Summary: In which Buffy needs to learn how to knock before entering a room, or at least use her superior hearing to check if the occupants of the room are otherwise occupied.

Updated: 03 Oct 2017; Published: 09 Sep 2017

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Buffy had traveled from Washington, D.C. and down to Los Angeles to hand deliver some kind of math thing to a Dr. Charles Eppes for Willow since she was busy with a Wiccan thing that couldn't be postponed, so once again it was the Slayer to the rescue. Even if there was no slayage involved in this, or at least there wasn't supposed to be. She hadn't caught exactly why it couldn't be sent by email or even snail mail, but the end of it was that she ended up in her old hometown and the current base of her ex-boyfriend, Angel. Bright side: she'd be able to see him, and if she could manage it go slaying with him later. Her lips turned upwards as her mind took her back to some of their more memorable private moments.

Her not-so-dormant lustbunnies would have to wait, unfortunately, as Willow had expressly told her to get the package to Dr. Eppes pronto. So now she was standing outside an apparently empty house, which was just typical. Or at least no one was answering the doorbell. After waiting for another few minutes she first rang the doorbell again and then gave it a ten-count before she gave the door a couple of hard knocks when there was still no answering voice from inside the house or the tell-tale sound of footsteps approaching the door. When Dr. Eppes failed to materialize she tried the door handle and to her surprise, it opened. Who in LA didn't lock their front door?

Frowning she entered the house and came into a cozy living room, which was sadly lacking in any occupants. A further walk into the house revealed a staircase in a hallway to the right, but Buffy decided to take her chances on the door right across from the one she just came through and ended up in a kitchen. A noise from the only other door in the room caught her attention and she opened it and stepped through. Once she got a good overview of the new room she thought she'd arrived in some kind of office before she noticed the garage door. Then on the second look-through, she became aware of a couple making out halfway behind one of the blackboards, and she got a case of slight deja-vu. The two men in front of her were regrettably wearing all of their clothing though, but at least they were giving her a free show.

Their abundance of clothing was a real pity since she wouldn't have minded a repeat of naked men on a live display. Though to be honest only two of the other men had been showing off, well one. The young, dreadlocked one. He'd seemed to enjoy her attention. Hazel-Eyes was kind of showing off the wrong side.

The two men in front of her were wearing all of their clothes, but there were definitely some wandering hands as they were standing next to a blackboard with a bunch of incomprehensible equations on it. It strongly reminded her of high school. The gay version.

Buffy spent another few moments ogling the two blond men before she pointedly cleared her throat. The reaction was immediate; the two men jumped apart and looked around startled, both of them clearly going for their guns even if only one of them ended up laying hands on a weapon.

She decided to try and diffuse the situation a little since both of them, or at least the one without an actual gun kinda screamed 'military'. "Hello boys, sorry to interrupt your makeout session, but I'm looking for a Dr. Eppes. He's supposed to live here." She gave them a friendly and hopefully disarming smile. Then tacked on, because she suddenly remembered her manners, "I'm Buffy Summers, and I'm here to deliver a package from Willow Rosenberg."

The guy with the gun relaxed and removed his hand from his service weapon and gave her a slightly weary smile in return. "Colby Granger and this is Evan Lorne." The latter didn't look all too pleased to have been introduced, but he did a good job of hiding it behind a slight smirk. "Charlie's out running an errand, but he should be back soon.

Colby Granger. That made him one of the federal agents who worked with Dr. Eppes within the FBI. Evan Lorne, on the other hand, was an unknown but she was willing to bet a pair of nice shoes that he was active military. Stupid DADT. They seemed happy to be in each other's arms, or they were happy until she showed up.

The next ten minutes were filled with idle chit-chat before the good professor finally showed face and she was able to hand over her package. Before she left she gave a wink to soldier boy and put a finger to her lips. She wouldn't tell.