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I'm new to SGA, and especially to the fandom. I've just finished the second season and will be continuing with the third as soon as I can get my hands on the episodes. I ship McKay/Sheppard, and have a mild crush on Zelenka.
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Favorite Authors
1. aesc
2. alyse
3. Amireal
4. Andromeda
5. Auburn
6. Chandri MacLeod
7. chelle
Has written several wonderful fics, most of which I read on her personal website.
8. Claire
Writes really hot porn :)
9. coreopsis
10. Crownglass39
11. danceswithgary
12. Dianann
13. Fenchurch
14. Fia Reynne
15. ForCryinOutLoud
16. Isis
17. Janne
18. KarenMcFadyyon
19. keira
20. Kyn_Moonlight