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It's the 1800's, and John Sheppard is dying, he's contracted syphilis, and faces a terrible, and drawn out death. Despite his knowledge of science, his lover Rodney McKay can do nothing for him, but John is not willing to just give up. There is a Myth, that a cure for everything exists on the lost city of Atlantis, and with what time he has left, John searches for that city. Together, John and Rodney travel to Antarctica, where they discover the Stargate, and the way to reach Atlantis.

Separated from the rest of his Team, Sheppard is bested by a group of Wraith, and instead of being captured, or fed upon; he is brutally Raped by them. The others find him, but he doesn't tell them what happened, too ashamed to admit it. What's worse for Sheppard, is that he feels the need to do it again, to be taken that way again. Near desperate, he tries to find someone to do it, and he finds McKay, taking him to bed, and violently using him to satisfy a need, given to him by the Wraith. The more it happens, the more Rodney begins to care about John, but John doesn't associate Love with the act, it's just sex, riding Rodney, trying to take control, but still very much the victim. Rodney tries to change the nature of the 'Relationship' they have, to show John that the Sex doesn't need to be violent, that John doesn't need to be hurt, doesn't need to bleed, and doesn't need to feel ashamed. John's broken, tries to hide it with anger, and by lashing out, but he needs to break down, he's been hurt, and needs Rodney. And Rodney needs him, trying to make love to John and make this more than a continuation of the Rape.

When Sheppard is relieved from duty, and suspended as military commander, albeit hopefully only temporarily, he has nothing else to do but spend time with his best friend. McKay can't keep calling him "Colonel", so starts calling him "John" instead, something that he has never done. You wouldn't have thought that something as insignificant as a Name would be so significant, but it is to them. The way that Rodney can't help but say it, the way that it sounds to John hearing it, and in the context of their friendship, changes things drastically between them. It's the final step their friendship can take before becoming something more. Even after John is reinstated, Rodney keeps calling him "John", and their relationship keeps spiralling into something more, but as subtly, and as unspoken as their entire friendship has been so far.

When in control of Atlantis, the Replicators recreated their extension of the City into a massive complex, and teams have been selected to explore the new City. Sheppard and McKay are one of these teams, Teyla and Ronon another. It's going to take weeks to catalogue the new labs, quarters, and with more power demands, exactly how many ZPM's they're now in possession of. One thing that this is going to mean, is a much larger contingent from Earth can be stationed on Atlantis. Time spent alone together, John and Rodney realise exactly how much time they spent together before Atlantis, and when it wasn't made so easy, on earth as well. When they weren't having dinner, they were phoning each other, they do have feelings for each other, closer than either really wants to admit to, in anything other than a joking way, but is there more, and if there is, do they even want to find that out. They make the decision that while they're away from everyone else, to try being together, to test the water. The physicality is awkward, but the intimacy has always been there, what they don't know if being together is a natural progression, or if they're forcing something.

Discovering a Time Dilation Device on Atlantis, Sheppard and McKay are unaffected by its affects, as everyone else in Atlantis begins getting older, rapidly aging by decades in a matter of hours. When someone actually dies of old age, Weir evacuates the City. Escaping to the Mainland with the Daedalus' help, and once out of the Device's range, those affected begin to return to normal. Rodney and John remain to try and deactivate the Device, and although they're not aging, time is passing much faster within the City, and they're spending months together.

An Ancient Device swaps Sheppard and McKay Consciousness', and it doesn't seem straightforward to swap them back. John hates being in Rodney's Body, feeling so unfit in comparison, and so out of shape, he's no match for Teyla when sparring, or Ronon when running, and starts pushing himself to get in shape, but falls foul of Rodney's Body's Hypoglycaemia, and Allergies. Rodney on the other hand is loving the change, he's fit, thin, and getting more than a little attention from people. He starts showing off the Body that John always underplayed, how strong it is, how effortless things are for him, and Rodney finds how much he likes Citrus. To John's he also rubbing it in; and Rodney is really getting on his nerves. He's jealous, he misses the attention, and he wants his Body back, but what's worse, is that he's actually a little attracted to himself.

When the Ancients returned to Earth, and evacuated the Pegasus Galaxy, they didn't abandon Atlantis, and were able to slip past the Wraith, and fly the City back to Earth. Once they had either Ascended, or Died, Atlantis was left abandoned, and the Second Generation of Humans on Earth, evolved with the City present in their History. Over time, Atlantis was entered, those that didn't possess the Gene could do nothing, but those that did, would use the Atlantis' weapons and defences for their own purposes. It was a point of contention, and cause of many Wars between peoples. Sat smack in the middle of the Atlantic, it has been in dispute for Years, with no one Country allowing another to occupy the City, but it is now under the control of an International Committee, lead by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Carson Beckett is trying to find people with the Gene, and unexpectedly finds it in a Pilot flying personnel in from the Mainland, Major John Sheppard. Rodney McKay, who has been studying Ancient Technology all of his life, has been brought in from Area 51, and working with Sheppard, is be able to get access to Atlantis' systems. John and Rodney become quite the pair, exploring Atlantis, activating systems, and sometimes spending days entirely alone in the City.

