Downtime by Cedara [PG]
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Summary: How the team members spent their downtime after the events of the episode "Aurora"

Categories: Slash Pairings > Multiple relationships
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Other, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Episode Related, Established Relationship, First Time, Team
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 1597; Completed: Yes
Updated: 01 Jan 2006; Published: 31 Dec 2005

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"To the crew of the Aurora," Sheppard said.

Their glasses clinked but while the others were sipping, McKay downed his champagne in one gulp. For a moment, they were all silent, honoring the dead crew. Then, Rodney held his glass out again, "Got more of that?"

"Sure, Rodney," Sheppard answered, slightly smiling. He noticed that Ronon's glass was empty too, "Ronon?"

"No," Ronon said. "I need something to eat."

"No problem," Sheppard said, as Ronon turned to leave.

"I have to leave too," Teyla said, smiling at everyone. "Lieutenant Cadman will be waiting for me in the training room."

"Of course, Teyla," Elizabeth smiled back and watched her walk away. Turning to Colonel Caldwell who had just asked her a question, Elizabeth couldn't help glancing over at Rodney and John, who were standing a few feet away. Judging by his hand gestures, Dr. McKay seemed to urgently point something out to Sheppard, who was still sipping from the glass in his hands. Then, John noticed her gaze and Elizabeth had the impression that he felt somewhat at unease under it.

"Not now, Rodney," Sheppard said. He walked over to the office desk and put his glass back on the tray. "Dr. Weir. Colonel." And without another word, he strolled out.

"If you'll excuse me." Rodney added, pointing vaguely in the direction of the door of Dr. Weir's office.

"Of course." Elizabeth smiled, yet wondered why Sheppard had been unusually distant.

Shortly afterwards, Colonel Caldwell claimed business on the 'Daedalus' to attend to, and Elizabeth brought the champagne glasses back to the mess hall, as well as the half-emptied bottle that Sheppard had left in her office. She hoped to find the cook to convince him that she'd appreciate him using the rest for a sorbet; it would be a shame to let it spoil, despite their regular care packages from Earth.

* * *

Passing Caldwell in the hallway as he entered the mess hall, Ronon was intent on getting himself something to eat.

"What is this?" Ronon Dex pointed at the meal the soldier was handing out.


"Is that an animal?"

Usually, he would have smiled at that, but with Ronon Dex, you wouldn't know what happened next if you did, if the rumors bore any resemblance of truth. "It's partly made from wheat, the other half is meat and cheese."


He looked at Ronon, waiting for a word from him to say if he'd liked to have a slice. Instead, Ronon just looked right back at the soldier with an expression on his face that said more than words. "Okay," the soldier said, repeating what Ronon had said and handing over a slice on a plate.

With a grunt, Ronon Dex moved on.

* * *

Grumbling to herself at her lack of success in trying to convince the cook to make sorbet tomorrow, Dr. Weir briefly considered going back to her office to catch up on paperwork. She'd almost arrived there when she remembered that someone else was probably waiting for her already. The transporter made up for that oversight, quickly bringing her to a particular crew quarters section.

The door opened immediately after her click on the doorbell and Elizabeth entered the room.

"Hello, Elizabeth," Teyla said, smiling at her.

Smiling back, she slowly looked Teyla up and down. Her lover was wearing her exercise outfit and had a towel around her neck. Drops of sweat were glistening on her upper body and Elizabeth wondered if they tasted like Teyla smelled.

"Do you like what you see, Elizabeth?" Teyla asked, sounding amused.

"Yes." Moving towards her, Elizabeth gently put her hand on Teyla's upper arm. "I like it a lot."

"I should shower."

"Later," Elizabeth said, as she moved even closer and kissed Teyla.

* * *

John Sheppard walked along the hallway on the way to his own quarters. He'd eluded McKay earlier; needing a bit more to himself to process what had happened in the Virtual Reality. The captain had done the right thing by letting him self-destruct the 'Aurora' to help them against the Wraith cruisers. It had been huge blow to get there too late to access the classified communique, but judging by the little discussion in Weir's office, McKay was already set on the idea to try to find out what exactly the weakness in Wraith technology was that the 'Aurora' had tried to deliver to Atlantis. Still, they had to leave the frail bodies of the Ancient crew behind to die when the ship exploded. No matter how right their decision had been, it was still a high price they had to pay to prevent the Wraith from upgrading their drives.

