Summary: Dr. Alisha Courbet is a brilliant French scientist, she had to be to have been selected to travel to and work in the Pegasus Galaxy.

There in said galaxy, she met one pissed off Satedan named Ronon. You can say they fell in love.

Now after years of working in a lab in Atlantis, she's joined an offworld team. Dr. Courbet is determined to showcase her talents in the field and prove herself worthy of the more adventurous job. However, that's kind of hard to do when she finds herself founding a mission to save her home and the homes of Atlantis' allies from a newfound and unexpected foe.

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Characters: Carson Beckett, Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Major Lorne, Original Character, Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Action/Adventure
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Chapters: 2 [Table of Contents]
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Updated: 02 Nov 2015; Published: 30 Aug 2015

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At night, her hands lazily cradled a book in her lap as her lover sat on the edge of the bed whittling away at his little wooden project. Before climbing into bed, he'd sweep the shavings underneath the bed with one swipe of his bare foot. Sometimes she read to him, most times not. Alisha did not always want to share her experience with her novels. She read French books most of the time anyway, and Ronon did not know much French besides a handful of phrases he couldn't pronounce himself.

On these nights the room was quite dark, but the always open curtains let in the faint light of the planet's moon, creating a soft blue glow that met with the illuminating yellow of the bedside lamp. In this faint light, Alisha could make out both the round and the hard edges of Ronon's body, could hear his light humming as he carved his vision into the solid hunk of wood.

He would never allow anyone else to see him as he was in the silent and peaceful nights he shared only with his woman, and she kept his unsworn secret, vowing never to let slip of Ronon's softer side; knowing that he would be ashamed of somehow diminishing his toughness.

On one night, this night, things were somewhat different. Alisha sat up in bed, eyes glossing over the words on the page over and over again as Ronon just held his work and his little knife, not making them meet, not creating. It was peaceful, but tense.

An abandoned argument about Alisha's safety had left them both troubled, plagued by thoughts of wrongdoing and harsh words. He didn't want her joining an offworld team, and she felt offended by this. He does, so why can't I? Ronon was usually good with boundaries, but when it came to being called out for overprotection of his friends, he didn't seem to care where he stepped. Now hours ago, Alisha had told him "I can hold my own, Ronon"

With these words circling his mind, in the quiet, Ronon spoke up, lifting his eyes and turning his head to see the woman in behind him

"Al..." he started, the whispered gruffness of his voice breaking the silence. Even after he spoke, the careful sound of his affectionate name for Alisha hung in the air, preventing the silence from blanketing them again. Alisha looked up from her book into his eyes. When she replied, her voice was thinner, tiredness beginning to coat her throat. She only murmured a slight "mmm?" to him. He almost didn't catch it all.

Ronon hadn't thought of what to say. He usually did. He wasn't a babbler like Alisha tended to be at times. Every word he spoke was carefully thought out before anything escaped his lips. It was an old habit of his from a lesson he had learned when he was still in the beginnings of his military training on his homeworld, Sateda. 'What you say must be precise and concise' is what he had been told. By whom, he could no longer remember. It had been for relaying information in the field, but Ronon didn't talk all that much because of this.

"I'm sorry, you know" was all he said. Apologising was something Ronon was only good at in casual, humorous situations. Like the time when he accidentally chucked a piece of Oompa fruit at McKay's head instead of over it to Shepard. However, after fighting with Alisha, saying 'sorry' was very different. He felt like he had to be both direct and meaningful, as if the word alone was not enough, but had to stand on its own. That one word had to say more than what it was invented for. It had to be built up, thought over, and then delivered with only intent to end the tension and make her feel better. Or something like that.

Alisha sat up straighter, eying Ronon's chin, wanting to reach out and sweep her hand over the sparse and prickly parts of his beard. Ronon just sat there waiting.

"I understand" she whispered, her accent more prominent at the late hour.

"But you're going off world tomorrow... I'm going to do the same"

Ronon grimaced. There was no talking her out of it. No lectures, no warnings, no attempting to stop her at all now. She was going to do her job. He was going to do his, and they were both going to come back to those quarters where she would read, and he would work on his carving before he swept the shavings under the bed and they slept together peacefully.