Summary: It couldn't have been the first thing they tried... Something must have given John a nudge in that direction.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: Action/Adventure, Episode Related, Friendship, Humour, Pre-relationship, Pre-slash, Series
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: I'll Always Come Back for You

Word count: 1423; Completed: Yes
Updated: 18 Nov 2015; Published: 18 Nov 2015

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Story Notes:
Excerpt from '48,000 Years'

Author's Chapter Notes:
Excerpt from '48,000 Years'

Over the next few days, Sheppard appears constantly in Rodney's lab pestering him about what he is working on. It seems Sheppard has nothing to do right now but annoy Rodney. It is his new pastime. Seriously, The guy pops in and out all day.

Rodney finds himself acquiescing, albeit reluctantly, to his new sidekick. But Rodney is sure to never let himself quite seem to be a willing participant. He rolls his eyes and snipes at Sheppard whenever possible, secretly he is glad to be in Sheppard's company again.

Maybe that is one of the reasons he agrees to try Carson Beckett's experimental ATA gene therapy. Odds are only about 50/50 that it will work, but he'll take what he can get. He just wants to be able to use Ancient technology like Sheppard. God, Rodney has got to stop thinking about him so much.

Throughout the day he eagerly fumbles with the small green jewel-thing that sits in his pocket. He has an idea about what it is used for, and he wants to show Sheppard. But Rodney wants to be the one to activate it, if this new gene therapy works.

Mid-way through the day it powers on. Eureka! He pulls it out of his pocket in excitement and attaches it to his chest. It stays there and a green energy pulse washes over him.

If Rodney is right, and he thinks he is right, this device acts as some kind of personal defensive shield. He runs like an eager kid to show Sheppard... and possibly, hopefully taunt him with Rodney's newfound abilities.

It's about lunchtime, Rodney should be able to find him in the cafeteria. He spots Sheppard disposing of his tray and decides to come back later for his own lunch. This is more important.

"Major!" he calls out.

Sheppard gives a polite nod as Rodney approaches, "McKay."

"We found something very important. Only someone with a strong gene like yours should be able to control this Ancient technology. Come with me."

Lifting his shoulders amiably, Sheppard agrees, "By all means."

Rodney takes them to a large warehouse room with an upper and lower level. Some of the expedition supplies are stored here. The room has a nice wide-open area, perfect for what Rodney has in mind. He stages himself in the middle and waits for Sheppard to join him.

"So..." Sheppard looks confused, "I don't understand what I'm supposed to do?"

Smiling with a bit of condescension, Rodney tells him, "It's okay, you aren't capable of understanding the complexity of this technology. That's why I'm here. All I require from you is a bit of brute force. Which I'm sure, as soldier, you should be able to provide."

Sheppard frowns at him as if he is trying to decide whether the insult was intentional or not.

Clearing his throat, Rodney lifts his chin, "Major, will you please attempt to move me from this spot."

When Sheppard merely tilts his head at him, Rodney begins again, "I am using an Ancient device, one that I believe will make my strength superior to yours. I require your assistance in testing it. If you like, you may begin with a simple punch to the-"

"Ahha. Ah." Sheppard's fist glances off the side of Rodney's face. He looks up in wonder, "What the hell was that?"

"That," Rodney tells him smugly, "Would basically make me a superhero."

Rodney smirks that his new toy that made him tougher than the Major. "We could try something else?"

"Oh yeah." Sheppard looks around the room conspiratorially and lifts up a large piece up metal tubing. "You ready?"

Nodding in excitement, Rodney feels nothing as the bar goes flying out of Sheppard's hands with the force of the momentum.

"Okay." Sheppard tells him, "So you have a good defensive strategy, let's see if you can attack."


Jumping in front up him with his fists up, Sheppard challenges, "Hand to hand combat."

"Oh, I don't kno-" Rodney sees Sheppard's fists recoiling from the force of the green shield and his confidence grows. He jabs out a right hook into Sheppard's chest and watches in amusement as he flies across the room.

