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Sequel to 'Best Laid Plans.'

With Atlantis under repair and stranded just off the coast of San Francisco, Todd, John, and the rest of the Atlantis Expedition are forced to adjust to life on Earth. While the wraith learns to hide in plain sight, and Colonel Sheppard faces reassignments, grueling schedules, and a change in command as the SGC moves in, unseen forces align that seem bent on tearing their fragile relationship apart. But as John begins peeling back layers of betrayal that lead him closer to those he trusts the most, and Todd uncovers secrets from Sheppard's past, they discover that sometimes love – like war – is a battle that cannot be won without collateral damage.

Categories: Slash Pairings > Sheppard/Todd
Characters: Jennifer Keller, John Sheppard, Major Lorne, Original Character, Richard Woolsey, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan, Todd
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Established Relationship, Friendship
Warnings: Adult themes
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 16; Completed: No
Word count: 91678
Published: 30 Aug 2014 Updated: 06 Jan 2018
Story Notes:I have not read any of the Stargate books, nor am I following what has been revealed about the proposed storyline for 'Stargate: Extinction.' I have drawn my inspiration from the five seasons of Atlantis, itself, and as such, have tried to remain true to the situations and the characterizations as portrayed in the series.

All's Fair is rated 'Explicit' for sex and possibly violence.

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis does not belong to me. I am merely borrowing the characters for my own twisted purposes. I only claim ownership of my original characters.

This story is not for profit. It is a transformative work written for private entertainment.

1. One Small Step by dragonflower [ - ] (5082 words)

Published: 30 Aug 2014 Updated: 12 Oct 2014

2. Making Do by dragonflower [ - ] (5620 words)
Awaiting Sheppard's return is more difficult than Todd had first anticipated, especially when promises are broken.
Published: 28 Sep 2014 Updated: 28 Sep 2014

3. It Takes a Village by dragonflower [ - ] (4592 words)
Todd isn't the only one being affected by John's absence. Back on Atlantis, some of the people who helped with the wraith's escape consider life without Colonel Sheppard in it.
Published: 31 Oct 2014 Updated: 31 Oct 2014

4. Homeward Bound by dragonflower [ - ] (5688 words)
A few days before his return from his most recent mission, John wrestles with his feelings as he recalls the challenges he's faced since he last saw Todd three and a half months earlier.
Published: 28 Nov 2014 Updated: 28 Nov 2014

5. Beyond the Pale by dragonflower [ - ] (3968 words)
Colonel Sheppard meets with General Landry to discuss his schedule.
Published: 27 Dec 2014 Updated: 27 Dec 2014

6. First Contact by dragonflower [ - ] (3201 words)
Freed from the unjust and oppressive schedule that kept him away for too long, Sheppard begins to reconnect with those he cares about the most.
Published: 11 Jan 2015 Updated: 11 Jan 2015

7. A Matter of Perspective by dragonflower [ - ] (4850 words)
When his phone call to Todd doesn't go quite as planned, an anxious Rodney turns to one of his teammates for support.
Published: 21 Mar 2015 Updated: 21 Mar 2015

8. Lost and Found by dragonflower [ - ] (5826 words)
Todd reaches his limit and changes the rules mid-game when the lost is found and the found is lost.
Published: 21 Feb 2015 Updated: 21 Feb 2015

9. A Weary Traveler by dragonflower [ - ] (6661 words)
"But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep..." Robert Frost

John makes his way home. What will he find when he arrives?
Published: 21 Mar 2015 Updated: 21 Mar 2015

10. Reunion by dragonflower [ - ] (6088 words)
John and Todd confront shadows of the past and uncertainty about the future while struggling to make their way back to each other in the present.
Published: 23 Jul 2015 Updated: 14 Aug 2015

11. Opening Up by dragonflower [ - ] (6409 words)
While John and Todd struggle with the deepening intensity of their feelings in the aftermath of their passionate reunion, they must also face the collateral damage caused by their prolonged separation and find a way to deal with it in a way that both of them can live with.
Published: 20 Sep 2015 Updated: 20 Sep 2015

12. Looking Within by dragonflower [ - ] (7249 words)
Todd and John deepen their bond in ways neither one of them expected.
Published: 25 Jan 2016 Updated: 25 Jan 2016

13. On the Job by dragonflower [ - ] (5568 words)
After his reunion with Todd, John heads back to his team and his responsibilities on Atlantis a changed man. Is it for the better... or worse, and who is qualified to judge?
Published: 30 Mar 2016 Updated: 30 Mar 2016

14. It's Miller Time by dragonflower [ - ] (7483 words)
Todd takes to his lab and picks up the threads of his life again after his reunion with Sheppard.
Published: 19 Jun 2016 Updated: 19 Jun 2016

15. Refuge from the Storm by dragonflower [ - ] (4920 words)
"When traversing the vast sea of loneliness, Oneness is the only true safe harbor." - Gary Hopkins

As Todd awaits John's return, he comes to a decision that will change both of their lives forever.
Published: 15 Aug 2016 Updated: 16 Aug 2016

16. Testing the Waters by dragonflower [ - ] (8473 words)
Testing the Waters: (idiom) To informally or casually attempt to gauge the reaction of a potential audience or recipient of something, or to try to get an idea of what something will be like before actually doing it. Likened to feeling the temperature of water before getting in.

While John once again tries to avoid talking about his feelings, Todd struggles with possibility of expressing more than Sheppard can handle.
Published: 06 Jan 2018 Updated: 06 Jan 2018