Sheppard and McKay are dead, but they lived long enough to get married, not to each other, and to have a son each, they were the Best of Friends, and even named each other's son's after the other, Rodney Sheppard, and John McKay. Each son is the image of their father and with their mothers also gone they are now orphans, but are also now in their 20's. Although having been to Earth, they were born on Atlantis, have grown up here, and never joined the military, instead being absorbed into the civilian operation of the city. The difference between these boys and their fathers is that Rodney Sheppard has an aptitude for mathematics and science, John McKay fighting, and flying, and whether or not this is different they don't know, but they are attracted to each other.

The Team decides to go back to the World that they found Teyla and the Athosians on, to explore the Ancient ruins that they were never able to. Inside they find a Device; that accidentally activates, causes Sheppard to disappear. It has sent John back in time, McKay is able to bring him back, but not at the same moment that he arrived. He was sent Thousands of Years into the Past, and had nowhere to go, he couldn't reverse the process, the Athosians wouldn't even arrive in his Lifetime, and the Ancients had already left Pegasus. John has been alone for a long time, and has actually gone a bit mad. His Hair has grown out, and he's acting like he's Drunk. The Team take John back to Atlantis, but nothing is working to snap John out of his state of mind, maybe nothing can. Rodney tries to get through to his Friend, but John has changed, in more ways than one.

The Wraith Mind Altering Device made Sheppard remember something else from his time in Afghanistan, that when it had looked hopeless, he and another Officer had had Sex. It's something that John has never admitted to, just chalking it down to circumstance, only Sheppard had tried to re-enact this with McKay while under the Device's influence, and are both feeling very uncomfortable with each afterwards.
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Transported into the Past, John and Rodney become Knights of the Round Table.

Sheppard is returning to Atlantis, through the Intergalactic Gate Network and in a Jumper, but instead of arriving in Atlantis, he comes back through the Gate on Earth. His Wormhole hit a Solar Flare, and has sent him back in time almost 4 Years. He's surprised to find McKay at the SGC, this being before he was sent to Russia, and is even more surprised at how different Rodney is. Everyone is very suspicious of John, they've never seen a Jumper before, and are thinking that this might be a deception by Anubis. With Major Carter Offworld; it's down to Rodney to find John a way Home, and he does, but Orders come through that John is not to be allowed to leave. The Jumper is an important tactical advantage over Anubis, and both it and John are to be transferred to Area 51. John is being held at the SGC, and tries to get through to Rodney, tries to convince Rodney to free him; and to get him to the Jumper. Rodney does help him, but goes with John, he's already irreparably changed the Past; so what has he got to lose.

Sheppard's consciousness is destroyed, when that of an Ancient is placed into his body. There's no way to reverse the process, to remove the Ancient, and even if there was, John's consciousness has been destroyed. The Ancient formerly known as John Sheppard is just trying to fit in, not take John's place, find his own in Atlantis, but McKay is making things difficult for him though. Rodney Loved John, and he thinks that John loved him too, but they never spoke about it, almost never had to, because they were that close. Rodney hates this constant reminder of what he's lost, and he hates himself more, but he and the Ancient start a Relationship. At first it's because it's John's body, and Rodney can pretend that it's just sex, that it's sex with John, but it's not John, and Rodney finds himself in a Relationship with another man. He genuinely likes the Ancient, and together they're able to work things out, but the Ancient is on an uncontrollable path to Ascension. The Ancient ascends, but is able to return John once he does.
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Sheppard has never been more embarrassed, he's contracted an STD, from an indiscretion off world, and it's highly contagious, he even set off Atlantis' sensors with it. Beckett has quarantined John off in his quarters, with instructions that he stay there for the foreseeable future. McKay can't resist visiting John; and takes great pleasure in teasing him. What he's not expecting is that his brief visit causes him to contract the same disease, and Beckett confines them both to John's quarters.

