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Updated this. Figured it was time. What's to know about me? I'm from West Virginia (which, really, should tell you all ya need to know right there), I'm 26 and female. Also socially inept and a bit too burried in my own head.

Anywho, my OTPs (because I can't pick just one) are:

McShep (of course! *rolls eyes*)
McKay/Beckett (what would they be? McBeck? And, hey, canon!)
McKay/Zelenka (McLenka? Gotta love geeks!)
Shep/Zelenka (cause, y'know, they just work)
Zelenka/Beckett (I blame the "Rover" series for this one. Thanks a lot, Orithain and Rina)
Ronan/Teyla (wow, a het pairing! And, hey, looks like it'll be canon soon!)
Lorne/Liz (another het pairing. Amazing. I blame "Lost Boys" for this one, though. They were SO shippin')
Lorne/Parrish (this pairing NEEDS more fic in it, demmit)
McKay/Cadman (dear lord, a third het pairing. Oddly enough, they could work. Also another pairing that needs more fics, though)

And OT3:

Shep/McKay/Beckett (my first in the fandom)
Shep/McKay/Zelenka (my fav because geek!Shep)
Shep/McKay/Weir (...they work, believe me)

Note: I answer the reviews you kind folk leave at my LJ. *shrugs* Find it's easier cause I tend to ramble.