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Hey everyone. I'm Ravenfur, a real, honest-to-bob human being from a place with a government. Kinda obscure, eh?

Well, a bit about me for those who want to know. I'm female, over eighteen and I love to read and write. When I'm not trying to work on an original fiction piece that I hope to get published, I'm wasting time reading the wonderful fanfiction found all across the internet. I enjoy writing and although I have fantastic ideas I am very easily distracted by a new idea. This explains the long time between updates as my muse is currently exploring some other idea.

Fanfic wise, I'm interested in Doctor Who (specifically the first two seasons of the new series,) Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis, Star Trek: Voyager, House (again, the first two seasons), Harry Potter and NCIS. I'm rather shippy, and pretty ardent about my OTP's.

Any Stargate stories are cross-posted both here and at

Stories by Ravenfur

Summary: After the war with Voldemort, the champions of the light scattered to the four winds. Eighteen years after the Dark Lord was killed, secrets of Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard's past are revealed when the Daedalus brings reinforcements to Atlantis. Harry Potter x Stargate: Atlantis crossover, McShep.

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