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The inspiration for this comes from a Forever Knight/Voyager crossover where it's said that "Cardassians are a delicacy." What if, not only could the Wraith not feed on Vampires due to them not having a life force, but the Wraith are actually potential food sources for Vampires, due to their genetic makeup being part human? For some reason Nick Knight is part of the Atlantis expedition and a Wraith tries to feed on him. This is a failure but Nick, possibly starving, finds out that he can feed on the Wraith, hopefully without the crisis of conscience feeding on humans causes him. How would the Atlantis crew react? To his being immune to the Wraith? To his being a Vampire? To his being a possible weapon? Set this either before or after contact with Earh is reestablished. If you write het, I'd love to see a Nick/Miko pairings. If you write slash, a Nick/Rodney would be great!
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