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Um, well I love STG--Especially the eps that have Michael, our favorite Wraith turned human x2! He is such an awesome charcter--they all are!

Well Anyway, looking forward to next season! 4!
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Well I really like the charcter of Michael Kenmore and I've been extrememly disappointed by the lack of Wraith-based stories. I challege EVERYONE to write a story either about Michael's past before he was infected with the retro-virus or about how he is now. I would like there to be snippets of his feelings while he was with the Atlanteans throughout the story. Thanks:)

Basically I want someone to write a Wraith comedy but make it good. Show the more "human" side of the Wraith and have fun with it:)
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Write a story about Aidan Ford--get inside of his head with all his crazy thoughts and show the reader how messed up he's become since he took the drug. Hopefully there'll be a few chaps where he's normal/in withdrawl.
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