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34 year old married mother of two. Artist, siren, writer, geek, and lifelong fangirl of too many things. Born and raised in Alaska, now living in Northern Virginia.
I don't know how to quit fandoms, instead I just obsess for decades. Often cycling which fandom I am reading and writing for most, but never obsessing any less for it.

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Challenges by carter_mckay
Season 4 futuristic challenge or AU (like "The Road Not Taken") Write about a romantic pairing between Carter/McKay or Carter/McKay/Sheppard. Must be at least 1500 words, Bonus if you can make it a babyfic.
Categories: None Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Samantha Carter

Challange is to write a story centered on the idea that Rodney turns out to be the father of Teyla's child. Pretty much anything goes,doesn't even have to end up a rodney/teyla romance. I just thought this would be a little interesting paired with the fact that Rodney found out about her pregnancy seperately from the rest of the guys.