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Love both Stargates; don't believe in OTP in the Pegasus galaxy (as long as it's m/m slash!; have written Voyager, Sentinel, SG-1 and now SGA!

Challenges by Jantique
McShep. AU. Did anyone see David Hewlett in “Century Hotel”? I propose a WWII story with Sheppard as a flyboy and McKay – naturally – in Intelligence. They’re lovers, of course. First Time or Established, your choice. U.S. or Canadian, the consequences of being outed would be equally horrific. Only requirements: they’re lovers and they get caught. Bonus points for “rescuing” them (happy ending); negative points for using death as a way to avoid courts martial.
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I'd to like read a funny story about Radek's still. (You know he has one!) Could be from the still's POV or author omniscient. Slash OR gen, BUT you can have Radek/Elizabeth if you include McShep. NO JS/EW, please!

Do I have to beg for a slashy tag (insert in the middle of) "The Seed"? Carson needs to get laid! Beckett/McKay would be lovely, but extra points for Beckett/Anyone Else. (Except Woolsey *shudder*!) NC-17, if possible, or a salacious R.
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