Puppy by Cedara [G]
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Summary: Rodney's in the lab, working at something they found. John joins him there. Crossover with Doctor Who.

Categories: Crossovers > General
Characters: John Sheppard, Other, Rodney McKay
Genres: Vignette
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 653; Completed: No
Updated: 31 Dec 2005; Published: 31 Dec 2005

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When Colonel Sheppard entered Dr. McKay's lab, he was surprised to find Rodney sitting on the floor in front of his usual working table, a toolbox next to him and an odd-looking metallic thing in front of him. If Sheppard didn't know better, he'd have said that the thing was a dog. A closer look revealed that there was 'K-9' written upon it.

"Rodney, what is *that*?" Sheppard asked, wondering if the Ancients used to have metallic dogs.

McKay looked up for a brief moment, then returned back to his work, muttering. "Isn't it obvious, Colonel? It's a dog."

"I can see that."

"One of your men found it when they searched parts of the city we hadn't been in yet. He thought I would find it interesting." Holding the screwdriver in his hands, he stopped and smiled for a second. "I have to admit he was right." Turning his interest back to the matter at hand, he put the screwdriver aside and picked up another tool John didn't recognize.

"Yeah?" Sheppard asked, the tone implying that he wanted more information.

"It's not Ancient technology, Colonel, so it's nothing you or I can turn on. I had to repair it properly." McKay said.


"And what?" McKay looked up at him.

"Did you get it working again?" John asked curiously.

"I'm not finished yet, Colonel." There was a slight annoyance in McKay's voice.

"All right." Sheppard sat down on a nearby work chair. "I'll wait."

"You don't know how long it'll take." McKay continued working again, obviously trying to ignore Sheppard's presence.

"Knowing you, Rodney, it won't take long."

McKay got to his feet and closed his toolbox. "Oh, really?"

At that very moment, the two antennae on the metallic dog's 'head' turned left and right. If it had been a real dog, Sheppard would've said it wiggled its ears.


"Did it talk?" Sheppard stared at Rodney, who was grinning in delight.

The 'dog' turned a bit towards Sheppard, then back towards Rodney and made a sound that definitely sounded like sniffing. "You are not the Master." Again, it moved towards John, closer this time. In the meantime, Sheppard had gotten off his chair and had put a hand to his sidearm. "You are not the Master either. Nor are you the Mistress." It moved backwards again and turned once more towards Rodney. "Where is my Master and my Mistress? I cannot locate them in the vicinity."

Remembering his childhood knowledge of dogs, Sheppard was well aware that he shouldn't move quickly as to not frighten the animal. That was, if he could even use that terminology with this metal dog. Hand still near his sidearm, he looked over at Rodney, unsure how to proceed right now.

"K-9, I repaired you." McKay said, hoping that his guess of the writing on the metallic dog's outer shell was correct.

"I am aware of that," the 'dog' said.

"Is your name K-9?" Sheppard asked.

It turned towards Sheppard. "Affirmative." It turned again, now back towards McKay. "May I congratulate you on your work. I am fully functional." With that it wiggled its little metallic tail. "Is it possible to proceed on finding my Master and my Mistress?"

"I need more information on that, K-9," McKay said. "Who are they?"

"My Master is the Doctor. My Mistress is Romana," K-9 said. "Are they here?"

"No." McKay said.

"Then we must proceed to send a signal." K-9 turned 180 degrees. Before neither Sheppard or McKay realized that the dog had opened the sliding doors without a problem, it had left the room.

McKay looked at Sheppard, surprised.

"Don't look at me, McKay, follow it!"

"Right." McKay followed the dog.

Sheppard, slightly smiling, followed them both.

-- the end? --