Returning back to his quarters, he went straight into the shower, once more realizing that a walk can be a great thing to clear the head. Atlantis was home and it was good to see it up and running smoothly.

He'd changed into a simple brown shirt and pants when the door rang. Walking over to open, Sheppard was surprised to see Rodney standing in front of him. "Rodney?"

"I wanted...," McKay started. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." Sheppard watched McKay walk into the middle of the room, pacing up and down, a tirade of words quickly streaming out of him. He caught something about 'virtual environment', 'simulations', 'replaying' and it took him a moment to realize what McKay was talking about. "You want to create a virtual reality? To do what?"

"A Wraith cruiser," Rodney said. "We already have a Wraith dart, so we can use a lot from there to help with it. The virtual cruiser should be the prefect model to find out what the weakness is."

"You'd need more intel for that."

"That's where you come in."


"First we need your teams to get me more Wraith junk. Anything we can add to the database. And I need everyone's info on what they saw in the hive ship." He made a nervous gesture with his hands, as if the word had stirred up some uncomfortable memories. "Back then, when we'd been on it."

"Okay, we can do that. Anything else?"

"I need you."

"Of course you do." Sheppard smiled one of his half-smiles, amused to see Rodney's face colour slightly.

McKay frowned for a moment. "I want to run it with you in it," he said, "I'll control it from the outside, just like on the 'Aurora'. I know you said you didn't trust me..."

"I *do* trust you, Rodney." McKay looked at him and for a moment, Sheppard was sure he saw something he wasn't supposed to. Closing the distance between him and McKay, he added, "If you're at the controls, it'll be safe for me in there."

"I..," McKay started, flustered.

Sheppard never thought there'd be a day when McKay was out of words. Moving in even closer, John murmured, "You can still back out, if you want to."

"Never," Rodney answered and closed the last distance between them.

Somehow it was no surprise to John that they fit together well.

* * *

"Is everything alright, Elizabeth?" Teyla asked.

Staying in bed, Elizabeth watched her getting up. "Yes." She smiled in reassurance, the sight of Teyla's naked body already starting to distract her from her train of thought.

"But there is something on your mind, is there not?" Something in Elizabeth's facial expression made Teyla wonder if she had violated any unspoken Terran customs. "You could accompany me to the shower," she suggested.

"Actually, that's not a bad idea." Elizabeth sat up, not bothering to cover her own nakedness. "But there's something else." She noticed Teyla smile slightly and was amused at how well her lover knew her already. "When I heard the team report, I wondered if you and Ronon had covered for John and Rodney in regards to Colonel Caldwell."

Teyla thought about that for a moment. "Even if this had happened, it would not be useful to talk to you about it. And if Dr. McKay and Colonel Sheppard would be aware of you asking me, they would not wish me to tell you."

Understanding, she felt herself smile. "Sometimes I wonder about those two. They remind me of my parents sometimes."

"Your parents were of the same gender?"

"No." Elizabeth said. "What I mean is that my parents were like 'fire and water'." At Teyla's frown, she added, "They had opposite personalities. They used to fight a lot, but still loved each other dearly and we knew we could rely on them if it counted. Once, when my brother had trouble at school, they had to go to a parent-teacher meeting and stood up for him."

"Ah," Teyla interrupted. "Like night gaunts and day singers. They both are small birds which hunt for the same insects, but when any of them is threatened by a dragon hawk, they warn the other."

"Exactly." Elizabeth smiled. "Did they ever crossbreed?"

"Sometimes," Teyla answered. "It is rare. Although their children are said to have incredible talents."

"How so?" Elizabeth asked.

"They are hunters with amazing skill and cunning," Teyla replied, holding out her hand as Elizabeth rose. "Maybe we should be glad that Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay are both male."

"Oh?" Elizabeth uttered as they walked over to the bathroom.

"No possibility for crossbreeding."

Elizabeth was still laughing when Teyla turned on the shower and dunked her under the spray.