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...It wasn't like Daniel was suffering, or anything. So he was small and fuzzy and eating hamburger on a bed. It kind of looked like fun.

Categories: Crossovers > Slash Pairings
Characters: Aiden Ford, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, John Sheppard, Original Character, Other, Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay
Genres: AU - Alternate Universe, Established Relationship, Humour, Series
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2; Completed: Yes
Word count: 10821
Published: 11 Feb 2005 Updated: 18 Nov 2008

1. Tarsiidae (Or, a Simian Vacation) by Leah [ - ] (2763 words)

This is set in the Pegaus_B universe, which is an AU where Daniel Jackson only joins the SGC as a member of the Atlantis expedition, and Jack O'Neill (who is still a Colonel), goes in place of Sumner (and survives the pilot). The rest of the SG1 and SGA characters remain the same.

Another difference here is that Rodney McKay and Jackson have been long-time on-again, off-again lovers, and Rodney recommended Daniel to go to Atlantis. Of course, soon after arriving in the Pegasus Galaxy, Rodney meets John, and Daniel meets Jack...

You can find out about the Pegasus_B universe here.

Winner! Best Series, Stargate Fan Awards

Published: 11 Feb 2005 Updated: 16 Jan 2012

2. Pygoscelis (Or, a Gift of Pebbles) by Leah [ - ] (8058 words)

Thanks to Kageygirl for the beta. And with thanks to her and Wickdzoot for the suggestions that made this a better story.

This story was written before "Mating Rituals" by Karen Mcfadyyon, who remixed Pygoscelis with my permission, though that story (and her website) are no longer on the web. This may actually be the first penguin fic in the SGA fandom, but I don't know for sure. :-)

The line "Gayer than Christmas" and the reference to Stackhouse not being much of a sprinter comes from raqs.

Winner! First Place, Humor, Addiction Fan Awards

Published: 11 Feb 2005 Updated: 16 Jan 2012