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John and Rodney in the first year of the expedition. Sometimes love is a journey, sometimes it's a gantlet, and sometimes it's a baptism by fire.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Genres: Angst, Character Study, Episode Related, Pre-slash, Series
Warnings: None
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Chapters: 7; Completed: Yes
Word count: 57036
Published: 08 Nov 2004 Updated: 08 Sep 2005

1. Being Brave by Leah [ - ] (3343 words)
Winner! Best Angst, Stargate Fan Awards

Third Place, Best Series, Addiction Fan Awards
Published: 08 Nov 2004 Updated: 28 Jan 2012

2. Dance by Leah [ - ] (4113 words)
This is dedicated to Cori, for help with all the German stuff, and for lending me her wonderful name, and to Kageygirl, who is wonderful, and god knows could use some levity herself.

My Beta was Kageygirl. Cori helped immeasurably with the cool German translations.
Published: 08 Nov 2004 Updated: 28 Jan 2012

3. Touch and Go by Leah [ - ] (13577 words)
My beta was Kageygirl. Hope the Elfkin did the medical alpha; for which I am hopefully more accurate, and definitely grateful. And with many thanks to Squeaky for the medical beta side.
Published: 08 Nov 2004 Updated: 28 Jan 2012

4. Acts of Enormity by Leah [ - ] (12597 words)
This is my entry into the McKay Ficathon started by WisdomEagle.

The title comes from the same song as the quote. It just seemed brilliantly appropriate, especially as 'The Tragically Hip' is a Canadian band.
Published: 08 Nov 2004 Updated: 29 Jan 2012

5. Some Kind of Truth by Leah [ - ] (15215 words)
I want to thank Alyse, because this story was inspired by a Live Journal meme where the goal was to choose a first line from another writer's fic and then use it to start a ficlet of your own. The ficlet I wrote for one of her first lines ended up becoming a scene in this story.

The "Squishy Sciences" comes from Mice. I loved that term, so I had to use it. So very Rodney. ;->

Lots of people to thank for this one. Kageygirl, especially for helping me work out what John was thinking (without which I might not have been able to write this at all); Wickdzoot, for her medical help and encouragement on some difficult scenes; and Squeaky, for being the first to tell me I had to change the ending.
Published: 17 Dec 2004 Updated: 31 Jan 2012

6. Nadir by Leah [ - ] (4356 words)
Betaed by Kageygirl
Published: 24 Jan 2005 Updated: 31 Jan 2012

7. A Little Bit Like Hope by Leah [ - ] (3835 words)

Published: 08 Sep 2005 Updated: 31 Jan 2012