Summary: A collection of drabbles and shorter works not long enough for individual entries. May contain any and all pairings and genres. Please check the chapter summaries and author notes for information.

Categories: Bitextual
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Major Lorne, Radek Zelenka, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan
Genres: Drabble, Vignette
Warnings: Adult themes, Character death
Chapters: 16 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 15773; Completed: Yes
Updated: 28 Aug 2009; Published: 12 Jul 2006

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tigerlady asked for
Weir/Zelenka, because I've been neglecting them terribly. *fobs off on helpless soul*


Once the words are out, she cringes. It's such a stupid thing to ask for. She's made it this far, and things have been much worse.

But she knows he is as worried about John and Rodney as she is.

Radek touches her arm and their eyes meet. His expression is a mix of compassion and gratitude.

Without a word, Radek wraps his arms around her waist. Elizabeth leans in to the contact gingerly, slowly returning the embrace. Her cheek finds his shoulder, solid and warm, as he holds her more tightly, and she lets out a long, contented sigh.


wickedwords asked for
Could you do Elizabeth/Atlantis? I have been craving something about her and her relationship with the city, but the vestigle idea I had got gutted by Three Fates. I still think there's more to it, that her feelings about the city are fairly complex, and as I love your take on Elizabeth, I'd love to see 100 words of what you could do with that.

"Gender Issues"

Elizabeth can't decide what gender the city is.

She remembers a grad school debate about terms like "Mother Russia" and "Fatherland" and thinking Americans can't relate to gendered identifications of their home.

Most of the expedition thinks the city is female. When it is quiet, secure and enfolding them, she understands.

When it is intractable, or valiantly protecting them, she thinks they are wrong.

When she thinks of herself, cocooned for 10 millennia under the ocean, the lone occupant sleeping in the dark, the city no longer feels like a mother or a father.

It reminds her of a corpse.


roaringmice asked for:

SG: Atlantis. Rodney post "The Hive", alone, thinking of the enzyme.

"Mind Power"

He's quit caffeine before, though not by choice. The cravings were less for coffee or chocolate and more because he knew it would ease the physical discomfort.

Now there's no pain, other than the hunger.

He tries to think of other things, but his mind slips away from him every time, seeking a way to what he needs like a stream darting around a rock dropped in its path.

It's pointless. They won't let him out.

Carson said the worst was almost over.

But if only...

For the first time in his life, Rodney cursed the tenacity of his mind.


bluebanrigh asked for
SGA: Lorne and the Orion please. :)

"Captain Lorne"

He missed the pirate phase as a kid. He never wanted to be the captain of his own ship. He vaguely remembers wanting to learn to drive dump trucks when he was maybe 4.

But he is the commander of the Orion now. She is beautiful, if barely functioning. Running his palms over the arms of his chair, he thinks he gets the bond between captain and ship now.

She's a valuable resource, badly needed by the city.

The city was nowhere without Sheppard and McKay.

He was going to fly the fucking thing to pieces if he had to.


rivier asked for
SGA: Compassion


"There isn't a night..."

They took her from him and John had time for only one shot.

Sumner had been a virtual stranger to him. Combat-hardened and wary, Marine down to the cellular level. Marines didn't help the enemy. Death was preferable.

John's finger tightened around the trigger.

Sumner had wanted to die, to prevent that monstrous alien bitch from using him entirely.

Her green eyes fixed on him, begging silently.

Sumner's nod.

"Don't let them take me, John. Promise me."

The butt of the gun slipped a little in his palm. He tightened his grip, and killed Elizabeth.



Teyla and Ronon, cultural misunderstandings

"Cultural Misunderstandings"

"Getting to know each other. Seeing each other. Spending time together. Involved. Dating. Messing around. In a relationship."

"Having sex. Making love. Doing it. Getting it on. Knocking boots. Bumping uglies. Fucking. Taking. Humping. Screwing. Nailing. Tonsil hockey. Horizontal tango.."

"Intimate. Having relations with. Intercourse. Romantic attachment. Engagement. Marriage. Union."

"Shacking up. Tryst. Assignation."

"Affair. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner."

Ronon shook his head at Teyla. Between them they were still trying to catalogue all the euphemisms the Earthers used.

Neither of them understood how people with advanced knowledge and technology could be so afraid of something so simple.