"Major!" Rodney runs to him, "Are you all right?"

As he gets closer, he can hear Sheppard laughing and climbing down from one of the cargo crates. "That was really cool."

After that they try out all kinds of scenarios, hitting Rodney with different objects, having him jump off of a steep ledge. Sheppard seems as giddy and playful about Rodney's new personal shield as he is. They run all around the city looking for new ways to test it out. Out of breath and laughing, Rodney races to keep up with Sheppard.

This is the most fun he is had in a long time. It feels thrilling that Sheppard is treating him like one of the guys. It almost feels like they are friends now instead of reluctant comrades.

"Okay... What haven't we tried?" Sheppard strokes his chin.

"Bullets." Rodney's eye's flash, "I bet it repels bullets too!"

"Ehhhh... Might not be the best idea." Sheppard frowns.

Sighing, Rodney tries another tactic; "You know that I'm a genius, right?"

"Ah... you keep telling me that." John says tightly.

"Okay, when I say genius, I don't just mean genius. I'm talking, probably the smartest person that ever lived."

"Ever? As in Einstein, Newton, Hawki-

"EVER." Rodney exaggerates "So when it comes to this little device, I'm sure I could easily create another one... Would you like one?"

Sheppard grins, "That would be very cool."

"See, then we could be like a superhero team. Mine's green, so I could be... 'The Green Hawk'. Yours will be pink, so you could be 'Pinky the Brain'" Rodney lifts a finger "–no wait, you're not smart."

"Mine would be Pink?!" Sheppard frowns angrily.

"Yeah, well, they can't both be the same color..." Waving his hand as he thinks, Rodney tries out a few names, "Pink Magic... Pretty in Pink..."

"You know what," Sheppard's mouth twists into a sour expression, "forget it, McKay."

"Or..." Rodney taunts, "you could shoot me and pick your own color?"

Sheppard rolls his eyes. "I'm not going to shoot you, McKay"

"'Pink Princess Power'... you might need some tights to go with that one though." Rodney notices John's hand drift down to his holster and decides to keep going.

"'Pretty Pink Pony'... you could have a little tail... and we could braid bells into it," Rodney sneers, "so the bad guys know when you're coming.

The gun comes out; Sheppard points it at him, but still shakes his head –unsure if this is a safe idea.

"Ooo- Oh. Oh. I got it. 'Cotton Candy' It's perfect because you may not have a lot going on upstairs," Rodney smirks as he taps his temple. "but physically you can-"

Sheppard's eyes go dark and he squeezes the trigger. A bullet glances off of Rodney's thigh and he stares down in amazement.

"That. Was awesome!" Sheppard shouts. Grinning like a kid, he tells Rodney, "Still... I think I'm gonna call this thing 'Idiot Armor', since even you can make it work."

Rodney gives him a sarcastic glare, but finds himself quickly pulled back into Sheppard's fun-loving excitability. Sheppard has another idea. He wants to see if Rodney can take the fall all the way down from the tall balcony in the Gate Room. Rodney takes the challenge and follows to the upper level.

Once there, Rodney eyes the distance nervously. Leaning on the railing, he peers down.

"If you just step up a little, I can push you over the edge."

Sheppard raises his eyebrows expectantly at Rodney. His eyes are full of mischief and makes Rodney feels invincible.

"Okay, I'm ready." He tells Sheppard as he steps up.

And then he is flying over the railing. He hits the floor below and hears Sheppard's voice laughing, asking people incredulously, "Did you see that?"

"I'm fine." Rodney proclaims raising his arms, as he jumps up unharmed.

Looking up at Sheppard on the balcony, Rodney sees him smiling like he never has before. Rodney is grinning so hard himself that his face hurts. When it comes to Sheppard, he feels too exuberant to worry about danger the way he normally does.

Chapter End Notes:
Excerpt from '48,000 Years'