistic, but I came up with the whole thing because I recently watched season 5 episode 15 'Remanence' and I just pictured him telling Kolya to kiss his white Irish ass, so here it is.