When the Expedition first arrives in Atlantis, and before the Failsafe was implemented, Sheppard and McKay are in the Jumper, when the City begins to Flood. They're transported back in time to when the Ancients still inhabited the City, both surviving the Jumper's crash. They remain in Atlantis after the Ancients evacuate to Earth, in order to sustain the City until the Expedition arrives. John and Rodney have barely said two words to each other, but decide to stay out of Stasis in order to get to get to know each other, and end up getting on each others nerves, but there's also an undercurrent neither is willing to admit to. Their next time out of Stasis, and they're pretty much unchanged, rotating the ZMP's, they know that this is going to be it for their Lives, and again decide to remain out of Stasis, this time around, getting very close, and going on to live their Lives together. Rodney and John are found in Stasis, John is unconscious, but Rodney is lucid enough to tell the story. Rodney also tells the other John and Rodney of his Relationship with his John, who also wakes up for long enough to tell his younger self that he loves Rodney, and also tells Rodney that too before they both Die. John and Rodney don't know how to act around each other, being told that in another time, you were not only in Love with, but spent a Lifetime with someone, does tend to make things awkward.

Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon are preparing to go Offworld, when someone comes through the Gate unscheduled. Rodney McKay comes through the Gate, and it is definitely Rodney, only he's much older. His Wormhole hit a Solar Flare, and sent him back in time; he explains that he just destroyed his Atlantis. The Wraith had taken the City, Rodney himself had been Fed upon, and it was the only choice, but throughout the meeting, this Rodney can't take his eyes off of Sheppard. John is made a little uncomfortable, and Future Rodney admits that his Sheppard was killed, but there's also something more. Talking to Future Rodney privately, he tells John that they had been together, and that his John had died saving his Life, had died saving everyone's lives. John is spending a lot of time with Future Rodney, it's Rodney, but he's tempered, the way he speaks to John, is so easy, and so comfortable, for both of them, and they get very close, but Future Rodney is Dying, and John is desperate to find another Wraith, to reverse the Feeding, like it was reversed for him. Future Rodney Dies, after an undisclosed amount of intimacy between them, John is left with things unresolved, and his own Rodney having been pushed entirely to the side throughout his Counterpart's visit.

Sheppard and McKay are doing reconnaissance on Wraith movements, and have taken a jumper through a Space Gate, but heading back, something goes terribly wrong, and the Stargate is destroyed. They're nowhere near another Stargate, Daedalus in back in the Milky Way, is weeks away from Pegasus, and even further away from them. There are no inhabitable planets in the system, so they set course for the next, in hopes of finding one, but they're alone. Even if they do find a habitable planet, they're still going to be alone together, and right now, in a very small jumper, with very little food.

Sheppard has just seen McKay killed in front of him, he can't believe that it's just happened, and even visiting Rodney's body in the Infirmary doesn't make it real to him. Someone has to sort through Rodney's personal effects, and it's not fair the bring Rodney's sister to Atlantis, just to do that. John decides that it's something that he should do, as well as breaking the news of Rodney's death to Jeanne personally. During the journey to visit Jeannie, John reads Rodney's journal, and although he doesn't come out and say it, the way that Rodney writes about John, and they way that John feels about reading it, he knows that they had been in Love. Talking to Jeannie about Rodney, it's John that breaks down, admitting to himself what he couldn't when Rodney was alive. Now on the journey back to Atlantis, John knows that he can't do this without Rodney, he doesn't want to, and he's desperate to find a way to bring him back. SG-1 have brought people back from edge before, and even changed history, and John is willing to do whatever it takes to get Rodney back.

When the Expedition travels to Atlantis, the Stargate Shield has been set only to allow Ancients to re-enter the City, only those with the Gene. Sumner and Weir never materialise, and the first person to enter the City with the Gene is Sheppard, others around him aren't being materialised, so John Radios for the SGC to stop sending personnel. Unintentionally, John is able to mentally deactivate the Shield, allowing one other member of the Expedition through, Rodney McKay, but no one else, and the Stargate shuts down. They're alone; and Atlantis' remaining ZPM doesn't have the power to Dial Earth.

A hot-headed Major has just arrived on Daedalus; he's got an attitude, and a problem with everyone, but most noticeably a problem with Sheppard. Getting into an argument with John in the Commissary; he calls John a "Faggot", and "Colonel Cocksucker". Everyone is stunned silent, but no one more than John himself, he's Straight; and doesn't know where that's come from. The Major is sent back to Earth, and no one on Atlantis who knows John is taking it seriously, but Officers that don't know him are being overly professional, and the relaxed air that John has always liked to adopt is gone. John is feeling very self conscious, people aren't engaging him, women aren't flirting with him, and he's even sure that he's caught people laughing at him. What he can't work out is whether or not this Guy hit a nerve with what he said, did he know something John doesn't? John has never been intimate with another Guy, has never wanted to be, but now he's having to put up with what it would be like if he actually was, and he doesn't like it. John starts getting defensive, even with his Friends, and goes so far as to blame Rodney, thinking that maybe their Friendship is being misconstrued.